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Presenting Your Information Using Infographics Mrs. Bovino.

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1 Presenting Your Information Using Infographics Mrs. Bovino

2 What is an Infographic?  Way to present information  Purpose: inform, persuade, raise questions, advertise  Combines words, numbers & images to communicate a big idea  Organized = Easy to understand  Contains design elements (images, colors, shapes, fonts) = looks appealing/eye-catching  Fun way to share your information!

3 What do you notice about this infographic?

4 How to Make Your Infographic Valid  Identify who you are & your purpose  Show facts, not opinions No biased statements!  ***You must cite sources used in creating infographic***

5 Gathering & Organizing Information  Keep a look out for numbers & statistics  Highlight or underline key information in articles  Take notes  Use sticky notes or note cards  Use Storyboards in Appendix packet  Think about YOUR topic. What’s the best way to organize YOUR information?  Use LATCH system

6 Gathering & Organizing Information  Sorting information using LATCH system  Location – Ex.  Alphabetical - Ex.  Time – Ex.  Category – put similar information/like topics together  Hierarchy – Ex. Most important info first  The Five Hat Racks - A Motion Graphics from The Universal Principles of Design

7 Designing Infographic  Microsoft Power Point or Apple Keynote  Prezi  Websites designed for Infographics:  Easelly Free!!!  IBM Many Eyes http://www-  Visually See examples  Glogster

8 Images  If you are using pictures from the internet and you plan to post your information on the web, you must acquire permission to use the images or use the following sites:  Google Images, click Usage Rights, Labeled for Reuse  Bing Images, License, Free to Share and Use 

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