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Eighth Grade Test. 1 Hint: From Levels of Organization in the Human Body TISSUE htm A group of cells.

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1 Eighth Grade Test

2 1 Hint: From Levels of Organization in the Human Body TISSUE htm A group of cells that work together form a ____ ?

3 3 The basic units of structure & function in the human body are _______? CELLS

4 2 Circulatory & Respiratory Systems The systems that deliver oxygen and remove carbon dioxide to and from cells in our bodies are the ____ & ___?

5 4 This structure directs the activities in a cell.

6 5 These carry messages between the brain and the rest of the body. nerves

7 6 Which organ systems help fight disease ? immune & circulatory systems

8 7 A group of similar organisms that can mate with each other and produce fertile offspring are called a what ? species Africa/A-trio-of-elephants-3-generations-Taken-in-the-Garden-Route- SA#axzz2kT2nTcuA

9 8 A few organisms got to the Galapagos Islands from the mainland. This was observed by what scientist? Charles Darwin /2010/02/04/charles_drawn_origins_revea led_by_dna_tests/ ews_of Charles Darwin ← At time of Beagle voyage

10 9 Similar structures that related species have inherited are called what ? ● homologous structures (homo means same)

11 10 Two organisms that look similar as an early embryo are probably … ? … evolved from a common ancestor

12 11 What characteristic of finches showed that they adapted to the foods they ate ? their beaks

13 12 What does a plant (autotroph) produce in photosynthesis? sugar (glucose) & oxygen (O 2 )

14 13 WHAT IS PHOTOSYNTHESIS? The plant cell uses energy from sunlight to make food (sugar).


16 15 Heterotrophs (animals) benefit from photosynthesis because... ?... they get food from the plants. /create-a-pest free garden

17 16 Respiration is ???? glucose being broken down to release energy opposite of photosynthesis

18 17 Simply explain the relationship between photosynthesis and respiration. OpPoSiTe Equations!!! Respiration is the opposite equation of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis uses energy to produce glucose. Respiration uses glucose to release energy. 6CO 2 + 6H 2 O → C 6 H 12 O 6 + 6O 2 photosynthesis energy in energy out respiration ←

19 18 Problem Two liquids - very similar. How may we tell them apart in the laboratory? Answer Try heating them up and observing when they boil.

20 19 Problem: Sometimes we need to study not one but several characteristics of a substance. WHY? Can you give an example? Answer: Some substances have many characteristics in common. Example: powdered sugar, flour, baking powder and baking soda are all soft white powders. tqx9bpKygus/Tzjs4LJ_ykI /AAAAAAAAnB0/I3iCIs OCU6A/s1600/white%2B powders.JPG

21 20 An object has this measurement due to the force of gravity...... W E I G H T

22 21 The amount of matter that is in something is its what ? mass

23 22 I am the smallest part of an element that is still that element. atom

24 23 These examples show new substances being formed. What is this type of change? Chemical Change fireworks rusty nail http://padillasjournals.edublo fried egg vinegar & baking soda reacting es%20(Chemical%20changes) baked goods ps/chm/100/dgodambe/thedisk/chem rxn/ color change → ←

25 24 These examples show a substance changing its form or state of matter only. What is this type of change? Physical Change ← tearing paper /chemical_reactions /physicalsci/session4/ ice melting

26 25 When the distance between two objects is changing, it is in... MOTION cradle

27 26 We use the METRIC system (SI) in science. SI = Scientific International Which is a measure of length in the metric or SI system? meter

28 27 Speed formula ????

29 28 MOTION is graphed by plotting distance and ? Time

30 29 How fast or slow something is moving. The steepness of the slope in a graph on motion shows what?

31 30 JOULES Energy is measured in units called ? http://en.wikipedia.orgi/Joule

32 31 What is energy of motion called? kinetic energy

33 32 IF KINETIC ENERGY OF AN OBJECT INCREASES... Are mass and velocity proportional or indirectly proportional to that energy? Answer: Proportional or positively correlated. According to the formula, as the energy increases so do the mass and velocity. Try setting up the formula and plugging in some numbers. Albert Einstein If E = ½ mv 2 the m and the v are also on the top part of the equation like the E, so they are positively correlated. That means as one increases or decreases, so does the other!

34 33 Rub your hands together. What is the friction energy called and what type of energy is it being converted to? The rubbing is mechanical energy (movement) and is converted to thermal energy (heat).

35 34 Chemical potential energy of burning fossil fuels converts to what kind of energy? Thermal energy

36 35 Coal, a fossil fuel, stores ___________ energy. chemical potential energy

37 36 Which illustration(s) show kinetic energy? 1 ↑ 4 ↑ kinetic-energy IC-VS-POTENTIAL-ENERGY.html kinetic-energy-joules.html +Energy+Transformations 3←3← 2 ↑ All of them!

38 37 stored energy. Kinetic energy is energy of motion, potential energy is...

39 38 When height is part of the potential energy equation, what type of energy are we observing? gravitational potential energy Old Man in the Mountain New Hampshire THE PHOTOGRAPH ABOVE SHOWS IT BEFORE FALLING!

40 39 Energy can neither be created nor destroyed! What is the law of conservation of energy ?

41 40 Geologists can observe the Earth’s interior by... ? recording and analyzing seismic waves.

42 41 What was Wegener’s hypothesis about our continents? m_pangaea/Resources/ The continents were once a single land mass that drifted apart called continental drift.

43 42 What is the name given to our continents when they were one land mass? Pangea

44 43 Sonar This was a technology used in the mid-1900’s to map the mid- ocean ridge.

45 44 When the sea-floor spreads, molten material erupts (rises) from what part of the mantle? …along the mid-ocean ridge!

46 45 How do we know that rocks further away from the mid-ocean ridge are older than those near it? We determine the age of the rocks that have been drilled up in those areas.

47 46 subduction What is the process called where the ocean floor sinks beneath a deep-ocean trench and back into the mantle? Sub means below

48 47 Old oceanic crust is more dense than new crust. Why ? It has cooled down. Cooler molecules are closer together and therefore more dense.

49 48 … convection currents in the asthenosphere. The movement of Earth’s plates are probably caused by what?

50 49 The geological theory that states that pieces of the Earth’s lithosphere are in constant, slow motion is the theory of ___? plate tectonics.

51 50 What is the longest chain of mountains in the world? the mid-ocean ridge

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