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Letter to the Reader.

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1 Letter to the Reader

2 Digital Portfolio P C A I E E A L C T G N Class 1B Ms. McGee

3 Table of Contents Letter to the reader The “Bucket List”
Life Story (six words) First Grade Writing Artifact Eighth Grade Writing Artifact(The Chocolate King-Bedtime Story) Eighth Grade Writing Artifact (Hockey Madness) Who Killed Julius Caesar Essay Prose Analysis Essay Tavern on the Green Research Paper “A Slice of Ice” My Soul

4 The “Bucket List” Ride in a military jet plane See Mount Everest
Go to Europe Have a good career Go to Egypt Go to Six Flags Sky Dive Invent something Hike up a mountain Ride Kingda Ka in Six Flags Go to a Vancouver Canuck game (hockey) See a hip check at an NHL game See a shootout at an NHL game Win something good on scratch-offs Visit Dubai See the Rangers win the Stanley Cup Attend an NHL Stanley Cup Finals playoff series. Parasail Take a picture with the Stanley Cup Drive a Lamborghini Gallardo Go on an Alaskan cruise Visit Rome Go on a Mediterranean Sea Cruise Learn to play the drums Break a hockey stick by taking a slap shot

5 Six Word Life Story Not a walk in the park…

6 First Grade Writing Artifact

7 Eighth Grade Writing Artifact “The Chocolate King” Bedtime Story
External Link: The Chocolate King

8 Eighth Grade Writing Artifact
“Hockey Madness” External Link: Hockey Madness

9 “Who Killed Julius Caesar”
10th Grade English Essay Who Killed Julius Caesar (Microsoft Word) (Microsoft Works) ? ? ? ?

10 Prose Analysis Essay Good luck reading it Prose Analysis Essay 1

11 Tavern on the Green (Research Paper)
Tavern on the Green Research Paper.wps (Microsoft Works) Tavern on the Green Research Paper.doc (Microsoft Word )

12 Creative Writing “A Slice of Ice”
(Microsoft Word) (Microsoft Works)

13 My Soul

14 Thanks for Viewing!

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