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Technology in Action: Flipping Out with Flip Video Cameras.

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1 Technology in Action: Flipping Out with Flip Video Cameras

2 Objectives Explore the FLIP video camera Hands-on exploration Reflections Discuss classroom integration possibilities

3 What is a FLIP? Small and inexpensive digital camcorder Easy to use Holds about 60 minutes worth of video AA Batteries No cables! Internal hard drive Great audio and visual quality

4 Why the FLIP? Easy to explain! Easy to get started!

5 Inexpensive = more units for the class

6 Pulling the files from the camera is easy. USB flip arm Software is included with equipment Cross platform Any computer

7 Getting Started Power on/off

8 Getting Started USB HDMI output Stereo/ microphone

9 Getting Started Battery latch Tripod mount

10 Getting Started Recording/ playback screen Recording/ playback controls Playback Delete/trash

11 Getting Started Previous/next video Start / stop recording Zoom in/out and volume control

12 Let’s Go Have Some Fun A few last minute tips: Keep it steady Pan slowly Use the zoom sparingly; when possible, move closer or further from your subject Stay close to the sound source (built-in) Keep the sunlight to your back (not the subjects)

13 Think Like a Kid Sharing and caring Establish ground rules for recorded materials Permission to video tape other students or teachers How to manage mistakenly-captured footage

14 Please meet back here at 4:30 p.m.

15 Reflections

16 FLIP in the Classroom FIELD TRIPS Record field trips to extend learning after the field trip is over. SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS Record science experiments to extend learning. DRAMATIC PLAY Record students acting out a story. DIGITAL STORYTELLING Create and share stories. SCHOOL TOURS Tours for new students.

17 SPORTS Document sports activities for health education or a digital portfolio of improvement. FLIP Beyond the Classroom COLLABORATION Share experiences and collaborate on projects with students in other schools. EXPLORE NATURE Explore nature, surroundings, and seasonal change.

18 PARENT COMMUNICATION Demonstrate student learning or create a video portfolio. BEHAVIOR Document for review with parents and administrators. MODEL LESSONS Model a lesson to share with other teachers. ANNOUNCEMENTS Morning announcements, public service announcements, event announcements and coverage. FLIP Beyond the Curriculum

19 Resources Flip share Included with camera PC or Mac Share Organize Edit Capture still shots Create


21 Resources Digital Wish Lesson plans ways-to-use-flip-cameras-in.html ways-to-use-flip-cameras-in.html g+flip+video+cameras&media=lesson g+flip+video+cameras&media=lesson

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