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Parent Meeting February 7, 2012. Amber Foth, School Counselor Phone: 440.352.3345 x4307 Fax: 440.352.1278

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1 Parent Meeting February 7, 2012

2 Amber Foth, School Counselor Phone: 440.352.3345 x4307 Fax: 440.352.1278 Email: I will be your student’s school counselor for eighth and ninth grades.

3  Future Planning  The Scheduling Process  Expectations  Resources

4  Focus on building lifelong learning skills/habits This cannot be stressed enough! It is crucial to form good habits now. Time management, study skills, note taking skills, organization, and even stress management. Not only will these skills be helpful in eighth grade, but they are critical for success in the future.  Keep your options open It’s unrealistic to ask eighth grade students to plan every detail of their post-secondary life. Some realistic questions to ask at this stage are: Is the student going to college?  If the answer is “I don’t know,” it’s best to proceed as if s/he is.

5 Students will received scheduling forms at school this week. They should’ve come home! Students should:  Highlight/circle the appropriate core courses  Rank their elective choices (1 st, 2 nd & 3 rd choice)  Return the completed form to their social studies teacher no later than Thursday, February 14 th.

6 Differences between English 8 & English 8 Honors English 8English 8 Honors Read materials in classRead materials outside of class Required texts are at an eighth grade reading level Required texts are above grade level (ninth or tenth grade) No summer reading at this timeSummer reading with assignments Writing geared towards OAA proficiency (short answer & extended response) OAA practice writing plus more writing geared towards success in future English honors courses

7  Math 8: Pre-Algebra and Algebraic concepts. Prepares the student for Algebra 1 College Prep in 9th grade. New concepts are introduced daily and homework is assigned each night.  Algebra 8 Honors: Students enrolled in this course are skipping Math 8 and taking their first high school course for credit. Students learn similar concepts to Algebra 1 College Prep (typical 9th grade course) only more in-depth. There are significantly more word problems in this class.  There may be a summer testing requirement involved prior to taking this course.

8 Science 8: Explore space, plate tectonics and theories related to Earth changes. Science 8 Honors: Students pursue a deeper understanding of the science content. Students will be expected to read and comprehend concepts discussed in scientific articles, apply a variety of mathematical skills to solve scientific problems, write detailed explanations of natural phenomena, evaluate and synthesize scientific rationales and work collaboratively with peers. For additional information about Science 8 and Science 8 Honors, please view Mr. Keller’s website at:

9 Enrolling in Science 8 Honors? Using this year’s semester 1 averages, please check the boxes that apply to your student. Science____ Non-Honors (94% or above) ____ Honors (unfortunately no longer exists) Math____ Non-Honors (80% or above) ____ Honors (70% or above) Language Arts____ Non-Honors (80% or above) ____ Honors (70% or above)

10 Students who are successful in U.S. History 8 Honors possess the following qualities:  Like to be challenged  Have great reading and comprehension skills  Excel at working independently  Can complete homework on a nightly basis  Enjoy being creative  Are interested in learning more than the basic information in the history book

11 Students in U.S. History 8 Honors will be responsible for learning the following over the summer:  State abbreviations and capitals (memorized)  The 27 Amendments, in order (memorized)  The 43 Presidents, in order (memorized)  The Star Spangled Banner (memorized)  The Preamble to the Declaration of Independence (recognized)  The Preamble to the Constitution (recited)  25+ items on U.S. and European maps Students will be assessed regarding this material during the first week of school.

12 Additional courses and electives Each student will take: Health and Physical Wellness for a semester. 8th grade Art and Computer Awareness for a quarter each. Students can choose to take: A full year of 8th grade Band A full year of 8th grade Baritone or Treble Choir A semester of Exploring Technology A semester of Teen Living

13 1. Work Hard 2. Be a self-advocate 3. Have respect for adults, your classmates, yourself and your school 4. Think before speaking or acting 5. Take responsibility for yourself and your actions

14  Communicate  Adapt  Engage  Listen  Accept

15  Notify parents via email or phone of failing grades or concerns regarding behavior and/or performance  Update Infinite Campus and online classrooms on a regular basis  Facilitate a safe and effective learning environment for all students

16 Who teaches what? English 8 Mrs. Miller Room 117 Mr. Schuette Room 116 English 8 Honors Mrs. Bateman Room 112 Math 8 Mr. Hillman Room 209 Mr. Franz Room 208 Mr. Dingman Room 217 Algebra 8 Honors Mrs. Leinweber Room 219 Science 8 Mr. Keller Room 212 Mrs. Berdis Room 107 Mrs. Selent Room 216 Science 8 Honors Mr. Keller Room 212 History 8 Mr. Bouffard Room 215 Mr. Franz Room 210 Mr. Bors Room 108 RHS History 8 Honors Mrs. Landgraf Room 204

17  Academics  - Study Guides and Strategies  Transitioning to Eighth Grade  Parents’ Guide to the Middle School Years by Bruzzese, J.  - Association for Middle Level Education

18  Adolescent Development  - Johns Hopkins Bloombery School of Public Health  - National Institute of Child Health & Human Development  Bullying  Queen Bees and Wannabes: Helping Your Daughter Survive Cliques, Gossip, Boyfriends, and the New Realities of a Girl World by Wiseman, R.  Odd Girl Out: The Hidden Culture of Aggression in Girls by Simmons, R.

19  Father’s Role  The Connected Father: Understanding Your Unique Role and Responsibility during Your Child’s Adolescence by Pickard, C.  General Health - National Association of City & County Health Offices  Mental Health  - National Alliance on Mental Illness  - National Institute of Mental Health

20  Mother/Daughter Relationship  I’m Not Mad, I Just Hate You! by Cohen-Sandler, R.. & Silver, M.  Social Development  - American School Counselor Association  - Adolescent Health  A Tribe Apart: A Journey into the heart of American Adolescence by Hersch, P.  Brain Rules: 12 Principles for Surviving Work, Home, and School by Medina, J.

21  Suicide Prevention  American Foundation for Suicide Prevention  American Association of Suicidology  Parenting Teens  Get out of My Life, but First Could You Drive Me and Cheryl to the Mall? by Wolf, A.  Wonderful Ways to Love a Teen…Even When it Seems Impossible by Ford, J.

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