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Displeasure with the Divine Decree -part 2 Don’t be sad.

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1 Displeasure with the Divine Decree -part 2 Don’t be sad

2 Case Three Trials in life and obedience

3 Best form of obedience in hardship….. Doing sabr Staying steadfast and determined

4 But watch out !

5 Danger in obedience to Allah in difficult times… It invites arrogance

6 This can easily make an obedient person self righteous

7 Whoever has a mustard seed of arrogance in his heart will not enter Jannah Sahih Muslim

8 Obedience is a blessing from Allah

9 Shame in front of Allah


11 Muslim “The servant (who conceals) the faults of others in this world, Allah would conceal his faults on the Day of Resurrection.”

12 Case Four Trials in life and disobedience

13 Ungrateful people 1.Only think about the things Allah has not given them.

14 2.Pitythemselves Ungrateful People

15 3.Never thankful to Allah. Ungrateful People

16 4.Jealous of others. Ungrateful People

17 5.Do not use their naymats to please Allah Ungrateful People

18 Do tawba What to do if you fall in this category?

19 Your heart moves closer to Allah at the time of happiness and trial, if your response is right

20 What is the right response? It maybe that you dislike something though it is good for you. And it may be that you love something though it is bad for you. And Allah knows and you don’t know. QURAN 2:216

21 Three reasons for thanking Allah even at the time of trouble 1.The misfortune could have been worse. 2.It was in worldly matters and not in spiritual ones. 3.It came in this world and not in the hereafter.

22 Do u feel that life is not fair to you ?

23 His father died before he was born


25 His guardian grandfather then died

26 We have our parents to give us extra love and support

27 He lived to see all his children buried, except Fatima (ra)

28 Seeing your child die

29 He saw his people turn against him in anger and brutality

30 How many people do you know who have turned their backs on you ?

31 We feel crushed when people say mean things to us.

32 Has anyone ever given you this kind of physical pain?

33 They boycotted him, and composed stinging criticism against him

34 He lost his closest friend and relative Hamza (ra), who was killed on a battle field

35 Our friends are breathing and bouncing around us

36 His beloved wife, who was his greatest support, died

37 Abu Talib, his only protective shield, also died

38 He was penniless most of the time

39 The Prophet(saw) was the target of several assassination attempts

40 Snatching of a mobile

41 How many of us have faced so much ???

42 This is just not fair !!!

43 Allah has decreed evil in this world as a test for us

44 So should we feel happy even when bad things happen to us?

45 Allah has created a world wherein such things exist

46 Remember every trial could have been worse

47 And it came in this world

48 One day a physician amputates the arm of a patient

49 Choices

50 We either complain about it We just don’t get it!

51 “Allah is testing me”

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