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Special Education Services for Private School Students with Disabilities Consultation Meeting For the 2009-2010 School Year Carroll County Public Schools.

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1 Special Education Services for Private School Students with Disabilities Consultation Meeting For the 2009-2010 School Year Carroll County Public Schools Office of Special Education April 21, 2009

2 Outcomes Discuss service requirements to students in Parentally Placed Private Schools Share services currently provided and receive input for future consideration Share proportionate share expenditures Share staff development opportunities Answer questions

3 DEFINITIONS Private School: The term “private school” shall be defined as it is described in Section 612(a)(10)(A)(ii)(I) of IDEA 2004. Specifically, this refers to privately operated elementary and secondary schools (K-12) only. Please note that we do not interpret this term to include those private facilities which do not provide an elementary or secondary school curriculum (i.e., those facilities that do not offer instruction leading to the grant of a state-recognized elementary or secondary school diploma). Child Find: The term “Child Find” is given the definition provided in Section 612(a)(3) of IDEA 2004. Child Find, as set forth in IDEA 2004, is directed to those activities to ensure that children, including ages 3-5, with disabilities “are identified, located, and evaluated, and a practical method is developed and implemented to determine which children with disabilities are currently receiving needed special education and related services.” District of Residence: The district wherein the parentally-placed private school child with a disability resides (with residency being determined in accordance with Maryland law). Serving District: The district wherein the private elementary or secondary school is located and where the child at issue attends.

4 Child Find Locating students E-school-newsletters Channel 21 School Calendar Public Announcements 410-751-3033 (3-21) 410-876-4437 (0-3)

5 Assessment Assess in all areas of suspected disability Reevaluations required Parents right to request an Independent Education Evaluation (IEE)

6 Determining Eligibility Parents are members of the team 10-Day Advance Invitation to all IEP meetings (unless waived) Private School Staff invited to share their perspective and student performance (in person/documents/phone)

7 SERVICE PLAN (equitable services) Parents and School Staff Amount and Type of Service Location of Service Collaboration with the Private School

8 PPPP School Consultative Services Ms. Kathy Kaufman PPPP Consulting Special Educator

9 Types of Consultation Special Education Consulting Teacher for the PPPP students – coordinates services Consultative services provided by: –Special Education Teacher –Assistive Technology Teacher –Teacher of the Visually Impaired –Teacher of the Hearing Impaired –Speech and Language Pathologist –OT and PT staff

10 Services Consultative vs. Direct –Are decided on a case-by-case basis Severity of the disability Data Expert recommendations –Determined during an IEP meeting no predetermination

11 Consultation with Schools Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annually, or as needed Progress of student Concerns Training opportunities Meeting with Teachers Meeting with Parents Observations of students

12 Consultation with Teachers Services offered but not limited to: Provide strategies Modifications Accommodations Training on different disabilities Data collection Behavior plans Methodologies Assistive Tech training – software and hardware Materials (i.e. low vision and hearing) Parent trainings

13 Consultation with Parents Explanation of IEP team decisions Training about the disability Strategies Accommodations Modifications Continuation of support at home

14 Training Asperger’s Autism Executive Functioning Behavioral Specific syndromes/disabilities Data Collection Strategies Resources Multiple evening trainings –Around the World of Special Ed.

15 Service Logs All services (Consultative and Direct) are documented –Special Education –Speech –Hearing –Vision –Assistive Technology –Behavioral

16 Example of a Service Log Carroll County Public Schools IEP Services Log for Dates from 10/01/2008 to 10/31/2008 Student: SpongeBob Squarepants Nature of Service: Consult Services – Special Education Provider: M. Kathleen Kaufman, M.Ed. Service Provider Position: Special Education Consulting Teacher Service Provider Signature: M. Kathleen Kaufman Service Date Total Time Service Description and DataProvider Initials 10/1515Check progress – difficulty focusing  School reports no concerns at this time  Met with teacher provided some strategies to use in the classroom KK

17 Questions

18 Equitable Participation In light of the language contained in Sec. 612(a)(10)(A)(iii)(III and IV) of IDEA 2004, local school districts will not be expected to provide the full range of services a private-school student might require if the student attended a public school within the district. Should parents wish to access a greater level of support for their children than is offered through the process of equitable participation in the private school, parents may choose to enroll their children in their public school within their county of residence in order to access the full-range of services to which the students may be entitled (i.e., free appropriate public education (FAPE).

19 Related Services Supplementary Materials & Services Type of Disability & Severity will help determine services provided Services may be delivered by a number of providers Location can vary American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds are being allocated for speech and language services

20 Summary We desire to consider services for all students in Carroll County who qualify under IDEA and COMAR The child’s home school service delivery is first option Public School Environment is location of Service by Public School Staff Mutually agreed upon location acceptable

21 Questions Total expenditure equal to Federal Share per Student (Proportionate Share) Once that amount is spent no services are required Staff Development options

22 IDEA Allocation In Maryland, the allocation calculations for IDEA Pass-Through are determined from the following data elements: –(a) base year, –(b) total public and non-public (parentally placed) enrollment The non-public enrollment component of the IDEA Allocation for private schools is, at present, reported to MSDE based on our Annual Child Count, derived from Child Find, enrollment and screening information. Private schools are highly encouraged to submit information to the Carroll County Public Schools for inclusion of their student enrollment in the allocation calculations. –For information regarding non-public school registration, please contact the office of Special Education 410-751-3033.

23 $36,310 less than 2007 $1288/st 90 students 38 less than 2007

24 $12,367 less than 2008 $103633 ($1311/st) 79 students 11 less than 2008

25 $6512.65 more than SFY 2009 79 students same as 2009

26 Current Expenditures of Proportionate Share Funds for SFY 2009 Minimum Expenditure Actual Expenditure $$ Over Minimum 2008-09 Part B 3-5 $4,899.70 $563,090.00$558,190.30 Part B 3-21 $98,734.65$61,176.76 TOTAL $103,634.35 $624,266.76 $520,632.41 The above amounts do not include CCPS’s cost for mileage, professional development or equipment/materials on loan to the private schools.

27 EQUITABLE SERVICES AND PUBLIC CONTROL OF FUNDS Special education and related services that are provided by the local school district to parentally-placed private school children shall be free from religious opinions or views. All services and materials remain under the control of the local school district, even when provided in private school.

28 What we are doing? 2008-09 64+ direct service hours to the schools Professional development –4 came to us –3 in school –3 parent trainings Assistive Technology consults School visits Equipment/materials Speech and language consult (several students) Few various other services

29 What’s Working? What wasn’t working and now is in place?

30 Carroll County Public Schools Office of Special Education 125 N. Court St. Westminster, MD 21157 410-751-3033

31 COMPLIANCE Private school officials may file a signed, written complaint with the Maryland State Board of Education, Special Education Services, 200 West Baltimore Street, Baltimore, MD 21201. The complainant must allege that either the consultation was not meaningful or timely or their views were not given due consideration. The complainant should provide supporting information. The complaint may not be used to challenge the decision-making of the districts so long as the decision-making of the district has been subject to the process of timely and meaningful consultation. The Maryland State Board of Education may investigate and issue a decision in accordance with required timelines. If the complaining party is not satisfied with MSDE’s decision, then the complainant may forward the complaint to the Secretary of Education, United States Department of Education, 400 Maryland Avenue SW, Washington, D.C. 20202.

32 Proportionate Share expenditures 2008- 2009 Affirmation of consultation with the school system Consultative service input sheet Handouts

33 Special Education Services for Parentally Placed Private/Parochial Students In order to support special education students within PPPP settings, please identify which of the following your school would find most beneficial for consult services: Personal school visits for consultation with staff Monthly Quarterly Semester Periodic scheduled phone consultation Attend CCPS Special Education Inservice(s) School based professional development (Title II funds could be used to support this) Other suggestions: School Name Contact Person, Position Phone # Email April 21, 2009

34 WRITTEN AFFIRMATION OF CONSULTATION WITH PRIVATE/PAROCHIAL PROVIDERS I hereby affirm that I was invited to the private/parochial school providers consultation meeting sponsored by Carroll County Public Schools and held on 4/21/09 at The Carroll County Health Dept., Westminster, MD 21157, in accordance with the requirements of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act. During the course of the consultation, the following issues were discussed with me: 1.the child find process and how parentally placed private school children suspected of having a disability can participate equitably, including how parents, teachers and private school officials will be informed of the process; 2.the determination of the proportionate amount of Federal funds available to serve parentally placed private school children with disabilities under this paragraph, including the determination of how the amount was calculated; 3.the consultation process among the local educational agency, private school officials, and representatives of parents of parentally placed private school children with disabilities, including how such process will operate throughout the school year to ensure that parentally placed private school children with disabilities identified through the child find process can meaningfully participate in special education and related services;, where, and by whom special education and related services will be provided for parentally placed private school children with disabilities, including a discussion of types of services, including direct services and alternate service delivery mechanisms, how such services will be apportioned if funds are insufficient to serve all children, and how and when these decisions will be made; and, if the local educational agency disagrees with the views of the private school officials on the provision of services or the types of services, whether provided directly or through a contract, the local educational agency shall provide to the private school officials a written explanation of the reasons why the local educational agency chose not to provide services directly or through a contract. I was provided the opportunity to express my views and to ask questions of the school district pertaining to the aforementioned issues. I was further informed that if I believe that the consultation was not meaningful, or that my views and those of others were not given due consideration by the school district, I could file a complaint with the Maryland State Board of Education, Department of Special Education. I understand that my complaint must identify the area(s) in which I believe the school district did not comply with the consultation process. ________________________________________________________________ PRINTED NAMESIGNATURE ________________________________________________________________ PRIVATE SCHOOLAFFILIATION WITH SCHOOL ____________________________ DATE I participated in the consultation meeting I did not participate in the consultation meeting. I understand I may contact the Office of Special Education

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