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Diaphragm Wall Construction

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1 Diaphragm Wall Construction
Report for Diaphragm Wall Construction with BC 40 Jobsite Berlin Lot 1.4 May 1997 prepared by Erwin Stötzer 1

2 Cutter BC 40 2

3 Cutter Details 3 2 1 4 1 guide frame 2 mud pump
3 guide flaps cutter wheels 3

4 Diaphragm Wall Panel Distribution
1 4 3 2 5 single primary panel multiple primary panel sequence of cutting: bite 1, bite 2, bite 3 secondary panel primary single bite primary three bites primary five bites corner detail T - panel 4

5 Guide wall Construction
Stirrup dia 12 mm longitudinal bars 12 mm 1200mm 700 mm d + 20 mm 200 mm 5

6 Preexcavation of the Trench
The trench should be excavated at least 3.5m below top of the guidewall to allow the centrifugal pump of the cutter to start pumping the slurry out of the trench 3.5m Hydraulic excavator 6

7 Desanding system coarse screen fine screen and cyclon fine screen
remote controll for mud pump centrifugal mud pump desander BE 500 trench with cutter BC 40 desander 500 cbm/h 6” pipes tank centrifugal mud pump 7

8 Pipe Works for Cutter Operation
Quickcoupling dia 6 “ Return line for concreting 4” charge line during cutting 6” discharge line for cutting 6” Charge line during cutting transport of pipes 8

9 Design of Primary and Secondary elements
primary element secondary element cutting joint temporary spacer for correct position of the reinforcement cage . to be extracted after concreting the primary element 9

10 Installation of the Reinforcement cage

11 Reinforcement Cage recesses for anchors lifting beam to unload
from the trailer Lifting frame marked lifting points lifting hooks 11

12 Concreting Primary Element
hosepump HP 50 30 cbm/h concreting with 3 truck mixer top endplate to avoid conrete flow into se- condary element .To be withdrawn after concreting to desander H-beam to ensure correct postion of the reinforcement during concreting, to be withdrawn after concreting hose pump HP50 guide wall 12

13 concreting primary trench
step 1. installation of H-beam left and right step 2: installatian cage left and H-beam middle step3: installation cage right step 4: remove H-beam middle step 5: installation tremie pipe middle step6: installation tremie left and rigth preperation trench before concreting 3.5 m²/ tremie pipe 13

14 Preperation Primary Element before Concreting
1 2 3 5 4 1 cover for trench during concreting 2 temporary spacer for reinforcement 3 fork for tremmie funnel 4 reinforcement hanging at the guide wall 5 3 nos tremmie funnels for primary 14

15 Tremie System for Concreting
hopper for tremie system ball to seperate concrete from slurry during concreting hopper tremie pipe withconnector 15

16 Tremie System for Concreting
tremie pipe rack hopper liquid soap for connector grease connectors connector 16

17 Quality Control Bentonite
filling marsh funnel with bentonite check time to empty the funnel required time 45 to 50 sec 17

18 Quality Control Bentonite
measurement the viscosity of the bentonite by the ball harpe method 18

19 Quality Control Bentonite
measurement of the sand content 19

20 Quality Control Bentonite
settling analysis of the bentonite 20

21 Quality Control Bentonite
measurement the specific gravity of the bentonite 21

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