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ABILYMPICS. Special Olympics – games and sports with focus on mentally challenged. Paralympics – games and sports mainly for persons with locomotor disabilities.

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2 Special Olympics – games and sports with focus on mentally challenged. Paralympics – games and sports mainly for persons with locomotor disabilities. Abilympics – Abilympics are Olympics with a difference. Abilympics is a combination of the words Ability and Olympics. These are vocational skills competitions for persons with all disabilities. The focus is to showcase the abilities not the disabilities. Worldwide three major organizations organize events for persons with disabilities :

3 International Abilympics are held once in four years in different parts of the world under the aegis of International Abilympic Federation (IAF) & Rehabilitation International. Members of IAF participate in the International Abilympics. GRF has recently become a member of IAF.

4 The International Abilympics were held in 1981 in Japan for the first time to commemorate the United Nations International Year for Disabled Persons. The second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth Abilympics were held in Colombia, Hong Kong, Australia, Czech Republic, India, Japan and South Korea respectively.

5 The Abilympics in India were introduced by Amar Jyoti Charitable Trust. 14 contestants participated in 5 th International Abilympics (IA) held in Prague in 2000 where India’s bid to hold 6 th IA was accepted.

6 1400 participants from 33 countries participated in 45 events in 6 th International Abilympics held in India in 2003. India won 30 medals (7 gold, 8 silver and 15 bronze).

7 Mission Statement The Mission of Abilympics is to create public awareness and nurture the productive talents of persons with disabilities by providing them opportunities to acquire and enhance their vocational skills to achieve economic independence.

8 Objectives  Discover, nurture and showcase the potential and talents of persons with disabilities and promote economic self-reliance.  Sensitise and create awareness among government, the corporate sector and society at large about the productive skills of persons with disabilities.

9  Expose persons with disabilities to the relevant and latest trends in technologies in their respective areas.  Ensure involvement of the government, the corporate sector and NGOs in the economic upliftment of the disabled.  Promote international friendship through exchange of knowledge and programmes.

10 A person with any disability. He / She should be 15 years and above, for senior abilympics and below 15 for junior abilympics He / She can participate in a maximum of two contests if the date and time do not clash. No outside person is permitted to assist the contestants in any way. In case a contestant needs some help due to his / her disability, the organisers provide the necessary assistance Who can participate

11 Activity CodeName of ActivityNGOs undertaking activity 001Basket Making ADSP, TEDPB, MMHA, Centre Lois Lagesse STH Handicapped, Lizie dan la main, CWA, 002Jewellery makingADSP, APEIM, Centre Lois Lagesse, TEDPB 003Beading worksCentre Lois Lagesse, MMHA, liziedan la main 004Wood carving/Coconut carvingMMHA,STH Hand, 005Painting (on paper)ADSP, APEIM, STH handicapped, FIH, CWA 006Fabric paintingADSP, STH handicapped 007Cake decorationAPEIM,FIH, CWA 008BakeryAPEIM,FIH 009Dress making 010Floral arrangementSTH Hand., 011Crochet worksCentre Lois Lagesse 012EmbroideryADSP, STH hand, CWA 013Basic typing skillsCentre Lois Lagesse, ADSP, liziedan la main 014Clay/ModelingCentre Lois Lagesse, liziedan la main 015Candle DecorationADSP, APEIM, Lois Lagesse National Abilympics Association Mauritius LIST OF ACTIVITIES UPDATED (23.04.13) [Senior Competition - >15yrs]

12 Activity CodeName of ActivityNGOs undertaking activity 016Card MakingADSP, CWA 017Beading worksADSP, APEIM, CWA 018Painting (on paper)ADSP 019Singing (vocal)/Occidental/segaLiziedan la main,,FIH 020Music (Instrumental)Lois Lagesse NOTE: To be able to carry out an activity at the Abilympics level, there should be at least 5 participants from 3 institutions. [Junior Competition - <15yrs]

13 V1Furniture Making – Advanced V2Furniture Making - Basic V3Basket Making V4Jewellery Making V5CAD - Machinery V6CAD-Architecture V7Wood Carving V8Tie & Dye V9Artificial Limb Making V10Photography – Studio V11Photography – Outdoor V12Poster Design V13Silk Hand Painting V14Tailoring Men’s V15Dress Making – Advanced V16Dress Making - Basic V17Electronic Circuit Connection & Technique V18Electronic Assembly & Testing V19Bicycle Assembly V20Cake Decoration CONTEST – CATEGORIES

14 V21English Text Processing V22Desktop Publishing V23Computer Programming V24 Data Processing – Basic V25Data Processing – Advance V26PC Assembly V27Creating Web Pages V28Floral Arrangement V29CNC Turning V30 Cake Decoration V31Block Printing on Fabric V32Dress Making – Basic V33Painting oil on canvas Leisure &Living Skills L1Pottery L2Hand Knitting L3Embroidery L4Waste Reuse L5Crochet Work L6Painting (Water Colours) on paper

15 The list includes tasks for each disability e.g. Visually Impaired – Computer Assembly, computer programming, cane technology, knitting etc. Intellectually Challenged – word processing, painting, dress making – basic, bead work, block printing etc. Speech & Hearing Impaired - need a sign language interpreter.


17 Judges, Convenors and Technical Assistants are identified from Industry, Technical and Educational Institutes. An orientation programme is organised to familiarise them with the tasks and explain their role and the methodology of assessment of the contestants. A 3 to 5 member Jury is constituted to deal with any appeal against the judgement.

18 The contests are judged entirely on professional merit and not on the measure of the disability of the contestant. No concession is made for severity of disability.


20 Abilympics provide an opportunity to participants to upgrade their skills and learn about employment opportunities though networking with other disability organisations and potential employers. Facilitates Mainstreaming Helps understanding about job potential and employability. Benefits

21 Creates awareness in the society about the abilities of the disabled. Brings about Convergence of Resources between government/academic/professional institutions, industry, NGOs etc.. Helps in creating barrier-free environment. Generates international friendship.

22 Training & Employment Generation Involvement of academicians, professionals, institutions, and industry. Identification of jobs, skill development initiative schemes in consultation with Government/ Industry. Raise awareness among the employers including giving them incentive for employment of persons with disabilities. Provide incentives to medal winners in National and International abilympics.

23 National Individual membership  Annual membership  Life membership Institutional membership  Annual membership  Life membership Membership IAF - Global Rainbow Foundation

24 The hardest thing to overcome is not physical disability but the mental condition which it induces.

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