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More Love out of More Sin 4 th Sunday of Tout 1730/2013.

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1 More Love out of More Sin 4 th Sunday of Tout 1730/2013

2 1. Trust in Him  8 For we do not want you to be ignorant, brethren, of our trouble which came to us in Asia: that we were burdened beyond measure, above strength, so that we despaired even of life. 9 Yes, we had the sentence of death in ourselves, that we should not trust in ourselves but in God who raises the dead, 10 who delivered us from so great a death, and does deliver us; in whom we trust that He will still deliver us, 2 Cor 1:8-10

3 St. Theopheles of Antioch  But those who do not worship God nor know Him, would be like some sort of birds, who, although they posses wings, yet they are unable to fly, thus they do not soar up in exalted godliness.

4 2. Love will shine  11 For this is the message that you heard from the beginning, that we should love one another, 12 not as Cain who was of the wicked one and murdered his brother. And why did he murder him? Because his works were evil and his brother’s righteous. 1 Jn 3:11,12

5 (St. John Chrysostom)  For all things appear to us difficult, because we do not have the remembrance of God as we ought; because we do not carry Him about always in our thoughts

6 3. Works of love intercede  At Joppa there was a certain disciple named Tabitha, which is translated Dorcas. This woman was full of good works and charitable deeds which she did ……And since Lydda was near Joppa, and the disciples had heard that Peter was there, they sent two men to him, imploring him not to delay in coming to them. Acts 9:36,38

7 Liturgy of St Basil  PRIEST: (Inaudibly) Remember, O Lord, my own weakness and forgive my many sins, and where transgression has abounded, let your grace be multiplied in abundance

8 Ps 28:8,9  The LORD is their strength, And He is the saving refuge of His anointed. Save Your people, And bless Your inheritance; Shepherd them also, And bear them up forever.

9 4. The more you love, the more you receive  47 Therefore I say to you, her sins, which are many, are forgiven, for she loved much. But to whom little is forgiven, the same loves little.”  48 Then He said to her, “Your sins are forgiven.” Luke 7:47,48

10 St John of the Cross  Stanza 1. #6. This soul is so near to God that it is transformed in the flames of love, wherein Father, Son and Holy Spirit communicate Themselves to it. The effect of the living flames is to make the soul live spiritually in God, and experience the life of God.

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