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Street Smart Spec Stoppers “aka”- how to make the competition add dollars to their bid to increase your sales closure percentages and profit margins.

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1 Street Smart Spec Stoppers “aka”- how to make the competition add dollars to their bid to increase your sales closure percentages and profit margins

2 “Decoder” (SS) = Specification Stopper where you truly can box out the competition (HC) = “Hill Climber” wherein you make the competition climb a “price hill” or “price mountain” to bid the job to your specifications

3 QUALITY CONTROL SYSTEM (SS) “Quality control system shall automatically perform via computer: triple leak check, pressure tests, evacuate and accurately charge system, perform detailed heating and cooling mode tests, and quality cross check all operational and test conditions to pass/fail data base. Detailed report card* will ship with each unit displaying all test performance data.” (Applicable GR,GS,TS,TT)

4 3 ACCESS PANELS (SS-Trane) All units (horizontal and vertical) must have a minimum of three access panels for serviceability of compressor compartment. Units having only one access panel to compressor/heat exchangers/expansion device/refrigerant piping shall not be acceptable. (see Trane unit plan view)

5 Mold/ fungal growth resistance (HC/SS) Standard cabinet panel insulation must meet NFPA 90A requirements, air erosion and mold growth limits of UL-181, stringent fungal resistance test per ASTM-C1071 and ASTM G21, and shall meet zero level bacteria growth per ASTM G22. Unit insulation must meet these stringent requirements or unit(s) will not be accepted.

6 Powder Coat Paint (SS-Trane+) Vertical heat pumps shall be fabricated from heavy gauge G90 galvanized steel with powder coat paint finish. The color will be Polar Ice. Both sides of the steel shall be painted for added protection.

7 Fact. Inst. Motorized Valve (SS-Trane GE) Option: The unit will be supplied with internally factory mounted two-way water valve for variable speed pumping requirements. (GR, GS, etc) Note in Atlanta due to wiring cost of ATC for field mounted valve; “market price”=$130 ave MC + ATC cost; our list $183

8 Fact. Installed Unit secondary pump (SS) Option: The unit will be supplied with internally mounted secondary pump for primary/secondary applications, specifically one-pipe systems. (GR,GS,TS,TT,VHS,CCE)

9 Optional E coated coils (HC/SS) Option: The refrigerant to air heat exchanger shall be “electro-coated” with a low cure cathodic epoxy material a minimum of 0.4 mils thick (0.4 – 1.5 mils range) on all surfaces. The black colored coating shall provide a minimum of 1000 hours salt spray protection per ASTM B117-97 on all galvanized end plates and copper tubing, and a minimum of 2000 hours of salt spray on all aluminum fins. The material shall be formulated without the inclusion of any heavy metals and shall exhibit a pencil hardness of 2H (ASTM D3363-92A), crosshatch adhesion of 4B-5B (ASTM D3359-95), and impact resistance of 160 in/lbs direct (ASTM D2794-93).

10 “Torsion flex fan motor mounting”(HC/SS) The fan motor on small and medium size units (006-042) shall be isolated from the fan housing by a torsionally flexible motor mounting system with rubber type grommets to inhibit vibration induced high noise levels associated with “hard wire belly band” motor mounting. (see motor mtg pictures)

11 G90 Galvanized Steel (SS-McQuay) The heat pumps shall be fabricated from heavy gauge G90 galvanized steel

12 Factory Installed Condensate Traps (HC) Vertical units shall be furnished with a PVC slip condensate drain connection and an internal factory installed condensate trap. If units without an internal trap are used, the contractor is responsible for any extra costs to field install these provisions, and/or the extra costs for his sub- contractor to install these provisions.

13 Stainless Steel Drain Pans (SS-Trane) Optional Stainless Steel Drain Pan (Watch out-this is std with FHP)

14 Microprocessor Unit Controller (HC/SS) Units shall have a solid-state control system. Units utilizing electro-mechanical control shall not be acceptable. The control system microprocessor board shall be specifically designed to protect against building electrical system noise contamination, EMI, and RFI interference.

15 Provide minimum of 7 safeties (HC/SS) NOTE: Units not providing the 7 safety protections of anti-short cycle, low voltage, high voltage, high refrigerant pressure, low pressure (loss of charge), low water temperature, and condensate overflow protections will not be accepted.

16 Constant Lower Humidity option (SS/HC) This control system coupled with a multi-stage thermostat will better dehumidify room air by automatically running the heat pump’s fan at lower speed on the first stage of cooling thereby implementing low sensible heat ratio cooling. On the need for higher cooling performance the system will activate the second stage of cooling and automatically switch the fan to the higher fan speed setting. This system may be further enhanced with a humidistat. Units not having automatic low sensible heat ratio cooling will not be accepted; as an alternate a hot gas reheat coil may be provided with control system for automatic activation.

17 100% Dehumidifier option (SS) Option : Unit shall include ClimaDry reheat option. Only modulating reheat that will adjust capacity based upon supply air temperature to provide “neutral” 72 ° constant air temperature will be accepted. 72º supply air temperature shall be provided regardless of entering loop water temperatures or refrigerant condensing pressures. Control of reheat must be accomplished via a humidistat or dehumidistat contact closure. Refrigerant circuit must be ARI certified. Refrigerant circuits that are not ARI certified when the reheat option is applied will not be accepted.

18 Climadry additional notes Applicable units: GCV, GSV, GSH, TSV, TSD TSH, TTV, TSD TTH, GLV To appease “competitive bidding”; write that “if modulating reheat not provided, others may furnish hot gas reheat and supplemental downstream field mounted heater with temperature controller to provide 72 degree constant LAT at all unit loop EWT’s; contractor responsible for all installed additional costs.”

19 Remote Service Sentinel (SS) Remote Service Sentinel (CXM/DXM): Solid state control system shall communicate with thermostat to display (at the thermostat) the unit status, fault status, and specific fault condition, as well as retrieve previously stored fault that caused unit shutdown. The Remote Service Sentinel allows building maintenance personnel or service personnel to diagnose unit from the wall thermostat.

20 Remote Service Sentinel- add’l notes NO ONE ELSE CAN DO THIS!!!!! (They typically only make a light glow like “Rudolph’s Red Nose”). No details!

21 Lonwork/MPC information controllers Communicates 7-8 itemized safety shutdown faults to ATC “front end”. Comes std with leaving water and air temperature sensors factory installed. Only Trane ZN-510/524 + Trane building controls can do this also. Typically lower bid day price for CM + ATC vrs Trane if you coordinate with ATC weeks in advance via “sales discussion”.

22 Note- there are numerous other differential advantages in the “Street Smart and Street Tough Specifications” See the bold or italicized wording in specific model specifications

23 Examples: Consoles have 3/8” rounded corners TS/TT units ave. 2.0 EER higher than anyone Supply air noise baffles on VHS units Etc.

24 Some “Differential” Product Specials

25 “High KW” Electric Heat for GCV (SS) Factory Furnished and installed Single point power connection Ave. leaving air temperature 92° vrs Trane at 80°!!!!! (see chart) This application for boilerless electric heat; heating provided is electric only-no compressor operation. Typically applicable to NC latitude and south

26 “Single Pipe” for VHS No one else does this!!

27 Pressure Differential Flow Switches Factory installed 150 or 500 psi dwp differential pressure flow switches will not allow unit to start if no flow exists (perhaps pump failure), or will shutdown unit when loss of flow occurs. Note once flow re-established, unit will automatically restart! Great for condo’s wherein owners not full time occupants, and humidity can build up if long- term unit shutdown occurs.

28 Remember that your “salesmanship” in implementing key specification wording and combining key products for best packaging- Increases your closure ratio- and ours Increases your job margins- and ours

29 Good luck and smart selling!

30 Thank you!

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