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Transitions & Justifiers

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1 Transitions & Justifiers
Using transitional words and phrases will help your essay flow and add to the overall organization of your piece. Logical & Effective Write On!

2 What are transitions and how are they used?
Transition words and phrases help make clear connections between ideas and see that sentences and paragraphs flow together smoothly, making them easier to read. Can begin a sentence or join 2 sentences with a semi-colon (;) Are followed by a comma (,)

3 Transition words: Provide more information Provide an example
Provide a cause or reason Provide a result or an effect Provide a purpose or reason Provide a comparison or contrast Provide a sequence Provide a summary Provide a conclusion

4 Transition words that provide more information
Besides, Furthermore, In addition, Indeed, In fact, Moreover, Second, Third,

5 Transition words that provide an example
For example, For instance, In particular, Particularly, Specifically, To demonstrate, To illustrate,

6 Transition words that provide a cause or reason
Because Because of Due to For For the reason that Since

7 Transition words that provide a result or an effect
Accordingly, Finally, Consequently, Hence, So, Therefore, Thus,

8 Transition words that provide a purpose or reason
For fear that In the hope that In order to So, So that With this in mind,

9 Transition words that provide a comparison or contrast
Although However, In comparison, In contrast, Likewise, Nevertheless, On the other hand, Similarly, Whereas, Yet,

10 Transition words that provide a sequence
After Before Currently During Eventually Finally Formerly Immediately Subsequently Initially Lastly Later Meanwhile Next Previously Simultaneously Soon

11 Transition words that provide a summary
Briefly, In brief, Overall, Summing up, To put it briefly, To sum up, To summarize,

12 Transition words that provide a conclusion
Given these facts, Hence, In conclusion, So, Thus, To conclude, Therefore,

13 Justifier Sentences Conclude body paragraphs Re-state the main idea
In persuasive essays they should continue to convince the reader of your point Begin sentence with a “justifier” transition Write On!

14 Certainly, Clearly, Essentially, Of course, To emphasize, Thus,
“Can’t Miss” Justifier Transitions Justifier transitions are used as the first word in the last sentence in your body paragraphs. They “justify” your point. Examples: Certainly, Essentially, To emphasize, As one can see, In reality, Clearly, Of course, Thus, Obviously, Indeed, Write On!

15 How do I make my main idea and justifier sentence work together?
The justifier sentence should re-state the main focus (main idea) of the body paragraph. Use different words than the main idea of the paragraph. If it is a persuasive essay, make the statement persuasive. Write On!

16 Example Body Paragraph
Main Idea However, being in 8th grade is not all about socialization. Nope. We are actually more academically focused in 8th grade than ever before. Preparing for high school and college really begins now. Eighth grade is the year to “get it together”. Honestly, how often have you heard that from your parents and teachers? Schoolwork is more challenging with projects, papers, and tests in all subjects; we really need to focus on our grades. Furthermore, we are finally developing strict study skills that really work. Obviously, academics are on the top of the list for eighth graders. Transitional words Justifier sentence Justifier transition

17 Example Body Paragraph
It is important to note that most students are not stressed out by school during the summer. Time Magazine once released a poll that said eighty five percent of students get paranoid by school. Whether it is homework or an essential project, students always have something to freak out about. During the summer, though, there is no homework or projects; therefore, I just relax and sleep in. With nothing to be neurotic about, the summer allows me to have time to unwind after a hectic school year. Obviously, summer is a great way to build up mental stability for the next school year. Main Idea Transitional Phrase Justifier sentence Transition word Justifier transition

18 Example Body Paragraph
Teens do not waste too much time watching television because teens socialize. For example, my friends and I love watching television. We watch our favorite series after school, but we don’t cross the line by watching too much TV. In fact, most of the time we’re outside, at the movies, or grabbing a burger. If we watched TV that much we would have zilch time for hanging out. The number one thing on a teen’s mind is their friends, and how they can spend time together. Obviously, teens want to have fun, not spend their time watching useless shows. Main Idea Justifier transition Justifier sentence

19 Example Body Paragraph
Transitional Phrase Main Idea One of the advantages of winter is that during the last months of the year, the weather is temperate. Like my mom always says, “Winter holds the best time of year, not the summer months!” Those few months of September through December are between summer and winter, so at that time the weather is temperate. Fortunately, it allows me to “hang out” with my friends outside in the cool weather. One can go outside without taking a shirt off and without having to wear a sweater. Clearly, the end of the year weather is ideal. Justifier sentence Justifier transition

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