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Ciara Atkinson Bl. 7 February 26 th 2009 A Life Worth Knowing.

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2 Ciara Atkinson Bl. 7 February 26 th 2009 A Life Worth Knowing

3 The Beginning of Cleopatra’s Life  Cleopatra was born 69 B.C.  One of the most famous Egyptian rulers for over three hundred years  Was a threat to the throne, her father made her marry her brother, and they both ruled the throne  She and her brother Ptolemy XII plotted against each other  Her brother died, and tradition made her marry her next brother, Ptolemy XIV Antony and Cleopatra

4 The lover, Julius Caesar  Hid self inside of a rug and smuggled herself into Caesar’s living quarters  Caesar was fifty-four  Cleopatra was twenty-one  Had Caesar’s son named Caesarion, or Ptolemy Caesar  Took the throne with her infant son  Remained being married to her brother  In 44 B.C. Julius Caesar was assassinated

5 Between the Time and Her Next Lover; Marc Antony After Caesar died, she returned back to Egypt Had her brother poisoned Made a joint ruling with her son Roman’s started to believe that she was in a plot to have Caesar killed Marc Antony demanded to meet Cleopatra She dressed as Venus, goddess of love, and Marc dressed as Bacchus, god of wine, got down to business Marc fell in love with her, and she had a influential ally in Rome Gave birth to twin sons Antony married Octavia, Octavian’s sister, then left her for Cleopatra

6 The Death of Cleopatra Cleopatra married Marc Antony in 36 B.C. Gained control previously owned by Romans Her love, Marc Antony, received a false note on a battlefield that his wife, Cleopatra, had been murdered. He walked off the battlefield, and purposely fell on his sword. Later on, Octavian captured Cleopatra While being captive in a cell, Cleopatra snuck an asp, a poisonous snake, into her cell and let it bite her Her hopes to save her children were lost when later on her 17 year old son, Caesarion, was murdered

7 An excerpt from “Cleopatra” By: Charles Algernon Swinburne “…All this she dreams of, and her eyes Are wrought after the sense hereof. There is no heart in her for sighs; The face of her is more than love--- A name above the Ptolemies. Her great grave beauty covers her As that sleek spoil beneath her feet Clothed once the anointed soothsayer; The hallowing is gone forth from it Now, made unmeet for priests to wear. She treads on gods and god-like things, On fate and fear and life and death, On hate that cleaves and love that clings, All that is brought forth of man's breath And perisheth with what it brings. She holds her future close, her lips Hold fast the face of things to be; Actium, and sound of war that dips Down the blown valleys of the sea, Far sails that flee, and storms of ships; The laughing red sweet mouth of wine At ending of life's festival; That spice of cerecloths, and the fine White bitter dust funereal Sprinkled on all things for a sign; His face, who was and was not he, In whom, alive, her life abode; The end, when she gained heart to see Those ways of death wherein she trod, Goddess by god, with Antony.”

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