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Rail Mounts Trade Study

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1 Rail Mounts Trade Study
Duke Ngo

2 Background Objective: Trade various rail mounts designs to meet the AWST desired capabilities. Companies: DRS-RSTA LaRue Tactical (Austin, TX) Atlantic Research Marketing Systems Inc. (A.R.M.S) American Defense Manufacturing Alamo Four Star Global Defense Initiative (GDI) Engineering Requirements: Weapon Rail Interface. The IWS shall interface to the MIL-STD-1913 rail for the weapons listed above (T). The IWS shall interface to the STANAG 4694 rail (O). Weapon/IWS accuracy. The IWS, when installed or removed from the host weapon, shall not degrade the inherent accuracy of the host weapon system. The IWS shall not be significantly affected by the operational characteristics of the host weapon. Momentary upsets due to firing or shading due to barrel heating are not considered significant. In automatic gain control, barrel heating shall not affect the automatic gain value applied in the critical area of the display.



5 Rail Cross Section Comparison
STANAG 4694 (Units = mm) MIL-STD-1913 Rev A (Units = inch)


7 Spring Loaded Retention
Mechanism Engagement Gap Gap Engagement

8 Link: Click Here Adjustment Nut Cam Lever Retention Mechanism
Locking Mechanism Gap Engagement

9 Cam Lever Retention Mechanism
Locking Mechanism Cam Lever Retention Mechanism 3.60 .75 1.98 Gap Engagement

10 Cam Lever Retention Mechanism
2.50 1.78 .51 Locking Mechanism Gap Engagement

11 Link: Click Here Spring Loaded Retention Mechanism Gap Engagement 3.51
2.50 3.51 .60 Gap Engagement

12 Cam Lever Retention Mechanism
Locking Mechanism 3.67 2.18 .66 Gap Engagement

13 Scorecard Score Parameter: Weight:
Weight: Less than 50g=5, 51 to 60g=4, 61g to 75g=3, 76g to 95g=2, and 96g or greater =1. Latch type: Combo =5, Lever Latch =3, and Screw Turn=1. NATO Recom. Interface: Yes =5 and No=1 Adjustment Feature: Auto=5, Yes=4, Yes/Tool=2, and No=1. Rail Protection Feature: Cost Basis: 1X=5, 1.01 to 1.10=4, 1.11 to 1.50=3, 1.51 to 2.00=2, and greater 2.01=1.

14 Recommendations Alamo Four Star has best score followed by American Defense Mfg. Comply with NATO rail engagement interface. Have quick latching mechanism. Have adjustment capability requiring no tool. Additional Testing Perform return to zero testing using in house collimator and TWS test setup. Perform weapon fire isolation testing using in house weapon simulator. Perform zero retention testing under endurance weapon fire using weapon simulator. Large Lab Collimator Stage Mount System with multi axis adjustments/measurements M4 Weapon Simulator

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