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Alcamo’s Fundamentals of Microbiology Eighth Edition Dr. Jeffrey C

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1 Alcamo’s Fundamentals of Microbiology Eighth Edition Dr. Jeffrey C
Alcamo’s Fundamentals of Microbiology Eighth Edition Dr. Jeffrey C. Pommerville Published by Jones and Bartlett Publishers

2 Welcome Dr. Jeffrey Pommerville
Professor of Biology and Microbiology at Glendale Community College Ph.D. in Cell and Organismal Biology, University of California, Santa Barbara Teacher of the Year ( ) 20 years research experience in microbial cell biology and microbiology More than 45 peer-reviewed research papers published in national/international journals Chair, Education Division of the ASM ( ) Principal investigator, Systemic Reform In Science (SyRIS) – an NSF-funded project ( ) to improve student outcomes in science through changes in curriculum and pedagogy Recipient, 2003 Gustav Ohaus Award (College Division) for Innovations in Science Teaching from the National Science Teachers Association

3 Alcamo’s Fundamentals of Microbiology, Eighth Edition by Jeffrey C
Alcamo’s Fundamentals of Microbiology, Eighth Edition by Jeffrey C. Pommerville The textbook Textbook Features End of Chapter Materials Ancillaries and products to support instruction and boost student learning

4 Textbook Features Chapter Openers
Chapter Preview and Key Concepts New! Two Column Format New! MicroFocus and MicroInquiry Boxes Concept and Reasoning Checks New! Figure and Table Call Outs Figure Questions New! Textbook Cases Marginal Definitions Concept Maps New! To the Student – Study Smart Expanded!

5 Textbook Features: Chapter Openers

6 Textbook Features: Chapter Preview and Key Concepts

7 Textbook Features: Two-Column Format

8 Textbook Features: MicroFocus Boxes
Are designed around seven key topics: Evolution History Public Health Biotechnology Environmental microbiology Tools Being skeptical

9 Textbook Features: MicroInquiry Boxes

10 Textbook Features: Concept & Reasoning Checks
NEW! Require the student to summarize the information in, or critically reason through a question or concept pertaining to, the previous section

11 Textbook Features: Figure & Table Call Outs
Are color coded to the text narrative, assisting the student in maintaining the reading frame

12 Textbook Features: Figure Questions
Contain a question to help the student critically think about the material in, or narrative related to, the figure NEW!

13 Textbook Features: Textbook Cases
Describe an infectious disease outbreak drawn mostly from the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report Contain relevant epidemiological investigations Involve interactive analyses

14 Textbook Features: Marginal Definitions

15 Textbook Features: Concept Maps

16 Textbook Features: To the Student – Study Smart
Describes An effective plan for using the textbook features for study How to read the text Concept mapping Expanded!

17 End of Chapter Materials
Summary of Key Concepts Learning Objectives Framed through Bloom’s taxonomy Self-Test Questions Multiple choice questions focusing on basic information and facts Questions for Thought and Discussion Questions to better develop an understanding of microbiology in the real world Applications Questions or problems of practical significance Identification/Labeling/Matching/Review Questions Required labeling and matching

18 Ancillaries and Products to Support Instruction and Boost Student Learning

19 Instructor’s ToolKit CD-ROM
The “ITK”, which is compatible with Blackboard and WebCT, makes it easy to prepare for class by including: Instructor’s Manual PowerPoint Slides Lecture Outlines Electronic Test Bank (completely revised) Image Bank Answers to all Concepts and Reasoning Checks, Figure Questions, Textbook Cases, and End of Chapter material Even answers to the questions/problems are at the end of the textbook for the students

20 Laboratory Manual Updated and includes new exercises and experiments on: Culture Transfer Techniques Bacterial Growth Curve Bacterial Conjugation Bacterial Transformation 34 Multi Part lab exercises Full Instructor’s Manual to accompany the Lab Manual Bundling options available

21 Student Study Guide Includes important information to:
Help students study Take effective class notes Prepare properly for exams Manage time effectively Contains over 3000 practice exercises and study questions Contact Your Publisher’s Representative regarding bundling options.

22 Student Website The student website has been updated to reflect all of the changes in the 8th edition Chapter Outlines Essay Questions Interactive Online Glossary Flashcards Quizzes MicroFocus Research & Reference Links

23 And the student study guide.
Bundle Items And the student study guide.

24 Questions about Alcamo’s Fundamentals of Microbiology 8th Edition?
Contact Your Publisher’s Representative at

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