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1st Replacement Company In-brief

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1 1st Replacement Company In-brief
1SG G 1 May 2008

2 AGENDA Purpose Leadership Philosophy Guiding Principles Zero tolerance
Questions The WAY AHEAD for next month’s PRBD.

3 To provide the Soldiers in 1RC my philosophy…
PURPOSE To provide the Soldiers in 1RC my philosophy… Here is an outline of the brief.

Do what is legally and morally right. If I ask you to do something and you know it is wrong, TELL ME !!!! Do your best everyday Leave it better than you found it Treat others as you want to be treated with dignity and respect Profanity is incompatible with good leadership Timely response to all issues and concerns 4

5 GUIDING PRINCIPLES Tell the truth, you will explain less later
Do not reinvent. If the Army has a system that works, use it Keep the leadership informed, bad news does not get better with age, I want to know immediately If there are problems in 1RC I want to know If you are involved in an accident, hospitalization, misconduct I need to know immediately Open door Policy: Attempt to resolve the problem at the lowest level. I am available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If you need me bad, contact Don’t go straight to the commander, Use your chain of command 5

6 GUIDING PRINCIPLES If you don’t know the answer, don’t shoot
from the hip (research it) Integrity is non-negotiable Military correspondence completed IAW AR 25-50, run spell check, check your grammar and logic. I actually read and understand documents before I sign them. If I do not understand an issue I will ask for an explanation You may understand the issue, but I need to. If I am going to make a decision I need all the facts Knowledge is power – so share it. Seek excellence in whatever you do Communication 6

7 GUIDING PRINCIPLES The most important resource the Army has is you, the individual Soldier, if you have health issues get the treatment you need 1RC is a team effort, respect each other, get over minor issues, learn from each other Army values, standards, regulations and policies are non-negotiable. Army values are more than a wall poster or plastic tag Admit mistakes – smile – correct and move on Honest mistakes are underwritten, some mistakes are unrecoverable Disagreement is not disrespect – once decision is made support it 7

8 CAREER PROGRESSION Military/Civilian Education Know your job
Military Training NCO/Soldier/KATUSA/SAMC Gen Paik Board Use Time Wisely 8

9 ZERO TOLERANCE Integrity issues DUI/Alcohol abuse Drug use
Sexual harassment Disrespect 9

10 QUESTIONS ??? 10

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