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2 WHAT IS IT? The Honors Pre-Advanced Placement Academy prepares students for the rigorous and relevant liberal arts college preparatory program structured on the national curriculum required by College Board.

3 Advantages to the Program Students will: be prepared for the Advanced Placement Academy at Flagstaff High School be in like-minded peer groups who will work together to achieve success have shared experiences that will allow them to relate to each other be better prepared for the college experience

4 Pre-AP Academy Faculty are Highly Qualified within specific content area have received training by College Board on expectations for AP classes work closely with FHS AP Teachers on vertical alignment of curriculum

5 Why Prepare Students for High School AP Courses? High school students may earn college credit for the AP exams for which they score well. But, that is NOT the reason to take these classes! The rigor and expectations students will experience in these classes will better prepare them for the college experience. Universities want to see a challenging course load on applications.

6 CURRICULUM REQUIREMENTS Curriculum TIER 1 SIXTH GRADE TIER 2 SEVENTH GRADE TIER 3 EIGHTH GRADE ENGLISHPre-AP English 6Pre-AP English 7Pre-AP English 8 SOCIAL STUDIESPre-AP Social Studies 6Pre-AP Social Studies 7Pre-AP Social Studies 8 SCIENCEPre-AP Science 6Pre-AP Science 7Pre-AP Science 8 MATHPre-AP Pre-Algebra or Pre-AP Algebra or Pre-AP Geometry ELECTIVES MUSIC Beginning Band Orchestra Choir Concert Band Orchestra Choir Symphonic Band Orchestra Choir Guitar (Sem. Only) Required PE (Sem) Art (9wks) Technology (9wks) PE PE Enrichment opportunities for students who are not in a yearlong music class Exploratory Wheel: Music, art, Spanish and cooking Elective Wheel (opposite PE) Technology Woods Foods Woods Art Technology Yearbook Outdoor Rec Spanish I Navajo I

7 Additional Expectations Students are encouraged to take at least one year of foreign language in eighth grade Show acceptable behavior in class and at all MEMS activities Maintain a 3.5 GPA Maintain consistent and timely attendance in classes Complete and showcase a content specific project in the spring of their eighth grade year

8 Academy Teacher Support Looping-Same core teachers for 7 & 8 grade Stronger Student-Teacher relationships Core teachers working together supporting students Collaborative teaching environment Integrated curriculum

9 Eighth Grade Project Driven by student interest within a specific content area Student works with the content area teacher to develop the project Student presents project at Honors Pre-AP Showcase in the spring

10 Recognition from the Program Graduates of the academy will receive automatic acceptance into the AP Academy at Flagstaff High School Honors Pre-AP distinction at graduation Recognition at the Pre-AP Academy awards banquet

11 How Do I Apply? You can apply in 6 th, 7 th or 8 th grade Teacher recommendations can be returned with the application or sent to MEMS by March 23, 2012 Submit a completed application by March 23, 2012 to MEMS office

12 Contact Information Email: SIXTH GRADE HOUSE 6-1 CONTENT AREAEMAIL PHONE 773-8250 Hesper PetersenMathhpetersen@fusd1.orgExt. 5744 Lee IrbySocial Studieslirby@fusd1.orgExt. 5849 Curt CraigEnglish/Scienceccraig@fusd1.orgExt. 5847 SEVENTH & EIGHTH GRADE CONTENT AREAEMAIL PHONE 773-8250 Barry GeorgeMathbgeorge@fusd1.orgExt. 5864 Therese WaltersEnglishtwalters@fusd1.orgExt.5817 Beth CrileySocial Studiesbcriley@fusd1.orgExt.5807 Chris HullSciencerhull@fusd1.orgExt.5830

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