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Company Profile Presentation Minda Valeo Security Systems Pvt. Ltd.

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1 Company Profile Presentation Minda Valeo Security Systems Pvt. Ltd.
By Minda Valeo Security Systems Pvt. Ltd. Place :- Pune

2 Electronic & Mechanical Security Systems for Automotive Industry
Automotive Security Systems Four Wheeler & Off Road Vehicles Mechanical & Electronic Enabling a better automotive world

3 About Minda Valeo 4W /Passenger Car Products :
Electronic & Mechanical Security System, Immobilizers, Latches, Striker, Door Handles Products : Employee : 921 Turnover : INR 258 Cr / EUR 32 Mio (FY ) Certification : ISO TS 16949, ISO14001:2002 Plants: Pune

4 Increasing Trend – CAGR 21%
( All Values are in INR Mio ) Sales Trend Actual Projected Increasing Trend – CAGR 21%

5 New Products for Minda Valeo
System Supplier For Ideas Integrated Door Entry & Access Systems Mechanical locks. Steering Column Lock. Electronic Steering Column Lock. Side Door Latches. Inside Door handle. Outside door handle. Immobilizer. Identifier. Passive Entry. Keyless Entry. New Products for Minda Valeo

6 interfaces latches & locksets
System Expertise locksets integration Electronic integration interfaces latches & locksets interfaces handle & latch Dependability Analysis bracket design & interfaces Capacitive Optical Switches

7 Locks and Keys Immobilizer System Remote Keys Handles and Back
MVSS Product Portfolio Locks and Keys Immobilizer System Remote Keys Handles and Back Door Openers Steering Column Locks Latches

8 Actual Product Snaps 8

9 Major Customers Domestic (India) Exports (Out of India)

10 Suzuki, GMI , Eicher Ford , JLR & Others
MVSS Customers Base Auto Sector Customers MVSS Top Customers Customer Sales FY 13-14 % of (INR Mln) Total Sales Nissan 1338.4 52% Mahindra & Mahindra 444.0 17% Tata Motors 315.6 12% GM Uz 58.3 2% VW 86.4 3% Suzuki, GMI , Eicher Ford , JLR & Others 338.5 2580.7 100%

11 Plant Facilities Molding Facilities Assembly Lines
Injection Molding machines Ranging from (150T – 420T) Core Competencies Gas assisted molding. Strict Process control for aesthetic parts. Predictive & preventive maintenance of Machines & Tools Ultrasonic Welding Process Assembly Lines Core Competencies Extensive POKA YOKE implementation for Occurrence & detection. Low cost automation to avoid manual errors. Lean Manufacturing to ensure JIT Supplies. Cycle time to match customer TACT time.

12 Product Testing and Validation
Paint Shop Facilities Variable Speed conveyors with drying ovens. ( 2 Nos each as contingency ) 3 coat wet on wet painting process compatible with 4 coat system. Core Competencies Paint mixing with continuous paint circulation for 10 colors. positive pressure & Temperature controlled environment with fully furnished laboratory. Competency to handle more than 100 shades for parts of 40 different shapes & sizes. Product Testing and Validation In house Product Validation Testing Facility. In house Environmental Test Facility. In-house calibration facility.

13 Design and Development Tool Manufacturing Facilities
Fully integrated Design Cell. FEA & Simulation support from dedicated suppliers. Rapid Prototyping Capability thru’ dedicated suppliers. Concept Design Capability (Black Box Design). Designing Software PRO-E wild fire – 2 Catia V–5 Workstation Uni Graphics Advanced in-house tool making capability. Di-edifice software for die casting tools. CNC Milling & wirecut Machine. Predictive and preventive maintenance of tools. SMED

14 Valeo Structured Development Process
Development is based on a V cycle, structured in phases. Each end of phase is a major event, with official closure. 0: RFQ 1: design 2: design validation 3: process validation 4: SOP Program Approval Go tooling Pilot run Launch Mock Up Order Proto Def OK Customer INTERFACE Proto Def Reco. Mock ups Offer Pre-series Mock Up Prototype IS Production Phase 0 Competition Phase Phase 1 Product / Process Design Phase 2 Design Validation Phase 3 Product / Process Validation Phase 4a Launch & Process Stabilization Phase 4b Volume Production PMC PMC PMC PMC PMC PMC PMC PVC PVC PVC PVC PVC NPA PVC Mock-ups/Simulation (Optional) Offer to customer Mock-ups/Simulation Design compliant with specifications Requirements Freeze Prototypes Serial Drawings and Specifications Design Freeze Production line ready Initial Samples (IS) IS acceptation Pre-Series Reduced Variations QCD target reached SOP readiness Serial Delivery Customer Satisfaction Project closure Valeo CIP+ VSDP CIP – Constant Innovation Policy VSDP – Valeo Structured Development Process

15 Valeo Project Management Team Standard Organisation
Dedicated multi-disciplinary team called Project Team. Representatives from all the Simultaneous Engineering Functions. Project Team is assigned at the beginning of the project RFQ. Project Team conducts a weekly project meeting . Program manager chairs the meeting. Project Team Purchasing Process R&D Quality Project Manager Sales (P1) Marketing (P2) PQA Supply Chain Finance Suppliers Valeo Associated Project Manager Contributor Project Team Member


17 Lock sets – Current & Future Technology
Reinforced locks (resistance to higher wrenching forces) Many decoration and style features including over-molding, colors, logotype integration Keyless Entry systems Blade notching: wave, snake, Tibe, conventional Mechanical steering column locks with ignition switches Anti-theft protection (deadlock, free wheeling of lock barrel, etc.) Zamak, aluminum materials available for design based upon customer’s requirements FUTURE - Electrical steering column locks Use of Magnesium Alloy castings Increased freedom of positioning the steering column lock on the column (5 Stars Euro NCAP)

18 Eco Sports/Fiesta/Figo
Lock sets – Supplies to India OEM’s Customer Model Product Share of business Nissan / Renault Micra / Sunny / Pulse / Scala Lockset 100% Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 30% Force Motors Trax / Traveller Ford India Eco Sports/Fiesta/Figo General Motors Tavera Spark Mahindra & Mahindra Bolero 70% Scorpio Xylo Tata Motors Indica / Indigo Vista/Manza Aria Sumo family LCV World Truck Ashok Leyland G90 Eicher Motors LCV / HCV

19 Door Handles – Current & Future Product Technology
Mechanical handles Current Process & Part Plastic Injection Moulding with Gas injection Pressure Die Casting in Zamak & Aluminium Body color painting, chrome plating Mechatronic Handles Future - Inertial system Switch, sensors & antennas integration Electrical Back Door Opener Mechatronic handles

20 Door Handles – Supplies to India OEM’s
Customer Model Product Share of business Nissan Micra / Sunny / Pulse / Scala Outsider Handle 100% Inside Handle Ashok Leyland NGC Fiat India Punto / Linea Mahindra & Mahindra Scorpio Xylo / Quanto / Genio Tata Motors Indica / Indigo Vista/Manza Aria VW / Skoda Polo/Vento/Rapid/Fabia

21 Latches – Current & Future Product Technology
Add-on & Integrated actuators Compatible multiplexing architecture Standard concepts for platform solution Compact multi-function side door latches for global applications with possible passive entry High-interface flexibility and adaptation on various vehicles Side door latches Striker

1 OPTIMUM LATCH Customer BENEFITS 2 1. Water Proof improvement Covering from Z, such as umbrella Actuator and switch as upper as possible under umbrella Top down covering between parts 2. Stack Up Management One main functional part All dimensions referring to same part 3. Simplified Switch activation Reduced switch activation chain 4. Cable ingress improvement Outer Cable side adding, Inner Cable back adding Better resistance for pulling up 5. Noise improvement Part weight reduction, small motor CDL 6. Simple kinematics Reduction of part number 7. Weight reduction Up to 200 g for car Set with CDL minimum 5 4 VALEO 6 & 7 3

23 PEPS Entry Level Medium Level Premium Level NEW PRODUCT – Introduction
System Level Overview Access Start Key features Vehicle range RKE & Immobilizer Remote Lock / unlock Start with key Push to start Start with push button and key in a slot Passive start Eco Start with push button and key in the pocket No coverage of the trunk Classic Full interior coverage Passive entry Passive entry with switch on handle (driver) Passive entry with PSU (COE) Premium Passive entry with premium PSU (COE) Smart power closing functions Entry Level Medium Level Premium Level Magic effect 23

24 Thank You!

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