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Brittany Dinsmore. Contact Information Conference time 9:05 – 9:53 Conference time 2:32-3:20 (940)-369-4780 I ask that you please.

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1 Brittany Dinsmore

2 Contact Information Conference time 9:05 – 9:53 Conference time 2:32-3:20 (940)-369-4780 I ask that you please call only during team or conference time. I will not answer during class time, but you can leave a message and I will return it as soon as I can.

3 My web page I have posted several links on my web page. This page includes many of the items discussed in this presentation and some things that I did not have the time to cover here tonight. This year I will be emphasizing Depth and Complexity and CER (Claim, Evidence, Reasoning). Both of these things can be found on the Assignments page. Also on the Assignments page is an agenda that I update every week. It includes assignments, powerpoints, etc. that are/will be covered in class.

4 About me This is my fourth year teaching science at Crownover. Before I was a science teacher I was a flight instructor at US Flight Academy here in Denton. I graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in Aviation Sciences. I am a huge astronomy, meteorology, and physics nerd.

5 7 th grade Curriculum 1st 6 Weeks 1.1 Safety, Disposal, and Recycling 1.2 Lab Equipment and Metric Units 1.3 Force and Work 1.4 Scientific Method 2nd 6 Weeks 2.1 Models 2.2 History 2.3 Cells, Parts, Plants and Animals 2.4 Cell Theory 2.5 Levels of Organization 3rd 6 Weeks 3.1 Functions of Human Systems 3.2 Matter and Energy in the Digestive Systems 3.3 Functions of Cells and Organisms 3.4 Response to Stimuli 4th 6 Weeks 4.1 Dichotomous Keys 4.2 Genetics 4.3 Adaptations of Internal Structures 4.4 Natural Selection and Selective Breeding 4.5 Organism Behavior and Survival 5th 6 Weeks 5.1 Forces that Affect Plants and Photosynthesis 5.2 Energy Cycles 5.3 Cycles of Living Matter (Biomass) 5.4 Microhabitats and Biomes 5.5 Biodiversity 5.6 Succession 6th 6 Weeks 6.1 Weathering and Erosion of Texas Ecoregions 6.2 Human Effects on Groundwater and Catastrophic Events 6.3 Space

6 8 th Grade curriculum 1st 6 Weeks 1.1 Inquiry and Scientific Process 1.2 Chemistry - Atoms 1.3 Chemistry - Periodic Table 2nd 6 Weeks 2.1 Chemistry - Periodic Table 2.2 Chemistry - Chemical Reactions 2.3 Physics - Force, Motion, and Energy 3rd 6 Weeks 3.1 Physics - Force, Motion, and Energy 3.2 Physics - Newton's Laws of Motion 3.3 Geology - Plate Tectonics 4th 6 Weeks 4.1 Topographic and Satellite Maps 4.2 Meteorology - Climatic Interactions 4.3 Earth Cyclical Movements 4.4 Lunar Cycle and Tides 5th 6 Weeks 5.1 Electromagnetic Waves 5.2 Universe and Theories 5.3 Ecosystems and Relationships 5.4 Ecology - Effects of Environmental Changes 6th 6 Weeks 6.1 Inquiry

7 My Rules Follow directions quickly Raise your hand for permission to speak. Raise your hand for permission to get out of your seat. Make smart choices.

8 Consequences I follow the school wide “3 strikes” rule. I give three warnings, then the 4 th infraction in my class leads to a detention. Three team detentions leads to an office referral.

9 Grades I will follow the district grading policy with the grade being made of three parts. Daily grades are 30% (includes warm-ups, class work and quizzes ) Lab grades are also 30%. There will be at least two labs per unit, many times there will be several per unit. Test grades and projects are 40%. We will have at least two unit tests and one journal test each grading period. Any projects will also fit in this category.

10 Late Work Policy Any late work will be accepted, but the highest available grade for that assignment is 70%. Corrections are not available for late work.

11 Tutorials I offer tutorials every morning and afternoon except for Wednesday and Thursday morning. Your child is welcome to come to me for tutorials at this time and I will help them with anything they are struggling with. They will need to get a pass from me prior to the day that they will be coming in.

12 Unit Tests There will always be an advanced warning of at least three days that a unit test will be given. There are always test corrections available after a test is given.

13 Corrections I allow corrections on any daily assignment or lab. For tests I allow corrections on assignments with a grade lower than 85%. To correct an assignment, students must come in before or after school. For tests, they must come on for a mandatory tutorial session before they are allowed to retake the test. They will write the complete question, correct answer, and reasoning on notebook paper and staple it to the back of the assignment. I look over all corrections to make sure the right answers have been provided. If not I review the answers with the student. Half credit will be given for all corrections.

14 Other Extra Credit Students can bring me a science fact for my board by writing the fact on notebook paper and turning it in with their name. I give two points for each fact and allow a maximum of 10 facts per six weeks.

15 This is going to be a great year! Let’s work together to ensure that your child has a great year! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks for coming and have a great school year!

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