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METT-T CAPT MULVANEY. MISSION What is required by the tactical task given to you?

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2 MISSION What is required by the tactical task given to you?

3 TACTICAL TASKS & PURPOSE WRT FRIENDLY FORCES Screen Guard Cover Withdraw Retire Follow and support Breach Disengage Exfiltrate Infiltrate Support by fire Attack by fire Displace Counter Reconnaissance Follow and Assume Link up Follow WRT TERRAIN Seize Secure Clear Occupy Retain Recon Control Reconnoiter WRT ENEMY Disrupt Defeat Destroy Block Contain Fix Canalize Delay Interdict Isolate Penetrate Suppress Neutralize Feint Demonstrate Ambush Bypass WRT ENEMY Attack by Fire Breach Cover Exploit Guard Protect Reconnoiter Rupture Screen Support by fire IOT: Allow Attrit Cause Create Deceive Deny Enable Influence Locate Open Prevent Protect Support Surprise

4 TYPES & FORMS OF OPERATIONS Security Ops Screen Guard Cover Other Tactical Ops Breach Passage of Lines Relief in Place River Crossing Retrograde Attacks Spoiling ATK Counter ATK Raid Feint Demonstration Search and ATK Forms of Maneuver Penetration Frontal ATK Flanking ATK Envelopment Turning Movement Infiltration Types of Offensive Ops Movement to Contact Attack Exploitation Pursuit Types of Def Ops Mobile Defense Position Defense Delay Withdrawal Retirement Organ. of the Defense Security Area Main Battle Area Rear Area

5 Enemy Composition, Disposition, and Strength: Unit Description – What does that tell you ? Taliban versus Chechen foreign fighters ? - SALUTE format still remains – detail of articulation and communication is the difference. What does “Soviet-style small arms” tell that Marine… Not much, but the delineation between a 7.62 x 39 and a 7.62 x 54 weapon system may tell him a great deal.

6 Enemy Capabilities and Limitiations Simply penciling out DRAW-D is no longer and an acceptable action - Defend – Where and why? Where will he concentrate his fires? Why and how is he utilizing the terrain? - Reinforce – What unit, the size and how; route to the position, what will they bring to the fight and why? You are the one charged with this analysis and the descision.

7 Terrain and Weather As assets, capabilities, and situation becomes more complicated, we need to look deeper. - Optics - Motorized Assets - What effects on friendly enemy forces You will see this enter the DM process in greater force.

8 Troops and Fire Support Technical and Tactical Analysis Technical - Understanding in whole the effects of our weapons systems - Ranges, Anti-Armor Capabilities, limitations of optics, understanding our attachments. - Have a distinct understanding of how the enemies weapons systems can effect us.

9 Troops and Fire Support Tactical - How to kill him not if we can. Capabilities of our Marines – Experience, leadership, training. Human Factors – Fatigue, Morale. Ensure every capability / piece of support is maximized…Set Conditions

10 TIME In regards to planning… In regards to our support… - What fires are supporting me… - What is the air window… In regards to execution… Are my actions required for another phase on the battlefield What has to happen before I execute…

11 Anything Else… Space…. A leader must know and understand his area of operation (AO), adjacent units, etc.. Identify and develop Tactical Control Measures (TCM), Develop a plan to de-conflict converging forces and geometry of fires. Logistics Ammunition – Supplies – CASEVAC support ?

12 What is the End-State MLCOA / MDCOA – What is that Identify CG - CV - Systematically and Individually Begin assembly of Exploitation, which is essentially a concept of your…

13 SUMMARY At what point does this action take place ? - What was the first thing you did at the BOC when an order was issued? - Continual process throughout Is this process unique to you ? - Once tasked subordinates need to be able to execute same process...The appreciation for this will grow with your time here.








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