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EIGHTH GRADE ORIENTATION Washington Community High School Counseling Office.

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1 EIGHTH GRADE ORIENTATION Washington Community High School Counseling Office

2 WCHS 2014-2015 Counseling Staff Mrs. Michael Damery A-E – Mrs. Deanna ZehrF-L – Mrs. Erin HollenkampM-R – Mr. Patrick CoughlinS-Z – Mrs. Laurie RyanRegistrar

3 Objectives Schedule of Events Room Arrangements EXPLORE Testing/Results Eighth Grade Placement Request for Teacher Assessment Sample Course Schedule Driver Education Summer School Important Dates

4 Schedule of Events 6:00-6:15 p.m.Get placements/materials in group 6:15-6:45 p.m.Counselor Presentation 6:50-7:05 p.m.Period 1 – Attend 1 of following: –P.E./Athletic Information– Torry Gym –Band Information – Rm 204 –Chorus Information – Rm 206 –Club/Activity Programs – Torry Gym 7:10-8:50 p.m.Periods 2-8 (see next slide)

5 Schedule of Events 8:40-8:50 p.m.Athletic & Band recaps or 2 nd Elective info –Follow schedule under alphabetical group (by last name) –Then find proper room, i.e. Honors or OTT (other sheet) –Electives are anything but English/Math/Sci/OTT –Special Education: Go to Rm 151 sometime during evening TimePeriodAdams – Chandler Church – Green Hackney – Knox Koehl – Nieukirk Nimrick – Speck Sporrer– Zimmerman 7:10-7:20 2P.E.ElectiveOrient. To Tech.* ScienceMathEnglish 7:25-7:35 3EnglishP.E.ElectiveOrient to Tech.* ScienceMath 7:40-7:50 4MathEnglishP.E.ElectiveOrient to Tech.* Science 7:55-8:05 5ScienceMathEnglishP.E. ElectiveOrient to Tech.* 8:10-8:20 6Orient. to Tech.* ScienceMathEnglishP.E.Elective 8:25-8:35 7ElectiveOrient to Tech.* ScienceMathEnglishP.E 8:40-8:50 8 Band follow-up if you missed first session Room 204 Pick up information for second elective during this time.

6 Room Arrangements Required Courses are as follows: CourseRoomInstructor English Comp & Lit140Mrs. Milano English 1242Mrs. Metz English 1H134Mrs. Liescheidt BK Algebra 1247Ms. Keyes Algebra 1246Mr. Ballard Algebra 1H254Mr. Little Lab Science232Mr. Luginbuhl Biology231Ms. Wallrich Biology H236Mr. Kingdon Orientation to Technology B8 / B9 / B10 Mrs. Ege/ Mrs. Gardner/ Mr. Brooks Physical EducationWest GymMs. Davis

7 8 th Grade - EXPLORE 10 th Grade - PLAN 11 th Grade - ACT ACT used for college admissions, scholarships and day one of PSAE testing The tests are linked and pinpoint areas of weakness College Readiness (EXPLORE Score Range 1-25): –English (13), Math (17), Reading (15), Science (20) Additional information at EXPLORE Testing

8 EXPLORE Results Composite Score17 English 17 Usage/Mechanics (1-12) 09 Rhetorical Skills (1-12) 08 Mathematics 18 Reading 15 Science 16 76% 74% 79% 71% 88% 66% 59% Score Range 1-25 1% 10% 25% 50% 75% 90% 99%

9 Eighth Grade Placement English Math Science Honors Track English 1 HonorsAlgebra 1 HonorsBiology Honors English Score 21-25 and Reading Score 17-25 Math Score 21-25Science Score 20-25 and Algebra 1H or Algebra 1 Standard Track English 1Algebra 1Biology English Score 21-25 and Reading Score 16 or less OR English Score 14-20 OR English Score 13 and Reading Score 17-25 Math Score 16-20 Math Score 12-15 Science Score 17-19 Science Score 16 or less Block Algebra 1 Lab Science English 1 Comp. & Lit. English Score 12 or less OR English Score 13 and Reading Score 16 or less

10 Request for Teacher Assessment _________________________ Student Name Parent Name_________________________ Address Phone Number I would like the eighth grade teaching staff to assess my son/daughter in the following subjects and tracks: (Please Check) (Please Circle) ____ MathAcademicHonors ____ ScienceAcademicHonors ____ EnglishAcademicHonors (Located in orientation packet)

11 Request for Teacher Assessment Eighth grade teacher will complete competency checklist Mail/drop off request at your Junior High by March 4 th not Principal does not make the decision Counselors decide placement based on competency results Counselor will send a letter about final placement A retest will be offered May 9 th, 2014, if not granted change

12 Sample Course Schedule Washington Community HS Time: 1:14 PM Date: 02/25/2014. – 010029 Student requests WILSOWIL000 William Wilson Grad Yr 2018 Homeroom Advisor CRSE DESCRIPTN CRDTS 70701 PAC -a.000 70702 PAC -b.000 15500 Orient. To Tech.500 31501 English 1 -a.500 31502 English 1 -b.500 57001 Spanish 1 -a.500 57002 Spanish 1 -b.500 60001 Algebra 1 -a.500 60002 Algebra 1 –b.500 70501 *PE Freshman -a.500 70502 *PE Freshman - b.500 76001 Biology - a.500 76002 Biology - b.500 81000 Western Geog - a.500 Requests: 14 Total crdts & fees: 6.000

13 Driver Education (For the Class of 2018) Birthdate on or before December 1, 1999: Driver Ed 2 nd sem. The classroom part of Driver’s Ed is a graduation requirement PAC/Study Hall for 2 nd semester replaced with Driver Ed Weeks 1 and 2 of the semesterDriver Ed Class Monday - Friday Weeks 3-18Monday, Wednesday, & Friday – PAC/Study Hall Tuesday & Thursday – Driver’s Ed Class Weeks 3-18BTW (Behind the Wheel) One day per week Must pass 8 classes over the previous 2 semesters. Students must take 4 classes for GPA each semester. Driver’s Ed does not count.

14 Summer School Registration begins May 19 th, 2014, at 8 a.m. Room 167, Student Services Office Cost: $110.00/$50 for additional class (Do not mail) Orientation to Technology (OTT) –Tentative Dates: June 16 th - July 18 th –Number of sections dependent on enrollment Algebra 1H –Tentative Dates : June 16 th - July 18 th –Tentative Times : 7:30-10:00 –Must complete independent coursework during May –For more information: See Algebra 1H teacher tonight Summer School

15 Skyward Online access to student information Check your student’s grades, accounts, etc. Password/login will be mailed in the summer Please contact Student Services with questions: –

16 Summer School Dates to be looking for: Freshman Registration Freshman Day First Day of School When available, these dates will be posted on the school website and in the newspaper Registration

17 Please fill out the Evaluation Form and place in the box in the main hallway We look forward to seeing you in the Fall! View this presentation on our website: services/counseling

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