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Simple Equation ASL Scenario S3 Allies: Major E Germans: Ireland94

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1 Simple Equation ASL Scenario S3 Allies: Major E Germans: Ireland94
May 15 – Jun

2 Battalion Commander Orders
Link to the PDF File: Orders.


4 Battle Synopsis Initial Stage
Per the Bn. Operations Order, 1st Platoon with the Flamethrower Team and 1st MG Tm in support assaulted toward Objective Zebra. In the face of stiff resistance, 3rd Platoon as the company reserve was quickly utilized to assist with the push. 2nd Platoon with support from the 2nd MG Tm assaulted toward the right side of Objective Zebra to secure the Base of Fire in Objective Zebra. Enemy Reaction The enemy recognized where the main attack was focused and while simultaneously giving ground, shifted forces from his right flank to bolster his defense in the face of the main attack. Main Effort Adjustment 2nd Platoon managed to get a foot hold in the Base of Fire building in Objective Zebra, and 3rd Platoon made slow headway into Objective Zebra. 1st Platoon was stopped in the face of stiff resistance to their direct front. The Company Commander shifted the main effort to 3rd Platoon who continued the push into the heart of Objective Zebra. The Company Commander ordered 1st Platoon to attack the enemy’s exposed right flank in Sector One, contrary to the Bn. Ops Order but in support of Commander Intent. This heroic dash across open terrain caught the enemy off guard and put his forces in a dilemma, forcing him to yet again adjust his forces to face this new threat.

5 Battle Synopsis Final Stage
3rd Platoon with 2nd MG Tm, 3rd MG Tm, and FT Tm secured Objective Zebra. 2nd MG Tm established a firing position in MG Nest A per the OpOrd to support the attack into Objective XRay, which 2nd Platoon proceeded to do from the Base of Fire in Objective Zebra. 1st Platoon continued their assault in Sector One securing as many buildings as possible. Final Result With metrics for victory met, the assault was paused to regroup and resupply. Objective Zebra was secured. Objective Xray was essentially secured with no Germans in the AO and 2nd Platoon occupying it. 1st Platoon had managed to secure seven buildings in Sector One and had a toe hold in another. Conclusion The Company Commander was correct in recognizing continuing to follow the OpOrd to the letter would have led to defeat, and opted to focus on the Battalion Commanders Final Result Desired instead, adjusting his main effort accordingly and attacking enemy weakness in Sector One, putting the enemy in a dilemma. That said, too many unnecessary casualties were suffered by pressing the attack too quickly in the beginning. It would have been better to focus fires on enemy forces to reduce them a little before making the main assault.












17 Final Results &Lessons Learned
End State: Allied victory metric of 25 building achieved (31 buildings taken). German Lessons Learned: Defense in depth and simply slowing attack did not work. Possibly what’s needed is a defense that will destroy, not slow, enough of the Americans that the attack will fail. American Lessons Learned: Immediately pressing the attack is not wise. Better to attrit the enemy at first with massed fires before launching the main assault.

18 Final Numbers Casualties: Americans: 41 Germans: 61 End State:
Americans 108 Available of 149 Unit good order / broken (or wounded for leaders) squad 7 / 2 1/2 squad 1 / 2 leader 2 / 1 Germans: 63 Available of 124 squad 1 / 4 1/2 squad 0 / 2

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