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Marketing 420 MKT Contemporary Issues in Marketing.

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1 Marketing 420 MKT Contemporary Issues in Marketing

2 Green Marketing 420 MKT

3 - Definition - Environmental and Ecological Marketing - Green MKT Phases - GM Mix - Reasons of Adopting GM Green Marketing

4 - In 2007, American worries about global warming 84%. - Volvo, has been climate –neutral since 2005 (Sweden) - Nike : 2011 - Xerox: reduce greenhouse gas emissions 10%, 2012 - Google installed solar panels on its roof, for natural light. Green Marketing

5 1 - 4

6 Common Terms: Phosphate free, Recyclable, Refillable, Ozone Friendly, Environmentally, Green Marketing

7 Can be applied to : Consumer goods Industrial goods Services Green Marketing

8 AMA Definition: GM is the marketing of products that are presumed to be environmentally safe. Green Marketing

9 Polonsky Definition (2001): GM is an attempt to minimise the negative environmental impact of production and consumption Green Marketing

10 Green Markets: Consumers Business Government Investors Green Marketing

11 Environmental and Ecological Marketing: Holistic Marketing Concept wherein the production, marketing consumption and disposal of product and services that is less harming to the environment. Green Marketing

12 Environmental and Ecological Marketing: Holistic Marketing Concept advocate the philosophy of that businesses must develop products and marketing strategy that not only address the needs of the consumers but also safeguard the long-term interest of consumers as well as those of society at large. Green Marketing

13 Environmental and Ecological Marketing: Green Marketing looks at minimizing rather than eliminating environmental harm Green Marketing

14 Green MKT Phases: 1 st “Ecological” green marketing 2 nd “Environmental” green marketing 3 rd “Sustainable” green marketing Green Marketing

15 GM Mix: Product: reduce resource consumption Price: consumer pay higher price for good value Promotion: 3 types of green ad Place: few customers go far to buy green products Green Marketing

16 Reasons of Adopting GM: opportunity to achieve objectives obligation to be Social responsible Competition Cost minimization Limited resources utilization Protection of environment Green Marketing

17 Select a green marketing business and write 10 pages report focus on: its activity, marketing mix, it. Due date 20-1-1434 Green Marketing Assignment

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