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EIGHTH GRADE PARENT MEETING Washington Community High School Counseling Office.

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1 EIGHTH GRADE PARENT MEETING Washington Community High School Counseling Office

2 2014-2015 Counseling Staff Mrs. Michael Damery A-E Mrs. Deanna ZehrF-L Mrs. Erin HollenkampM-R Mr. Patrick CoughlinS-Z Mrs. Laurie RyanRegistrar Mr. Walt Nunnally –Illini Family Counseling (Tues,Wed,Thur)

3 GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS: CLASS OF 2018 Graduation Requirements: 22.5 total credits and Prairie State Achievement Exam English*4 credits (includes ½ credit of English 2/Speech). Two years of writing intensive courses are required for graduation.** Math3 credits (must include Algebra 1 and another course which includes geometry content) – Math courses also required freshman, sophomore & junior years Science2 credits Consumer EducationChoice of Consumer Economics, Introduction to Business, Economics H, CWT Coop, Special Education Coop 1 and 2 U.S. History1 credit Driver Education½ credit Health½ credit Physical Education****½ credit per semester PE must be taken each semester except for the semester in which Health is taken. After freshman year, Weight Training can also fulfill the PE requirement. American Political Science½ credit Social Studies½ credit in addition to U.S. History and American Political Science from either: W Geography, E Geography, International Studies, Western Civ or World History Music, Art, Drama, Foreign Language, or Vocational 1 credit Any combination of courses from these departments exclusive of the Consumer Education and Orientation to Technology requirements Orientation to Technology½ credit. Required for all freshmen

4 Minimum College Entrance Requirements 4 Years in English 3 Years in Math (Algebra I, Geometry, & Algebra II) 3 Years in Science 3 Years in Social Science 2 Years in same Foreign Language (Check with University Admissions office): –Some do not require for admissions –Some require either completion of 2, 3, or 4 credits while in high school or completion of 2, 3, or 4 semesters while in college –Some will accept 2 years of Liberal Arts

5 NCAA Eligibility Both Division I and Division II now require 16 specific core courses. It is important that prospective student-athletes are aware of the specific requirements and that they select courses with the requirements in mind. More information regarding eligible courses is located on page 7 of the Program of Studies. Your freshman registration form has an area for you to indicate if your 8 th grader may become a NCAA/NAIA student athlete.

6 EXPLORE Test Scores Students took EXPLORE tests in November. These test scores will determine your student’s core course placement. During the Freshman Orientation at the end of February you will receive their test scores and course placements.

7 Students with IEPs/504s IEPs Annual Review between the junior high and high school in March Will discuss accommodations and course placement Complete the front side of the registration sheet (white form) 504s Please make counselor aware of 504 plan Application process – 504s don’t transfer from the grade school Complete registration sheet (white form) in its entirety

8 English Requirements Full-Year Course English 1 Composition and Literature English 1 English 1 Honors The class your student will be placed into is determined by their English and Reading score on the EXPLORE test.

9 Freshmen English Electives Journalism 1 –Full-year course –Meets English Graduation Requirement Speed Read –One semester course –Does NOT meet English Graduation Requirement but receives credit

10 Math Requirements Full-Year Course Block Algebra 1 Algebra 1 Algebra 1 Honors The class your student will be placed into is determined by their Math score on the EXPLORE test.

11 Math Requirements Honors Track (EXPLORE score above 20) Grade 9Grade 10Grade 11Grade 12 Algebra 1H Geometry H Geometry H & Algebra 2H Algebra 2 H Pre-Calc H Pre-Calc H Pre-Calc H AP Calculus H

12 Algebra 1H Summer School Must place in Honors Math on Explore test Must review first 3 chapters before end of school and take test to determine eligibility Very high grades in accelerated grade school Math (recommended grade of A- or above), excellent study skills, self-motivated Desire to complete five years of math with AP Calculus Honors being capstone course

13 Algebra 1H Summer School Do I have to do this to get 5 years of Math? No. You could take both Algebra 2 H and Geometry H during sophomore year Then why should I do this? No room in schedule to double up sophomore year due to: –Band –Foreign language –Driver Education

14 Science Requirements Full-Year Course Lab Science Biology Biology Honors The class your student will be placed into is determined by their Science score on the EXPLORE test.

15 Social Studies Semester Courses Western Geography International Studies Eastern Geography Honors *Students may take Eastern Geography Honors if they place into English Honors

16 Driver Education NOTE: Driver Education Absences –State of Illinois requirement: 30 hour in-class instruction and 6 hours BTW instruction ($20 permit fee) –Student may only have 5 absences during semester. On the 6 th absence, student is removed with a grade of “F” and placed into study hall (class will be rescheduled in later semester) Driver Education: In-Class Instruction Weeks 1 & 2 of the SemesterDriver Ed Class Mon-Fri Weeks 3-18Mon, Wed, Fri – Study Hall Tues, Thur – Driver Ed Class Weeks 3-18BTW (Behind-The-Wheel) 1 day per week during PE or Study Hall

17 Class of 2018: Driver Ed Options Second semester of freshman year –Enrollment based on age and classroom availability –Details available on February 25 th (8 th Grade Orientation) –Driver Ed will replace an elective course “Summer School” at WCHS (based on birthdate) –One or two classes may be offered (25 or 50 students) –Starts 3rd quarter of freshman year at 7:06 a.m. –BTW portion starts 3rd quarter and continues into June –Cost is currently $160

18 Physical Education Full-Year Course Freshman PE Block PE (1 credit per semester – 10 min study hall, lunch, 90 min class) Weight Training (2 nd semester in addition to Freshman PE)

19 Block Classes Block Classes available to freshman: –Block Algebra I –Block PE –Block Applied Tech Lab Depending on where the class falls in the schedule, it is a 10-20 minute study hall, 90 minute class Block P.E. and Band are offered at the same time.

20 Physical Education PE is a course that typically does not factor into a student’s GPA. However, students have the option to take PE as a course that does factor into their GPA. Students who wish to exercise this option are required to complete a PE for GPA Form available from their teacher at the beginning of the semester.

21 Orientation to Technology Required class for all freshmen If your student is planning on taking OTT in the summer, please write that off to the side on your registration form and write another class in the 5 th hour box that has OTT in it

22 Registration Form

23 Elective Requirements 1 credit from any combination of below disciplines required: Music Art Drama Foreign Language Vocational –Business –Industrial Technology –Family and Consumer Sciences

24 Business/Technology Electives Freshman Course Options Digital Video – 1 Semester Introduction to Business – Full Year (meets Consumer Econ Graduation Requirement) Sports & Entertainment Marketing – 1 Semester

25 Industrial Technology Electives Freshman Course Options Applied Tech Lab – 1 Semester (May be repeated 1 time for additional credit) Block Applied Tech Lab – 1 Semester/1 Credit Web Site Technology – 1 Semester

26 Family & Consumer Science Electives Freshman Course Options Child Development 1 – 1 Semester Child Development 2 – 1 Semester Foods 1 – 1 Semester Foods 2 – 1 Semester Fashions 1 – 1 Semester Fashions 2 – 1 Semester

27 Fine Arts Electives Freshman Course Options Art 1 – Full Year Dramatic Arts – Full Year History of Rock – 1 Semester Intro to Guitar – 1 Semester Music Appreciation – 1 Semester Music Theory – 1 Semester

28 Fine Arts Electives Cont. Freshman Course Options Band – Full Year Treble Choir – Full Year Concert Choir – Full Year Chamber Ensemble – Full Year (Students must audition) The above Band and Choir courses are not calculated in your student’s GPA.

29 Foreign Language Electives Freshman Course Options Spanish 1 – Full Year French 1 – Full Year

30 No GPA Students in honors track who wish to maximize their grade point average (GPA) could consider the No GPA option when enrolling in certain elective courses that are not awarded honors credit. –No GPA Forms are available during the first three weeks of each semester –Examples given in packet

31 Panther Academic Coach (PAC) We encourage all freshman to take a PAC. PACs meet daily and consist of smaller study halls with 10- 15 students and 2 teachers. Teachers will provide students with help in areas of personal growth, academic advancement, and social development.

32 Summer School Registration begins May 19, 2014 at 8 a.m. Room 167, Student Services Office CANNOT MISS MORE THAN 3 DAYS Orientation to Technology (OTT) –Runs for 5 weeks: June 16-July 18 –Tentative Times: 7:30-10:00 or 10:05-12:35 (Number of sections dependent on enrollment) Algebra 1H –Class also runs in June-July –Tentative Time: 7:30-10:00 –Must complete independent coursework prior to start date –More information: February 25 (Eighth Grade Orientation)

33 Eighth Grade Orientation Tuesday, February 25, 2014 from 6 – 8:50 p.m. –EXPLORE results and course placements –Teacher presentations on course descriptions –Clubs/Activities available at WCHS

34 Before Leaving Tonight Please turn in completed schedule request sheet (white form) Please fill out the evaluation (pink form) at the end of your packet Counselors will be available for 30 minutes to answer any questions


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