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TRADITIONAL VILLAGE RESORT -------------where Nature meets Humans Presented by Trdnl Group.

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1 TRADITIONAL VILLAGE RESORT -------------where Nature meets Humans Presented by Trdnl Group

2 Company Introduction  Traditional Group was incorporated in the year 2011 by a group of expertise management professionals.  Trdnl group has always focused on expansion and diversification.  Trdnl Team has experienced project management professionals striving towards excellency and perfection

3 Company Diversification  Trdnl group has diversified in different sectors which includes the following: ╤ Construction ╤ Mechanical Maintenance services ╤ Trading of Oil, gas & Petro-chemical products ╤ Industrial Contracting ╤ Transportation Services

4 Business Initiative and Proposition Trdnl Group has come up with an initiative to focus on our new concept called as ‘’ THINK BIG AND GROW BIG’’,Wherein we have planned to grow globally and invest tactfully in India. Our Business plan as proposed by dedicated experienced professionals is to build a ‘’RESORT’’ which will be surrounded by all the natural views, gardens,greenary which would inculcate a mind grooming and peaceful environment.


6 Business Overview and Projection  As shown in the previous slide, there are 3 phases of Business planning and execution which are as follows:  Phase 1: Land Acquisition-Area 25 acres-Kerala/Karnataka is an integral part of our Resort planning and execution, preference would be given for water view site which in turn would be beneficial for water activities like Boating, Fishing, Swimming etc. wherein our experience professionals will study the location and pros n cons in this stage.

7 Business Projection Phase 2: Farming, as soon as location n land is finalized, Organized farming will be executed and required manpower and resources will be allocated accordingly.  Farming will be protective culture oriented i.e. Organic Farming and Vertical Farming.  Organic Farming is a form of agriculture which relies on techniques such as crop rotation, green manure, compost & biological pest control.

8 Business Projection  Vertical Farming is cultivating plant or animal life on vertically inclined surfaces.  Vertical Farming is legitimate due to environmental reasons. Vertical farm is designed to be sustainable, and to enable nearby inhabitants to work at the farm.  The most important feature of vertical farm is it contains renewable energy, i.e. solar panels, wind turbines or a water capture system.

9 Business Projection Phase 3: Construction of Villas-25/ Pools/Spas/Old age homes Basically construction of 25 villas of 250 sq. feet across the area with beautiful sceneries surrounded by natural essence with necessary amenities will be initialized which are as follows:  TV  Internet

10 Business Projection  Air Conditioning  Kitchen  Heating  Washer  Dryer Further Trdnl group will also construct pools/spas/old age homes for social welfare and all the necessary apparatus to implement and execute Tourism within the specified location.

11 Overall Planning  Traditional Group as planned will build a ‘’Resort’’ within 25 acres of land in a specific location in Kerala/Karnataka.  This resort will be explored with Farming, Fishing, Boating, Swimming within the allocated areas.  Entirely this resort will be focussed and executed on the concept i.e. ‘’ Nature Meets Humans’’

12 Project Costing and Estimation The overall project cost would be 3.5 crore rupees which would include all 3 phases of planning and execution. Phase 1- Land acquiring will be a major cost wherein based on the area, location and other factors would be covered. Phase 2- Farming would mainly land cultivation, animal / plants etc. so minimal cost would occur. Phase 3- Construction of 25 semi- luxury Villas with necessary amenities.

13 Project Funding & Allocation $ Trdnl Group will be approaching different communities/groups in the year 2013 which would be further divided into shares. $ Each share would be INR. 8,00,000. $ Minimum of 50 shares are expected to complete and start the project. $ Fund/Share Instalment scheme- INR 8,50,000 ( Period- 1year-2014). $ Project Funding and allocation would have a deadline of 1 year within 2013. By the early 2014 Project Resort will be executed.

14 Thank You ProjectResort

15 Fund Allocation Chart

16 Fund Utilization Chart

17 Success Pyramid

18 Profit Summary  Once Funds are collected, Trdnl group will proceed with Phase 1 i.e. Land Acquisition stage and then proceed further for Farming i.e. Phase 2  During the Farming stage for 6 months, After 6 months we will plan and construct villas and other amenities.  Once around 10 rooms are constructed we will start our Tourism business.  Marketing and Promotions will further take place and profits will be generated.

19 Profit Summary There will be total of 56 rooms constructed which is further divided into (30)Single rooms (Non A/c), (16)Double Rooms-A/C, (10) Villas with beautiful sceneries and private lawns. Profit Overview:- 30 Single rooms per day charges- Inr. 1,500/- 16 Double A/C rooms per day charges- Inr. 2,000/- 10 Villas(above water) with private lawns- Inr. 2,500/-

20 Profit Overview So on an average suppose if all the 56 rooms are occupied for 20 days in a month We get a profit of Inr. 10 lakhs per month (after all expenses), so if we calculate for one year we get 1.2 cr. per annum i.e. further divided into 50 shares which comes around 9.6 lakhs per Shareholder. Also profit can be increased once we do further expansion and diversification in our ‘’Project Resort’’

21 Budgetary Quote (Plan Overview)  Amount Invested by each shareholder would be Inr. 8,00,000 as mentioned earlier.  There will be maximum of 50 shareholders  The Total Amount invested would be Inr. 4,00,00,000 ( 4 crore).  The cost involved for completion of ‘’Project Resort’’ would be categorized in 3 different phases which includes Land Acquisition, Phase 2: Farming and Phase 3

22 Budgetary Quote (Plan Overview) Would include Construction of rooms, semi- luxury villas, and other amenities like swimming pools/spas etc.  Cost Analysis would be divided and calculated according to different phases and would vary accordingly.  Once Capital is accumulated and collected, funds will be utilized for Land Acquisition, Farming, Construction of Villas/swimming pools/spas etc. and other amenities

23 Budgetary Cost Analysis for Project Resort 1) Capital Amount (50 shares)- 4,00,00,000 P1 Less cost of Land Acquisition- (1,00,00,000) P2 Less cost of Farming/Lndscpg- (20,50,000) P3 Less constrction of rooms/villas- (85,00,000) Balance Amount :-1,94,50,000 Balance Amt will be deposited in the bank. Note: The above cost analysis is based on permutations and combinations which may be approximate.

24 Budgetary Cost Analysis for Project Resort The cost analysis includes all the manpower expenses required for construction of villas/rooms/swimming pools/compound walls/Landscaping and Gardening/Transportation requirements etc. There will be totally 56 rooms constructed which is further classified into single rooms/ double rooms/villas with corridors, conference halls and restaurants, spas etc.

25 Budgetary Cost Analysis for Project Resort Running expenses till the construction work is completed will be Inr. 2,00,000/- per month. Marketing will be adhered once the construction work is in progress. There will 3 types of Marketing which are as follows:- 1. Part Time –commission based 2. Full Time- Salary + commission based 3. Web Marketing/Online Marketing.

26 Budgetary Cost Analysis for Project Resort Trdnl group will have 8 persons permanently working for the Trdnl Resort. These would include 2 engineers/2 Draftsman/4 Marketing executives (Male and Female).

27 Why Invest with Trdnl ‘’Project Resort’’ Suppose given an example say you invest with any bank deposit – Inr. 8,00,000 Bank Interest rates 9% p.a 29,191 So after 4 years u get 8,29,191/- If you invest with Trdnl, after 5 years you get a profit of which is calculated as follows:- If all the 56 rooms are occupied for 20 days in a month (at least) we get a profit of 10 lac pm. So if you calculate for 1 year you get a profit

28 Why Invest with Trdnl ‘’Project Resort’’ Of 1.20 crore which will be calculated for 4 years you get 4.8 crore, so each shareholder gets a return/dividend of 9.6 lakhs, which includes a return over your investment of 1.6 lakhs.  Also each shareholder can get a free Holiday accommodation of 5 days, in a year for 4 years so he gets another Inr. 50,000/- worth benefits. So Totally he gets a Inr. 10 lakhs which is Inr. 2,00,000 as his return on investment (ROI)

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