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2003 NASA OSMA Software Assurance Symposium SARP Initiative 583 The Use of a Virtual System Simulator & Executable Specifications to Enhance SW Validation,

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1 2003 NASA OSMA Software Assurance Symposium SARP Initiative 583 The Use of a Virtual System Simulator & Executable Specifications to Enhance SW Validation, Verification, and Safety Assurance TRIAKIS Corporation 31 July 2003 An Introductory Briefing By Ted Bennett & Paul Wennberg

2 TRIAKIS Corporation 2 Definitions Executable Specification (ES): Description of the dynamic behavior of a system or system element in an executable language, through the execution of which its behavior may be tested, validated & verified. The ES’ used in this project are bounded with virtual interfaces analogous to the real parts they specify. Detailed Executable (DE): Virtual embedded control system element simulation running the unmodified object software developed for its real-world counterpart. Virtual System Integration Laboratory (VSIL): Virtual environment wherein embedded system element executable specifications and detailed executables may be interconnected and tested for verification & validation purposes.

3 TRIAKIS Corporation 3 These Are the Problems Most embedded SW faults traceable to ambiguities & errors in system rqmts. [1,2,3] Poor comm. of rqmts. changes and poor comm. between teams during development also implicated as a major source of SW faults and significant schedule & budget overruns [1, et al] Conventional fault injection-based testing limited by cost and schedule constraints Present methods of collecting dynamic SW metrics are intrusive - typically requiring instrumentation of operating system or target software itself

4 TRIAKIS Corporation 4 Project Objectives Evaluate viability & benefit of maintaining test consistency between VSIL using ES, & VSIL using DE running executable SW Evaluate metric capabilities of VSIL New types of dynamic metrics, easier capture methods Reliability, accuracy benefit of noninvasive metric capture

5 TRIAKIS Corporation 5 Project Plan 1.Create simplified simulation of Shuttle Robotic Manipulator System (Robotic Arm) 2.VSIL simulation to comprise multiple ES’ and one computerized subsystem developed into DE 3.Write test suite to V&V system design 4.Develop DE and control SW from target ES 5.Rerun all system tests with DE substituted for ES 6.Use VSIL to investigate metric objectives

6 TRIAKIS Corporation 6 ES’ in IcoSim VSIL Hierarchical Highly Bounded Firmly Anchored in Reality Shuttle Computer RMA Control Computer Remote Manipulator Arm RMS Power RMA I/O e.g.: Analogs, Discretes, Ethernet… RMA Control Panel Panel Power Panel I/O e.g.: Analogs, Discretes, Serial Databus… RMA Parts Example

7 TRIAKIS Corporation 7 RMA Control Computer ES Central Maint Computer ES RMA Maintenance Data Remote Manipulator Arm ES Shoulder Upper Arm Signal Converter ES Strain Gauge CMC Output Data RMA Ethernet Data bus Test Sequence Example Upper_Arm_Strain_Gauge_1-> OpenFault(); Delay(0.15); // delay 150 ms Maint_Computer-> GetStatus(status_data, UA_SG_1); Verify("UA SG 1 Fault Detected", status_data->fault, FAIL_OPEN); ES/DE Test Consistency Substitute DE for ES Run same test sequences When DE SW passes tests, it correctly implements functionality verified in ES DE MPC555 Ethernet Controller RAM ROM RMA Maintenance Data RMA Ethernet Data bus RMA Control Computer Unmodified Object SW Direct Substitution

8 TRIAKIS Corporation 8 Simulator Abstraction Charts Simulink, MATLAB, Easy 5 Triakis IcoSim VHDL/Spice Simulation Abstraction Level Fidelity EDA Simulation Tools Simulator Tool Comparisons Abstraction Level Weather, Threats, Airplane, Landing Gear, Engines Sensors, Drivers, Actuators, Pumps, A/D and D/A Converters, Serial Interface Devices Ports, Counters, Timers, Interrupt Controllers CPU Fidelity Typical IcoSim Avionics VSIL

9 TRIAKIS Corporation 9 IcoSim Part Characteristics Highly modular Bounded Hierarchical Recursive Abstract or Detailed Simple or Complex Definable intrinsic failure modes PART ES/DE ES DE ES ES/DE DE ES ES/DE DE Hierarchical yes, modular yes… but definitely not a Venn diagram!

10 TRIAKIS Corporation 10 Potential Contributions Reduce interpretation induced SW faults due to ambiguities in system requirements Improve ability for dynamic, noninvasive test of system & SW response to failure conditions Known behavioral characteristics & failure modes of real part are intrinsic to virtual part and manifested under test control

11 TRIAKIS Corporation 11 Potential Contributions (Cont’d) Reduce SW faults caused by breakdown in communication of system Rqmts changes Systems Engineering & VSIL Development Team SW Development Team 1  SW Development Team n Integration/Test Team Project Network File Server System design, ES, and DE changes verified in VSIL by Systems Engineering & VSIL Development team Updates to VSIL and all tests maintained under configuration control and distributed as they occur to all team members

12 TRIAKIS Corporation 12 Potential Contributions (Cont’d) New capacity for empirical SW V&V in cases where analysis was only viable means Realistic fault injection & failure mode testing Complex digital signal processor designs Complete VSIL also provides useful tool for: Post deployment command testing Post deployment SW change testing Anomaly/mishap analysis & problem solving

13 TRIAKIS Corporation 13 Potential Contributions (Cont’d) Reduce project development costs & time by doing bulk of integration testing in VSIL during SW development phase System, SW Dev & TestIntegration TestingConventional Methods System & VSIL Dev, SW Dev & Test in VSIL Env.Integ. tst IcoSim © VSIL Project Effort Emphasis Comparison: Conventional Methods vs. IcoSim © VSIL

14 TRIAKIS Corporation 14 Project Status Project started in April ES-based simulator operational System-level tests in development Create DE and write control SW Verify control SW passes system tests Collect dynamic metrics Next Steps

15 TRIAKIS Corporation 15 Questions? Please stop by Friday for a demo

16 TRIAKIS Corporation 16 References [1][1]Lutz, Robyn R. 1994. Analyzing Software Errors in Safety- Critical, Embedded Systems. Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA. [2][2]Ellis, A. 1995. Achieving Safety in Complex Control Systems. Proceedings of the Safety-Critical Systems Symposium. pp. 2- 14. Brighton, England. Springr-Verlag. ISBN 3-540-19922-5 [3][3]Leveson N. G. 1995. Safeware - System, Safety and Computers. Addison Wesley 1995. ISBN 0-201-11972-2

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