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By: Anthony Romero, Jake Corgiat, Joshua Martinez.

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1 By: Anthony Romero, Jake Corgiat, Joshua Martinez

2  We will test the outcome of an egg by dropping an enclosed box from a tethered gondola at heights of 100, 200, and 250 feet.

3  Our gondola is consists of a wooden box, a rc car steering servo and speed control along with the transmitter and receiver  Our design works by the steering servo first pulling out a pin from two holes drilled into the gondola. Once the pin is pulled, the hinged latch then opens releasing the egg drop box to the ground.

4  Our egg drop box is built from cardboard to keep a light but heavy base.  The egg is protected with sponges, bubble wrap, duck tape, paper towels, and foam

5  Step 1: Connect the gondola to the weather balloon.  Step 2: Unwind the string slowly rising the balloon connected to the gondola.  Step 3: Measure the height using a clinometer and the altimetry formula.  Step 4: Clear the area making sure no one is endangered.  Step 5: Turn the steering wheel on the transmitter pulling the pin releasing the hinged latch dropping the egg drop  Step 6: Finally analyze the egg drop and see if the egg survived or not.

6 Trial 1 100ft: Yes the box opened Survive or not? The egg survived What went wrong? Nothing went wrong during this test Trial 2 200ft: Yes the box opened The egg crackedWe didn’t completely shut the box which affected the movement of the egg and protection Trial 3 250ft: Yes the box opened The egg broke completely We didn’t completely protect the egg which caused it to rattle around and collapase Formula : Sin of A1x Sin of A2/ Sin 1-Sin 2 x 10m

7 We found the height using the altimetry formula: Sin of A1x Sin of A2/ Sin 1-Sin 2 x 10m Formula 2: Step 1: A1=63 A2= 52 Step 2: Sin 63=.167 Sin 52=.986 Sin11=.99 Step 3:.167 x.986/.99 x 10= 1.6 % error = 180 ft Formula 3: Step 1: A1=65 A2=63 Step 2: Sin 65=.826 Sin 63= 0.167 Sin 2=.034 Step 3:.826 x.167/.034 x 10 = 4.05 % error= 235 ft

8  Our gondola containing the speed control and the steering servo is 100% successful and reliable throughout the process.  During all three trials it prove successful no matter what the conditions

9  We are very happy about how successful our project was. It worked just as planned. We just wished we could have protected our egg better. In the end the gondola was 100% successful.


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