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Authors:Eliseyev Roman Yarygin Maxim, 10V form Halloween Project Halloween Bondary secondary school 2012.

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1 Authors:Eliseyev Roman Yarygin Maxim, 10V form Halloween Project Halloween Bondary secondary school 2012

2 Annotation Halloween is the unofficial holiday celebrated before the Day of All Saints. Its roots go back to the Celtic pagan culture and it is celebrated on October 31st, when the warm summer is replaced by cold winter time (the Celts divided the year into two parts - winter and summer). That same day, according to the legend evil spirits went to the ground. To scare off evil spirits, people were dressed in animal skins, carved scary faces on vegetables and candles were placed inside.

3 Aim: To give the information about Halloween Tasks: 1. Find formation in different sources. 2. Choose interesting facts. 3. Make a presentation and tell about this holiday.

4 Hypothesis If people did not believe in evil spirits there would not be such a holiday.

5 History Historian Nicholas Rogers, who has studied the origins of Halloween, noted that despite the attempts to link its origin to the ancient Roman holiday Parentaly, a prototype of a Halloween probably originated only with the advent of the pagan Celtic festival of Samhain, the description of which appears in the Old- Irish literature from the X century. The name of the holiday comes from the word staroirlandskogo Samhain, meaning "summer's end" and later became the Irish name of the month of November.

6 Symbols of Halloween Most characters have a long history of the holiday. For example, the tradition of pumpkin-lighting went from Celtic to create custom lights, to find a way to help the souls in purgatory. In Scotland, as a symbol of Halloween performed rap, but in North America, it quickly replaced the pumpkin, as a cheaper and affordable vegetables. First create pumpkin- lighting in America was recorded in 1837, the ritual, held at harvest time, had nothing to do with Halloween until the second half of the XIX century.

7 Music It is also often associated with the holiday group Midnight Syndicate, works which, according to some, has become synonymous with this holiday. Creative team actually defined the basic features of the "Halloween music" defined its standards and influence other similar proekty.11 September 2009 AOL Radio published the rating of "10 best albums in the genre of" Halloween "»; Midnight Syndicate took it three places at once - third, fourth and eighth. In 2010, the band released a separate set of Halloween Music Collection.

8 Traditional food Halloween food for children is about more than the sweets they pick up while trick-or-treating. Many parents host Halloween parties during this time of year, and the food can add to the overall holiday appeal of the party. The key is to keep it spooky without going overboard. Keep in mind the fear factor should be well below the planning involved for an adult Halloween party. Get the children to have fun, not need therapy afterwards.

9 Trick-or-treat The tradition of dressing up in costumes and go from house to house begging for candy, first appeared in the Middle Ages and was originally associated with Christmas. In England and Ireland, the poor of old went home and begged for so-called "spiritual cakes" All Saints' Day (November 1), promising in return to pray for the souls of the dead relatives of the owners. Although this practice is traditionally British, the researchers also found a mention of it in the south of Italy.

10 Costumes Halloween costumes are costumes worn on or around Halloween. The Halloween costume has a relatively short history. Wearing costumes has long been associated with other holidays around the time of Halloween, even Christmas. Early Halloween costumes were aimed at children in particular, but after the mid-20th century, as Halloween increasingly came to be celebrated by adults, the Halloween costume was worn by adults as much as children.

11 Conclusion Our hypothesis is right. In the USA people believe in evil spirits, so the holiday is a worldwide.

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