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HOW DO YOU REACH THE WORLD FOR YOUR COMPANY?. How Many Trade Shows Does Your Company Attend Per Year And What Is The Cost? TRADE SHOW COSTS Booth space.

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2 How Many Trade Shows Does Your Company Attend Per Year And What Is The Cost? TRADE SHOW COSTS Booth space rates vary according to industry, as well as by the size, location, and popularity of the show. Gigantic shows generally command the most money from exhibitors — some shows bring in up to six figures for booths. Package deals are the most economical way to get your feet wet at a trade show. Promoters generally offer a turn- key 10-by-10-foot booth package for as little as $2,000 at small shows. And if you can latch on to a big company's partner pavilion, you may be able to sneak into even a large trade show at a reasonable cost. Typically though, you should probably budget a total of $10,000 per trade show exhibit. This should cover all expenses of an average booth, with the following cost breakdown: Space: 24% Booth expenses: 33% Show services: 22% Transportation: 13% Advertising, promotional and special activities: 4% Personnel (including travel, hotel and expenses): 4% Excerpt from Tradeshow Handbook

3 Do You Advertise In Trade Journals? Trade journals provide an avenue for companies to provide information to their target audience but are there drawbacks? Print advertisement is expensive It is static – It can’t talk to the potential client, show your product at work, or showcase testimonials from satisfied customers It can’t provide you with potential sales leads just because someone looked at your ad Your message only reaches the circulation of the publication

4 Do You Have Product Video On Your Website or Other Social Networking Media? Does anyone see your video unless they are specifically looking for your site? If you use other social networking sites, does your video get buried in thousands of other videos that have absolutely nothing to do with the product you represent? What if there were a layer of advertising that is virtually untapped and directly relating to your target audience? One that provides you with contact information for every person who views your message?

5 A revolutionary new approach for providing educational and advertising information to the water and wastewater world!

6 58% of US adults research products and services online before purchasing. Exert from 40% of consumers watch online product video on a weekly basis, 70% on a monthly basis Online video advertising is projected to account for 1/3 of all advertising in the next five years Exert from video results and matrix Video Based Networking Site with educational and product video for: Wastewater Treatment Water Treatment Collection and Distribution Environmental News Operator Interviews Hot Topics From Manufacturers

7 What Does CEU Tube Offer? $1,000.00 – Video clip seven minutes or less in length, camera ready, one year subscription 250 clicks on video GUARANTEED within one year or video remains on site until goal is reached CEU Tube will provide you with email addresses for anyone who views your video on a monthly basis Video can be directly uploaded from your location following easy step-by-step instructions provided on CEU Tube. No muss, no fuss! If you are satisfied with the service and wish to upload additional video, you will receive a discount on each additional video added to CEU Tube.

8 CEU Tube can work with you utilizing raw footage you may have taken to create a custom video for you. No raw footage? We have our own videographer who can work with you to take footage and create your custom video. Upon your approval of video, it belongs to you! You can include it on your own website, other social networking sites, as well as CEU Tube! Pricing available depending on product you desire

9 Why Invest In CEU TUBE? Courses starting at $13.95 per training hour making this the most affordable training option for operators in difficult economic times Quality product, affordability, excellent service, individual customized attention Bottom Line – We have been in business a long time and we are here to stay! CEU Tube is part of the CEU Plan family which includes CEU Plan, CEU Tube, and SA’CEU Ten years in business with over 280 online courses approved in 49 states for continuing education credit 40 instructors with over 1,750 years of combined experience in the industry

10 Do The Math! $1,000.00 Investment For 12 Month Video Advertisement $83.33 per month $2.72 per day 250 clicks guaranteed/contact information for each click provided to client $4.00 per potential sales lead PUT IT IN PERSPECTIVE Gasoline is approximately $4.00 per gallon that equates to only about 250 gallons Average MPG for US cars is 33 mpg which equals approximately 757 miles – about the distance from Orlando, FL to Memphis, TN

11 Simple, Affordable, Guaranteed Advertising Opportunity! What do you have to lose? Company video placed on CEU Tube CEU Tube announces video via email, facebook, and twitter Video viewed by operators, managers, engineers across the world Email addresses of viewers captured/provi ded to advertiser New sales leads generated in a revolutionary way at an affordable price Your $1,000.00 Investment At Work

12 Contact Information: Bill Edgar General Manager

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