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Algebra 1 Missy Smart North Buncombe Middle School.

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1 Algebra 1 Missy Smart North Buncombe Middle School


3 WHO IS MISSY SMART? I am married to Rusty Smart, a barber and part-time minister. I have three children, Coleman, Cameron, and Caylee. We live in Barnardsville. I graduated from Western Carolina University in 1995. I have been teaching for 16 years. In 2004, I became National Board Certified.

4 Algebra 1 is a high school course  Students take both EOG and EOC  EOC counts as 25% of final grade  Students may not be dropped after 20 school days  Students normally follow-up with Geometry or Geometry Honors  Must follow attendance guidelines of high school

5 High School Attendance Guidelines  Cannot miss more than 5 days per semester or 10 days for the year  Must be in class at least 1 hour to get credit for that day  Class is 8:10-9:40, therefore a student must be present by 8:40 or cannot leave until 9:10


7 About Connected Math  Connects strands  Connects the subjects areas  Connects to real life situations  Connects to earlier investigations and develops deeper understandings The Goal of CMP is to make students…  researchers  communicators  free thinkers





12 Algebra 1 NC Standard Course of Study Objectives

13 8 th grade NC Standard Course of Study Objectives

14 DAILY CLASSROOM SUPPLIES  Journal  Textbook  Pencils  Paper  Graphing calculator  4-pack of AAA batteries for your graphing calculator

15 GRAPHING CALCULATOR  You do not have to purchase a graphing calculator, but if you do we recommend: TI-83 Plus or TI-84 Plus

16 TI-83 PLUS

17 TI-84 PLUS

18 GRADING SYSTEM  Warm-ups & mini-assessments10%  Homework & Classwork 20%  Quizzes30%  Tests40%

19 HOMEWORK  Given daily Monday-Thursday  Unless it has been a snow week or something out of the ordinary, I do not give homework on Friday  Homework should not be a list of answers; explain thinking

20 After School Tutoring  There are no funds available for after school tutoring at this time.  If a student needs help, I am available some afternoons, but not on a consistent basis.  Student should solicit the help. Parent should never force a student to come or it will be a waste of my time and theirs.


22 CONTACT INFORMATION   School phone 645-7944  Planning time 1:30-3:00 PM  After school until 4:00 PM most days except Tuesdays

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