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A1 or B1 TREC Homebase A2 or B2 A3 or B3 A4 or B4 8:30-9:55 9:55-10:25 10:25-10:35 10:35-12:40 12:40-2:05 2:05-3:30.

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Presentation on theme: "A1 or B1 TREC Homebase A2 or B2 A3 or B3 A4 or B4 8:30-9:55 9:55-10:25 10:25-10:35 10:35-12:40 12:40-2:05 2:05-3:30."— Presentation transcript:


2 A1 or B1 TREC Homebase A2 or B2 A3 or B3 A4 or B4 8:30-9:55 9:55-10:25 10:25-10:35 10:35-12:40 12:40-2:05 2:05-3:30

3 What is TREC? T = Teacher Advisory R = Reading Strategies E = Enrichment in Math C = Clubs

4 TREC Schedule Monday: Sustained Silent Reading Tuesday: Reading Strategies or Math Enrichment Wednesday: Reading Strategies or Math Enrichment Thursday: TA or Clubs Friday: Sustained Silent Reading


6 Graduation Requirements 22 Credits 6 Verified Credits

7 Graduation Requirements 24 Credits 9 Verified Credits

8 Graduation Requirements 20 Credits 0 Verified Credits Student must have an IEP

9 What will my child’s schedule look like?

10 Language Arts – 1 period Mathematics – 1 period Physical Science – 1 period Civics and Economics – 1 period TREC – 30 minutes ACE – 1 period PE/Health – 1 period Elective (1 yr. or 2 sem.) – 1 period


12 Students have three options when choosing elective classes:  Two one year courses  One year course and two semester courses  Four semester courses

13 Agriculture Mechanics Art 8 Theater Arts 8 Life Management Technological Systems World Languages Band Chorus Strings Gifted & Talented Resource Reading/Writing Workshop Math Workshop IEP Resource English as a Second Language

14 Agriscience Exploration Art Computer Art Keyboarding Computer Concepts Computer Programming Computer Publishing Theater Arts Teen Living Exploring Technology Environmental Science Weather Science Math Workshop Reading/Writing Workshop Gifted and Talented Resource

15 Suggestion: In order to increase your chances of receiving your first choice electives, it is recommended that you pair the following semester electives up if you are taking one of these semester electives.

16 Agriscience Exploration and Exploring Technology Keyboarding and Computer Concepts Environmental Science and Weather Science Computer Art and Communications and Exploratory Art Remember: Academic Classes are 1 st Priority and then Electives!!

17 World Language Courses Spanish French German Latin

18 Characteristics of a Successful World Language Student Abstract reasoning ability Consistently completes homework assignments Learns from homework- does not perceive homework as “busy work”

19 Good listening & note-taking skills Catches on quickly to concepts Good time management skills Strong language arts skills, especially with grammar

20 Able to memorize vocabulary words Excellent speller Able to retain knowledge over a period of time High level of self-discipline Highly motivated student who would rise to the challenges of a high school course!

21 Students will take the Grade 8 Reading SOL. Reading and writing are the main focus in each Language Arts class.

22 Reading comprehension is the primary focus of reading instruction in eighth grade. Students will read a variety of genres and will work with fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Literature circles and independent reading are examples of methods used to differentiate instruction for diverse learners in the Language Arts 8 classroom.

23 Reading strategies are explicitly taught, modeled, practiced and applied to enhance students’ comprehension. Examples include: Reciprocal Learning Before, During and After Reading Strategies Think Aloud Strategies (I wonder… I predict… I am confused by …) Question Answer Relationships (QAR): Right There, Think and Search, Author and You, On My Own

24 The 6 + 1 Traits of Writing will be used to enhance students’ writing. These traits are being implemented throughout the curriculum here at CMS. Direct writing evaluations will be conducted during each nine weeks using the Hanover County Writing Rubric, which is aligned with the Virginia Standards of Learning.

25 Math Courses for Eighth Graders Pre-Algebra Algebra I Geometry

26 Pre-Algebra An “ON” grade level course taken by most 8 th graders Pre-Algebra students take the Grade 8 Mathematics SOL test Requires self-motivation and an ability to reason flexibly with rational numbers Concepts from Math 6 & Math 7 are applied using abstract reasoning

27 Pre-Algebra Content Focus Use proportional reasoning to solve practical problems Evaluate algebraic expressions, including exponents, using the order of operations Differentiate between relations and functions and convert between different representations of a function Develop formulas for surface area and volume of pyramids and cones Apply transformations to geometric figures Use the Pythagorean Theorem to determine the length of a missing side on a right triangle Write and solve two-step equations and inequalities Organize and describe data in a matrix

28 Algebra I Algebra I students take the Algebra I End of Course SOL Test, which counts towards the verified credits needed for graduation An above-level course which counts towards the high school G.P.A. Requires a student who has developed strong number sense and is ready to extend it to more abstract concepts Fast-paced

29 Algebra I Content Focus Write and solve multi-step equations and inequalities in one variable Justify steps according to properties of the real number system Differentiate between relations and functions given data in multiple forms Graph linear functions and relationships using a variety of techniques Write equations for lines given points, graphs, tables, and/or information about slope Solve a system of linear equations Develop proficiency operating with polynomials Solve quadratic equations Compare/contrast sets of data by looking at statistical graphs and measures of central tendency Organize and manipulate data in matrices

30 Geometry Requires a student who has a strong grasp of all Algebra I concepts Geometry students will take the End of Course Geometry SOL test which counts for a verified credit towards graduation requirements Geometry counts towards the High School G.P.A. Fast-paced

31 Geometry Content Focus Use logical reasoning to determine validity of arguments and write proofs Develop an understanding of line and angle relationships and use algebraic methods to determine values of unknowns based on these relationships Investigate triangle congruence and similarity using proofs and postulates to justify relationships Use the Pythagorean Theorem, properties of special right triangles, and right triangle trigonometry to solve practical problems Investigate and identify properties of quadrilaterals Apply transformations to geometric figures and investigate the properties of each Discover properties of chords, arcs, angles, tangent, and secants as related to circles Develop and apply formulas for area of polygons as well as surface area and volume of three-dimensional figures


33 Lab Experiments Math/Science Center Activities Experimental Design Projects

34 Safety Measurement Motion Forces Heat Light Electricity Chemistry

35 Civics and Economics

36 Builds on 5 th,6 th & 7 th Grade Social Studies Local Government State Government National Government

37 U. S. and World Trade

38 Economics Historical Documents Current Events Election Process

39 Political Cartoons Geography Reading Maps & Graphs

40 Academic Instructional Time



43 You do need a gym suit. You do have to run. You have a gym locker. You have fun. You will not run all period long. You do not have PE every day, it meets every other day. Some days you have Health.

44 Fall Sports Football Boys’ Soccer Girls’ Basketball Girls’ Tennis Cheerleading Winter Sports Boys’ Basketball Wrestling Gymnastics Cheerleading (continued) Spring Sports Boys’ Tennis Girls’ Soccer Track Boys’ Baseball Girls’ Softball You must have a VHSL physical form on file before the first day of practice. It must be dated after May 1.

45 MUSIC EDUCATION Band Chorus Strings

46 Band Band is a graded class. Practice and concerts are a big part of the grade.

47 Chorus Sing a variety of musical styles. Chorus is a graded class. Class rehearsals and concerts are a big part of the grade. No experience necessary!

48 Strings Students with prior experience may be combined with students without experience into the same class as numbers dictate. Strings is a graded class. Practice and concerts are a big part of the grade.

49 Music Opportunities Jazz Band 8 th Grade Show Choir Strolling Strings Concerts All County


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