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JANMASHTAMI Rohit Malyala Tarun Shah Michael Strauss Matthew Chihata.

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1 JANMASHTAMI Rohit Malyala Tarun Shah Michael Strauss Matthew Chihata


3  The birth of Lord Krishna.  It is celebrated on the eighth day of the dark fortnight in Shravana. No fixed date.  The equivalent of Christmas and New Year’s combined.  Signifies the birth of a deity as well as the dawn of a new era IT IS DEDICATED TO…

4  Krishna is one of the more powerful incarnations of Vishnu  He has a rich, human personality  He has greatly influenced Indian philosophy, lifestyle and traditions  He is a leader, hero, protector, philosopher, teacher and friend in one. MORE ON KRISHNA


6 KRISHNA’S BIRTH  There was an evil and tyrannical king named Kamsa. He hated everyone except his cousin.  Before his cousin, Devaki, gets married to Vasudeva, Kamsa is told that their eighth child will kill him.  Kamsa is scared and imprisons the newlyweds. He kills seven of their children, despite their pleas for mercy.  When the eighth child (Krishna) is born, a miracle occurs, and a heavenly voice tells Vasudeva to run away, get exchange their boy with a friend’s child, and come back.

7 KING KAMSA’S FALL  Vasudeva does this, and when Kamsa tries to kill the infant as usual, the baby transforms into a fierce sky goddess.  The sky goddess says that Kamsa will die at the hands of the child, Lord Krishna.  Kamsa is terrified and kills many more people in his anxiety, but he is eventually killed by Krishna when He grows up. Order is restored to the state.  This history is recited and retold at every Janmashtami celebration.


9  It is customary to fast for at least one day; the more pious you are, the longer the fast  Lengthened puja to Krishna in which dairy-sweets are offered  Massive religious atmosphere pervades every corner  Continuous chanting of mantras FASTING, PRAYER & DANCE

10 SPECIAL DRESS & ACTIVITIES  “Dahi Handi” A pot of yogurt is placed high up, and a group of boys need to create a human pyramid to reach and break it  Children make “painted footsteps” to signify Lord Krishna’s presence in the household  Red and yellow are worn to symbolise youth, wit, and the significance of birth.

11 THE END Rohit Malyala Tarun Shah Michael Strauss Matthew Chihata

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