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T O -B E SENIOR P RESENTATION Huron High School “Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is.

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1 T O -B E SENIOR P RESENTATION Huron High School “Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.” William Jennings Bryan


3 MAKE SURE TO KEEP EDUCATIONAL OPTIONS OPEN Importance of Attendance Importance of Credit Importance of GPA Variety of Options EHOVE Tech Prep Program Dual Enrollment Program Post Secondary Enrollment Option Program At Firelands College and in the building University of Findlay University School Articulation Program

4 POST SECONDARY ENROLLMENT OPTION (PSEOP) CLASSES Must have at least a 3.25 cumulative grade point average by end of first semester this year Parents must attend mandatory meeting once and sign form Must register online at Firealnds College website--$45 one time application fee Must schedule a Compass Test and take it online at Firelands College You are responsible for scheduling your own classes at the the college and then stopping into guidance office to modify your high school schedule Must take at least 5 classes between two buildings and can not take more than 7 total credits within one year

5 SUGGESTED PSEOP CLASSES SOC 1010 (Principles of Sociology), PSYC 1010 (General Psychology), HIST 2060 (Modern America), HIST 1510 (World Civilizations), HIST 1520 (The Modern World), HIST 2050 (Early America GEOL 1000 (Intro to Geology), BIOL 1040 (Intro to Biology), BIOL 1010 (Environment of Life) COMM 1020 (Intro to Public Speaking), CS 1000 (Computer Basics), CS 1010 (intro to Programming, ART 1010 (Intro to Art)

6 DUAL ENROLLMENT CLASSES Must have at least a 3.0 cumulative gpa by end of first semester this year Must apply to program online at Firelands College website and pay $45 one time application fee Must call Firelands to schedule the Compass Test that you take online at Firelands Score on Compass Test will determine what level of English class you can take ACT scores can be substituted Guidance Office will register you for these classes

7 DUAL ENROLLMENT CLASSES: POLS 1010 (Gov), POLS 1710 (Compar. Gov) GSW 1110 (Intro to Academic Writing) & ENG 1500 (Response to Literature) GSW 1120 ( Varieties of Writing) & ENG 2000 (Holocaust Literature) MATH 1150 (Intro to Statistics) & MATH 2220 (Discrete Math) SPAN 1010 (Elem. Spanish I), SPAN 1020( Elem. Spanish II) SPAN 2010 (Intermed. Spanish I), SPAN 2020 (Intermed. Spanish II) WE WILL REGISTER YOU FOR THESE CLASSES!

8 UNIVERSITY OF FINDLAY CLASSES Must have a cumulative 3.2 gpa by the end of the school year Must complete the UFindlay paper application available online at HHS website or in guidance office HHS will register you for these classes as long as you complete the application and qualify Classes: UF Chemistry UF Anatomy & Physiology UF Physics

9 T IPS FOR ACADEMIC SUCCESS DO YOUR HOMEWORK! READ the ASSIGNMENTS Get Organized Not just your papers & binders but your time Use your agenda Ask questions of your teachers If absent, request your work from your teacher Choose courses best for YOU! Positive attitude towards SENIOR year Commitment to put forth effort to study.

10 SCHEDULING PROCESS I will be back in Mrs. Mercken’s classes on March 18 for you to make your choices for next year Preliminary Schedule mailed home this spring Will not show teacher or period All changes completed by May 29, 2014 Pick up schedule after you turn in completed forms in August Fall changes only in very special situations as spelled out on page 3

11 STANDARD DIPLOMA Standard Diploma Pass all sections of OGT Minimum of 1.6 cumulative GPA 21 total credits in specific areas 4 English 4 Math 3 Science 3 Social Studies Semester of Health 2 semesters of Physical Education (can be replaced with athletic, cheerleading or band participation) 1 Fine Art credit 5 elective credits

12 DIPLOMA OF DISTINCTION Must pass all sections of the OGT Must have at least a 2.6 cumulative GPA Must have at least 50 hours of community service Must earn 23 credits in the following areas: 4 English 4 Math 4 Science 4 Social Studies Semester of health 2 semesters of phys. Ed. 2 years of the same foreign language 1 fine art credit 1 credit between business & fine art 2 additional elective credits

13 DIPLOMA OF HONORS Students need to fulfill 7 of the 8 criteria: 4 English credits 4 Math credits (including Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II) 4 Science credits (including Physics & Chemistry) 4 Social Studies credits 3 Foreign Language credits 1 Fine Art credit 3.5 cumulative gpa 27 ACT or 1210 SAT (critical reading & math)

14 G RADING S CALE Huron High School Grading Scale Letter Percentage PointsLetter Percentage Points A+100-984C+79-772.3 A97-934C76-732 A-92-903.7C-72-701.7 B+89-873.3D+69-67.13 B86-833D66-631 B-82-802.7D-62-600.7 F59-00

15 A DD -O N P OINT S YSTEM Only calculated at semester and added to cumulative grade point average--.025 for full year class,.0125 for semester class Honors Freshman English, Honors Geometry, Honors Biology, Honors World Studies Honors Sophomore English, Honors Algebra II, UF Chemistry, Honors American History Honors American Literature, AP English Language & Composition, Honors Pre-Calculus, Calculus, AP Calculus, Honors Algebra II, College Government, AP Macro Economics, AP European History, UF/Honors Physics, UF/Honors Anatomy & Physiology AP Calculus, Honors Anatomy & Physiology, AP European History

16 COMMUNITY SERVICE Documentation sheets online or in guidance office “These Tigers Left their Prints in their Community” bulletin board Project ideas: Erie Metro Parks, Admirals Point, Erie County Senior Center, Veterans Home, Huron Recreation, Huron Library, your church, Back to the Wild, Erie County Animal Shelter, Volunteer Center, Lighthouse Church soup kitchen, Firelands Hospital Needed for job, college & scholarship applications All documentation must be turned into Guidance Office by end of first semester senior year

17 SENIOR SCHEDULE PeriodCourseCredit 1World Literature, BGSU English & Literature 1-1.2 2BGSU Discrete Math & Stat, AP Calculus, Calculus, Contemporary Math, Honors Pre-Calculus, Pre-Calculus 1-1.2 3UF Physics, UF Anatomy & Physiology, Geology 1 4Psych, Soc, Key Eras of Amer. Hist., Civil Law, Contemp. Issues, 1 5Indep Living, Choir, Band, Child Develop.1 6Art or Computer Classes0 (.5-1) 7Foreign Language1 *A semester physical education requirement is waived if a student is a member of a high school sports team, the band or cheerleading. The student must participate in two sports or years of a sport, cheerleading, or band.

18 S CHEDULE R ECOMMENDATIONS Provided by this year’s teachers in core course areas If you don’t agree with it, first step is to contact this year’s teacher in that area Science CourseCredit X250UF Physics1 931Forensics1 201UF Anatomy & Phys1 900Geology/Earth Science1

19  Get Connected at:  E-mail directory of staff  Guidance Site  Testing, College, Scholarship Info.  Newsletters  Forms (community service)  Athletics  Activity Calendar  TUTOR EXCHANGE  Progress Book

20 ENGLISH CURRICULUM Freshman Year Freshman English Honors Freshman English Sophomore Year Sophomore English Honors Sophomore English Junior Year American Literature, Honors American Literature Senior Year World Literature BGSU Writing and BGSU Literature Additional English Electives Speech Applied Communication I and II

21 SCIENCE CURRICULUM Freshman Year Earth, Space & Physical Science Honors Biology Sophomore Year Biology UF Chemistry Junior Year Earth Science/Geology Chemistry UF Chemistry UF Physics UF Anatomy & Physiology Forensics Senior Year UF Physics Honors Anatomy & Physiology Geology UF Anatomy & Physiology Forensics

22 MATH CURRICULUM Freshman Year Basic Algebra, Algebra I, Honors Geometry, Honors Algebra II Sophomore Year Algebra I, Geometry, Honors Geometry, Algebra II, Honors Algebra II, Precalculus Junior Year Geometry, Algebra II, Honors Algebra II, Precalculus, AP Calculus Senior Year Calculus, AP Calculus, Honors Pre-Calculus Precalculus, Contemporary Math, BGSU Discrete Math, BGSU Intro to Statistics

23 SOCIAL STUDIES CURRICULUM Freshman Year World Studies Honors World Studies Sophomore Year American History Honors American History Junior Year Economics/American Government College Government Senior Year (electives) Psychology, Sociology, Key Eras of American History, Contemporary Issues, Civil Law, Comparative Government

24 FOREIGN LANGUAGES Spanish I, II, III, IV Spanish courses for college credit if student has a 3.25 cumulative gpa: Junior Year (1.6 college & high school credit) Elementary Spanish 1010 & 1020 Senior Year (1.2 college & high school credit) Intermediate Spanish 2010 & 2020 French I, II, III, IV

25 FINE ART ELECTIVES--MUSIC CURRICULUM Other Years Choir Chorale Jazz Band Band II, III, IV

26 ELECTIVES--FINE ART Full Year Course— Art I Semester Courses— Digital Photography I, II Studio Portfolio Art & Technology I, II, and III Drawing I, II, and III Painting I, II, and III

27 FAMILY & CONSUMER SCIENCE Other Semester Courses— Independent Living Child Development Teen Leads

28 BUSINESS/TECHNOLOGY COURSES Technology Related Technology Tools Web Page Design I Web Page Design II Intro to Music & Movie Production Business Oriented Business Foundations Personal Finance Accounting

29 H OMEWORK Homework is generally assigned EVERYDAY. The only way to learn is through repetition. If a student is not practicing, they have a harder time learning.

30 S UCCESSFUL C LASSROOM STUDY TIPS Figure out a study style that works for you Take notes and review them nightly. Read the whole book Ask questions AS SOON AS you feel lost. For study groups to study for tests. Online textbook enhances verbal skills & practice activities increase competency Get a tutor through the Study Exchange Program

31 TESTING ACT Test—June, Sept., Oct SAT Test—June, Sept., Oct. OGT Make-up Testing—in October & March

32 IMPORTANCE OF PREPARING FOR ACT OR SAT TESTS Huron High School Guidance Testing Online practice Paper practice CD programs Pacing yourself to answer all questions ACT is a test to guess on…

33 GET READY FOR YOUR NEXT STEP Graduation is just around the corner Cumulative gpa you have by the end of your junior year is sent to college for admission & scholarship purposes

34 END OF JUNIOR YEAR CHECKLIST Finish your community service Make your list of potential colleges Get some ideas for possible future careers Go on a couple of college visits Prepare for the college entrance tests Extra reading Take the college entrance tests Register at some scholarship search websites


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