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A little math humor Tammie Race Math Instructor Ethel Hoppock Middle School.

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2 A little math humor

3 Tammie Race Math Instructor Ethel Hoppock Middle School

4 Meet Mrs. Race BS in Mathematics and NJ teacher certification (7-12 and K – 6): Moravian College and various others 7th Year at Hoppock Math 5-8, Algebra 8, Science 5 Married with three children: Cassie (Penn State Freshman), Abbie(9 th grade), Alex (seventh grade) Live in PA

5 Meet Mrs. Hughes and Mrs. Wall Support teacher Aid Both provide additional help for all students in need

6 Math Placement Rubric 6 th grade ASK scores (confirmed with 7 th grade scores) Algebra Placement Test Last year’s math teacher’s evaluation Last year’s 2 nd and 3 rd marking period math grades

7 Mathematics in Eighth Grade Two algebra classes both of equal ability Two heterogeneous grouped 8 th grade math classes Movement of students into or out of algebra program will be investigated at about midterm of the first marking period

8 Course Goal To understand and apply the concepts of 8 th grade math including data analysis, algebra, geometry, in conjunction with developing a strong number sense and making it relevant to the real world To begin North Hunterdon taking CP Algebra 1 To enjoy the subject!

9 More Humor!

10 North’s 9 th Grade Math Courses College Prep Algebra 1 Algebra 1 Foundations Placement Tools 7 th Grade ASK Score Orleans Hanna Algebra Prognosis Test (administered in January) 8 th Grade Teacher Recommendation

11 Curriculum New Jersey State Standards are met via the Pearson Series, supplemental materials, and Study Island 52% of last year’s 6 th grade, 34% of last year’s 7 th grade, and 71% of last year’s eighth grade scored in ADVANCED PROFICIENT on the math section of the NJ ASK test.

12 On Line Program Components Study Island Independent lessons and benchmark testing My Web Page Pearson On-Line Programs Textbook, Extra help, Instructional videos, worksheets, and games

13 Grading Tests 50% Additional points are earned for corrections Quizzes 30% Alternate Assessments 10% Study Island, Mathematical Reflections, etc. Homework 10% Although only literally contributes 10% toward the marking period grade, homework effort has a huge impact not only on the grade, but on understanding and performance

14 Student Responsibilities Seek help immediately!! Complete ALL homework Be a Responsible Learner Complete Study Island on a weekly basis or as assigned

15 Contact Information Email: Phone: 908-479-6336, ext. 2720 Website:, then teacher pages

16 If anyone would be interested in coming into the classroom to share how you use math in your job, especially algebra and/or geometry, I welcome you and appreciate it!

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