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2 “Every advance in science consists in discovering new subtleties of connection in this magnificent universal order, which already exists and only needs our recognition to bring it into practical use. If, then, the highest work of the greatest minds consists in nothing else than the recognition of an already existing order, there is no getting away from the conclusion that a paramount intelligence must be inherent in the Life-Principle, which manifests itself as this order; and thus we see that there must be a great cosmic intelligence underlying the totality of things.” Thomas Troward The Edinburgh Lectures "The Infinite Mind of THE ALL is the womb of Universes." The Kybalion

3 M From which all things originate and materialize and into which all things return and dematerialize The One Substance M A super-implicate order M Repository of IDEA: * A timeless, eternity of all the individual ideas that constitute the entirety of creation * An infinite diversity of ideas within an undifferentiated continuum

4 M An undifferentiated, non-dimensional, atemporal, primordial state of Aliveness The One Substance M Eternally whole and undifferentiated while creating, supporting and containing the dynamic, seemingly separate universe of time, measure, and form we are coming to know.

5  From human observation: Intelligent Design ã The greater the complexity of the organization of matter, the greater the level of intelligence and consciousness observed both within and without the system. ã Observable events in the universe are elegantly organized and logical.

6 From human consciousness: Intelligent Design ã Human consciousness becomes aware of the universe as an unfolding, intelligent, all-inclusive system. ã The universe demonstrates as a whole system an inherent state of intelligence.

7 While we cannot know the Wholeness of the universe in its entirety, we can know that it is Whole.

8 Therefore, we may know the primary substance of the universe as the undifferentiated, whole, logical, conscious, One substance that we call Mind.

9 ` Autopoietic super- implicate order Mind is ALL Mind : The ecstatic cognitive intensity that suffuses the universe with the Light of Love and Light of Knowing. ` The One Being ` The One Idea of all creation ` Source and Creator ` Undifferentiated Continuum

10 MIND c Mind is, causes, and contains the entire Universe. c Mind is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent. c Mind is balanced and still, and the creations of Mind perpetually seek balance and stillness in their motions.

11 “Consciousness is the realization of some particular sort of relation between the cognizing subject and the cognized object.” Thomas Troward “Most cultures understand the universe as conscious, and this cosmic consciousness, by various names, as the source of creation.” Elisabet Sahtouris

12 The Universe is Conscious.... j Consciousness is the Self-contemplation of Mind in the Eternal Now. j Self-contemplating Mind conceptualizes/images the One Idea into many individuated ideas/patterns. j The sequencing of individuated ideas/patterns constitutes the thinking of Mind. jMateriality arises with, through, and from the thinking of Mind.

13 “Creation is but a materialization of images thought out during the thinking process of Mind in action.” Walter Russell Mind, as the primary substance of the universe, experiences Itself through Its thinking.

14 \“The energy of the universe is the energy of thinking Mind.... Without the force of thinking throughout the tranquil substance of Mind, there would be no appearance of variability whatsoever in the universe of Mind. There would be no form.” Walter Russell “Love is the prime moving power of the Creating Spirit.” Thomas Troward

15 * Mind is uncreated, undifferentiated, and still. *It is the nature of Mind to create. Within this nature (ecstatic cognitive intensity) lies the drive, energy, power, impetus to create motion and materiality from that which is still and nonmaterial — the eternal One Idea. *The process of creation has two primary qualities: generation and degeneration (radiation), integration and disintegration, and materialization and dematerialization. *The alternating preponderance of one quality over the other produces ever-repeating cycles of creation and decreation in all forms. *Mind-creation is an open system of continuous creation —of infinite creativity.

16 The three-faceted model depicts a creative process of “conceptualization-energization-actualization” transforming “ideas into motion into forms.” Paul Von Ward The Noumena-Energeia-Phenomena model provides a three-phase-space context within which to view and understand the symmetry transformations of Mind’s creative process. NOUMENA ENERGEIA PHENOMENA

17 The Noumena-Energeia-Phenomena model describes three aspects or facets of Mind-creation, all of which are in complete correspondence in their processes, i.e., an activity concerning the transformation of an idea into three- dimensional form within any one facet corresponds simultaneously to the activity concerning that transformation within the other two facets.

18 Noumena The realm of consciousness, concepts, and ideas wherein the Mind-actions of self-awareness, conceptioning, and thinking occur. Energeia The realm of patterned, potentiated Mind-substance whose patterning by Mind-thinking engenders the forms and dynamics of the phenomenal universe. The energeial plenum is the implicate order. Phenomena The realm wherein dynamic, dimensioned, resonant wave-events of matter, space and energy appear and interact.


20 “The universe seen from within is Light; seen from without, by spiritual perception, is thought.” Rudolf Steiner NOUMENA Mind functions in the noumenal realm as the excitatory intelligence that thinks the thinking, which patterns the energeial, morphic field, engendering the phenomenal universe. Conceptioning is the light-imaging of individual ideas from the One Whole Idea. Thinking is the division of an individual idea into complementary generative and radiative thought patterns.

21 Mind-thinking is the active emergent process in which binary complements of generative and radiative thought- waves light up and pattern the energeial realm. In that lighting-up and patterning of the energeial realm, thought-waves become light-waves become matter-waves. Lighting-up is the original etymological meaning of the term phenomenon.

22  Generative and Radiative Thought-Wave Patterns Generative thought-wave patterns inwardly direct a potentiation of compression, pressurization, densification, and accumulation toward a system’s center. Radiative thought-wave patterns outwardly direct a potentiation of decompression, depressurization, rarification, and dispersion toward a system’s periphery.

23  The interaction and interchange of the two complementary thought-wave patterns produces a third wave-event that patterns the energeial field, simulating nonmaterial idea as a dynamic, holographic, resonant wave- event of matter-energy-space.  The preponderance of one thought-wave pattern over the other alternates in a rhythmically balanced interchange, producing octave-wave periodicities of tonal wave-events in the formation of matter.

24 Mind-thinking, as ontologically primary in Mind’s creative process, establishes the wave nature and inherent binary complementarity of the phenomenal universe.

25 “From that which has no locus all that is located comes; Yet in being so located it remains that which has no locus” from gSang-snying of the Tibetan rDzogs-chen

26 ENERGEIA The realm of patterned, potentiated Mind-substance whose patterning by Mind-thinking engenders the forms and dynamics of the phenomenal universe. The archetypal potentiation pattern that constitutes Energeia is called the Holomatrix—a cubic matrix for the holographic projection of ideas into materiality that is the structural matrix of the energeial morphic field.

27 Holomatrix: A matrix for the “holo”graphic projection of ideas into materiality. The Holomatrix consists of cube-sphere patterns centered by still points of undifferentiated Mind.

28 The cube-sphere is the archetypal geometric expression of the binary complementarity of thinking.

29 Cube: ã Maximum planar isometric symmetry ã Ordered assembly allows for a voidless matrix ã Maximum symmetry of propagating waves ã Matrix that provides for optimum continuity of resonant wave propagation

30 Sphere: ã Maximum symmetry of curvature ã Infinite numbers of planes of symmetry intersect its center ã Infinite numbers of rotational axes intersect its center

31 The Holomatrix self-propagates within Mind to provide the structure of the energeial plenum. All forms of matter and energy simultaneously exist locally and nonlocally. The Holomatrix provides for local activity (potential gradients, light propagation, mass, charge, curvature, motion, seeming separateness) to occur within a structure of nonlocality (cubic array of centering points of undifferentiated Mind).

32 “CREATION All form is generated from the One source of thinking Mind by a preponderance of the concentrative, contractive pressures of the centripetal force of thinking. DE-CREATION All form is radiated back into the One source of thinking Mind by a preponderance of the decentrative, expansive pressures of the centrifugal force of thinking.” Walter Russell

33 WAVEFIELD & Field wherein the generative and radiative thought/light-wave patterns interact, interweave, and interchange to produce a third, resonant, thought/light wave-event. “In the wave lies the secret of creation.” Walter Russell & A thought-potentiated boundary condition/ dimensionality of Holomatrix wherein thought projections simulate ideas as resonant, thought/light wave-events.

34 & The ideal wavefield is a cube. A cube allows for maximum symmetry and minimum distortion of a propagating wave. 9 Electromagnetic radiation propagates in cubic wavefields thereby providing maximum symmetry and minimum distortion of the propagating wave. WAVEFIELD 9 With the exception of carbon, all forms of matter manifest in non-cubic, polyhedral wavefields.

35 WAVEFIELD 9 Non-cubic wavefields possess an inherent cube quality.

36 WAVEFIELD &A maximum of potentiation surrounds a still point of Mind at the center of each wavefield. &A minimum of potentiation exists at wavefield planar boundaries. & The wavefield’s planar boundaries define the limit of potentiation for the manifestation of an idea.


38 A pulsing, omni-spherical, radiative, thought/light-wave pattern emerges and radially expands from a still point at the center of the wavefield. This radiating wave pattern creates a gradient of decreasing potentiation in the direction of the wavefield’s peripheral boundary planes.

39 A pulsing, generative thought/light wave pattern emerges simultaneously from all wavefield boundary planes and moves toward the center of the wavefield. The generative waves create gradients of increasing potentiation in the direction of the center of the wavefield.

40 The emergence of a thought-wave/light-wave occurs simultaneously as a binary generative-radiative complement in real time and as a binary generative- radiative complement in reverse time. The universe of moving patterns of ideas that thought simulates must sum to zero in the dimension of time as well as the dimensions of potentiation and motion. As show in the next two slides, the opposing qualities of the two simultaneous, generative-radiative thought-wave projections in each time domain impart spiral curvature to all energeial and phenomenal resonant wave-events.

41 Interaction and opposed flow of the generative and radiative thought/light- wave patterns modify both wave patterns and cause spiral curvature of their potential gradients. Notice the spiral wave’s axis originates at the center of the cube and exits on diagonal corners of one face of the cubic wavefield.

42 Russell’s “The Wave Cycle” details another perspective of the wavefield’s activity. The cathode, “A”– generative-compressive, and anode,“B”– radiative-expansive, waves each simultaneously originate from the cube’s center and spiral to opposite corners of one face of the cubic wavefield with each confined to one half of a cubic wavefield. Not shown is the anti-wave, reverse- time, “A” and “B” spiral wave axes that simultaneously originate at the cube’s center and exit on diagonal corners of the opposite face of the cubic wavefield.



45 The previous slides illustrated the dynamics of wave propagation. The idealized models of the next three slides detail a perspective of the wavefield’s activities as the two, complementary, generative- radiative, thought/light-wave patterns interact to produce the third, resonant wave pattern, i.e., the observable wave-event.

46 The modification of the generative wave patterns causes dynamic gradients of increasing potential to spiral centripetally into the wave-event at opposite poles from opposite planes.

47 The modification of the omni-spherical radiative wave pattern causes dynamic gradients of decreasing potential to spiral centrifugally outward from the wave-event along an equatorial, planar disc.

48 The Result: generative and radiative thought/light-wave patterns interact, interweave, and interchange to simulate in a third, resonant wave-event an individual idea of the One Idea.



51 Pulsing generative and radiative thought/light-wave patterns also create dynamic gradients of polarization and potentiation within the wavefield.

52  The physical shape and properties of the wave- event are determined by the parameters of polarization (preponderance of generative or radiative pressures), potentiation (intensity of polarization), and wavefield geometry.


54 PHENOMENA The realm in which dynamic, dimensioned, resonant wave-events of matter, space, and energy appear, interact and disappear

55 “Thinking is the cause of motion and the periodicities, or states of motion, caused by thinking Mind are registered in light which man calls "matter." Matter is light. Nothing is which is not light.” Walter Russell

56 Electromagnetic Radiation The Holomatrix self-generates to provide for the propagation of electromagnetic waves.

57 Electromagnetic radiation propagates along a spiral path determined by a diagonal sequencing of cubic wavefields as previously shown in Russell’s “The Wave Cycle” chart.

58 Electromagnetic radiation propagates in sequences of wave formation from one inertial wavefield center to another. Electromagnetic radiation propagates as discontinuous reproductions from one wavefield to the next.

59 “With truth comes knowledge; and with knowledge power to transmute at will, and simply, plentiful substances of matter into those which are the rarest, to meet the needs of man.” Walter Russell “Mathematical and measurable proof of the existence of but One Mind, One force and One substance would give to man absolute control over matter, ….”

60 MATTER FORMATION S The dynamics of thinking and wavefield geometry apply to all levels of matter formation, i.e., atomic, planetary, solar and galactic. S While the principles of creation apply at all levels of matter formation, physical effects in motion and form vary. S In principle, matter increases in mass or density by the centripetal flow of wave-events of light into itself. Matter decreases in mass or density by the centrifugal flow of wave-events of light from itself.

61 “ Thus matter gyroscopically emerges from space and is “swallowed up” by gyroscopic unwindings into the “space” which borned it, as has been rightly conceived. Space is as much matter as planets are but of an opposite form, potential and purpose.” Walter Russell “Space” is not empty – nor is it an “ether.” The space which surrounds every particle of matter in every wave field is the negative half of the wave field. The solid nucleus is the positive half. Both halves are equal in potential but vastly unequal in volume.

62 SPACE A condition within a wavefield of high volume and low potential, the binary complement of observable mass. Low potential, resonant wave-events are the “space” that compress into the high potential, resonant wave-events of observable matter.


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