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Pelican 0450 Tool Chest. 0450 Front & Top Open View.

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1 Pelican 0450 Tool Chest

2 0450 Front & Top Open View

3 0450 Topside Work Area

4 0450 Features Lid/face release design with Two robust locking holes Lock Compatibility and ID Panel Recessed nameplate area Resists accidental removal

5 0450 Features Hybrid Double Throw-Butterfly Latch Pelican’s patented Double-Throw Latch has Been tested to 382 lbs. of Pull force. The Pelican Tool Chest Latch incorporates the Same robust design but Has been upgraded wwith A metal butterfly Compression latch.

6 0450 Features Raised ribs on the lid hinge points serves two functions: 1.The stainless steel hinge pin Provides extra protection From impact. 2.The lid stops at 180 degrees To serve as a work space. The lid has been tested To support 50 lbs. open. Heavy-Duty Buttress Hinges

7 0450 Features The Pelican Tool Case has extra Deep handles on each end that Can be lifted from any direction. Two-Way Handles Transport Position Open Tool Chest Position

8 0450 Features Extra-wide wheels distribute Load over soft terrain. Polyurethane wheels with Stainless steel bearings offer Low-resistance transport. A Nylon hub insulates the tire From heat generated by the ball bearings. Extra-Wide Wheels

9 0450 Features The Pelican Tool Case has Oversized, rounded ribs, making it Easy to roll onto it’s back for transport. ‘Front-Up’ Mobility

10 0450 Features By locating the wheels on The back of the chest, the Pelican Tool Case offers a Wide, stable track. This also leaves the front of The chest clear of wheel Obstructions, creating more Useable drawer space Within The case. ‘Front-Up’ Mobility

11 0450 Features Stable Wide-Track Design

12 0450 Features Using simple fasteners the Trolley handle and wheel can Be replaced in the field. This also assures simple Cleaning should debris Become Lodged within the parts. Trolley Handle & Wheel System

13 0450 Features The Pelican tool Case uses Heavy duty ribs to protect Hinges and latches from Shipping damage. Graduated Deflector Ribs Graduated ribs deflect energy Away from the case.

14 0450 Features Extra deep pockets mate with Foot blocks on the bottom of the Pelican Tool Case. This ‘Block-in-pocket’ design Locks the cases together to Prevent lateral movement. Secure-Stack Design

15 0450 Chassis and Slide Assembly Slides Chassis

16 0450 Chassis, Slide and Drawer Assembly

17 0450 Complete Chassis, Slide and Drawer Assembly

18 0450 Optional Drawer Configurations Available

19 0450 Sample Drawer Layouts


21 0450 Schematic - Without Slide Chassis Insert Wheel Cavity 2.37 height 2.0 depth 2.33 width (2.27 radius) Wheel Cavity 4.2 height 2.0 depth 2.33 width (2.27 radius) Opening 12.6 (Draft 12.5) Opening 13.2 (Draft 12.5) Opening 21.31 (Draft 20.5) Opening 20.02 (Draft 20.0) 2° Draft 12.5.36 radius.79 radius

22 0450 Schematic - With Slide Chassis Insert Opening 12.6 (Draft 12.5) Opening 13.2 (Draft 12.5) 20.20 (No Draft) 2° Draft 12.5 Removable Slides Chassis Frame RIbs

23 0450 With Slide Chassis Insert

24 0450 Schematic - Top View With Slide Chassis Insert 10.85 20.20 (No Draft) Removable Slides Chassis Frame

25 0450 Schematic - Top View Without Slide Chassis Insert 10.85 Opening 21.31 Draft 20.5

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