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Technology and Composition Marginalization or Emancipation?

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1 Technology and Composition Marginalization or Emancipation?

2 Technology in the Classroom One benefit of technology is that it can enable marginal voices to be heard. How might you make use of technology as English teacher to foster empowerment for marginalized groups?

3 Possible Benefits Being able to use technology, a tool of the elite, may provide marginalized groups with a way to uplift themselves spiritually and intellectually

4 Possible Risks As with any tool of education, technology has its fair share of risk. It is quite possible that the use of technology may increase the phenomena of marginalization within the classroom

5 Wherein Lies The Risk Not all students will be given access to the same equipment The opportunity to become familiar with the various forms of technology in the classroom will occur in a environment of inequity; students will be taught at times on equipment that is not all equally updated or new, unless steps are taken to ensure that necessary equity

6 What is YOUR vision of Technology in YOUR classroom? I see students being taught to be multiliterate through the use of computer technology, blogging, YouTube, web page creation, movie- making and countless other fascinating and creative communicative mediums I see students using new, up-to-date, quality equipment to further their learning and sense of personal expression

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