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9 th Grade Student Meeting For 2014-15 Sophomores Berea – Midpark High School Class of 2018 Welcome to Berea-Midpark High School Home of the Titans.

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2 9 th Grade Student Meeting For 2014-15 Sophomores Berea – Midpark High School Class of 2018 Welcome to Berea-Midpark High School Home of the Titans

3 Principal Mr. Ruggiero Asst. Principals Mr. Mucha Mr. Rhamy Mr. Riccio Mr. Soos Athletic Director Mr. Cistolo Berea-Midpark High School Administrators

4 Berea-Midpark High School Guidance Counselors Last Names Counselors A-E Mr. Schuff F-L Ms. Kolis M-R Dr. Ruebensaal S-Z Mrs. Wolf College & Career Mrs. Kelley

5 Welcome Middleburg Heights Junior High Students to Berea-Midpark High School Class of 2018 The goals for this presentation are: To explain the high school scheduling process. To help you understand the requirements for graduation and the minimum core for colleges. To give you a basic understanding of Berea-Midpark High School.

6 PERIODSTART - ENDMINUTES 1 7:20 - 8:0949 2 8:13 - 9:0754 3 9:11 - 10:0049 4 (L) 10:04 - 10:2723 5 (L) 10:31 - 10:5322 6 (L) 10:57 - 11:2023 7 (L) 11:24 - 11:4622 8 (L) 11:50 - 12:1323 9 (L) 12:17 - 12:3922 10 12:43 - 1:3249 11 1:36 - 2:2549 2013-2014 BEREA-MIDPARK Bell Schedule

7 Typical Semester Schedule 17:20-8:09English 2 28:13-9:07Biology 39:11-10:00Spanish 2 410:04-10:27Health 510:31-10:53Study Hall 610:57-11:20Lunch 711:24-11:46American History/H 811:50-12:13Geometry 1012:43-1:32Economics 111:36-2:25Art Exploration

8 Berea-Midpark High School 2014-2015 Course Registration Guide

9 Important Items: Read your Registration Booklet carefully ! Use the Table of Contents at the front of the book to help you find necessary information. Read the important information on p. 4-19 Course descriptions by department start on page 20. Pages 70 – 72 list all of the courses offered at BMHS. This PowerPoint and the registration guide are all on the BCSD/BMHS website under Guidance.


11 COURSE SELECTION SHEET 2014-2015 Berea-Midpark High School CIRCLE A MINIMUM OF SIX ELECTIVES COURSE CODEENGLISHMUSICSOCIAL STUDIES 3....10th Graders250-8 AP English Lit. & Composition536-5Advanced Choir648-7AP American Gov. & Politics 4....10th & 11th Graders252-6AP Language & Composition538-5Advanced Choir H650-7AP European History 5....10th thru 12th Graders254-8British Literature540-5Band - Symphonic652-5AP U.S. History 6....11th Graders256-8College Composition542-5Winds Symphonic655-7American Government 7....11th & 12th Graders258-8College Prep English544-5Winds Symphonic H656-7American Government H 8....12th Graders259-8 Communication-21st Century546-2Men's Chorus666-5Economics 262-5Drama and Performance548-5Women's Chorus H667-5Economics H 272-3English 2550-5Show Choir668-8Senior Seminar (290-8) 274-3English 2 H552-5Women's Chorus669-7 Contemporary World Issues H ART278-6English 3554-5Jazz Band670-5Minorities 100-7Advanced Art Seminar284-5Journalism556-5Guitar Class671-5Pop Culture 102-7Advanced Art Seminar H286-8Modern Literature558-5Philharmonia Orchestra672-7Psychology 104-5Airbrush 1287-5Publications & Productions S560-5Philharmonia Orchestra H673-7Sociology 105-5Airbrush 2288-5Publications & Productions Y562-5Orchestra - Symphonic676-5American History 106-5Art Exploration Y290-8Senior Seminar (668-8)563-5Orchestra - Symphonic H678-5American History H 108-5Art Exploration S292-7Speech/Debate564-5Concert Orchestra680-7AP Psychology 110-5Ceramics/Sculpture Intro Y 566-5Music Theory 112-5Ceramics/Sculpture Intro S 568-5Concert Wind EnsembleWORLD LANGUAGES 114-5Ceramics/Sculpture Adv. HFAMILY AND CONSUMER SCI.300-5French 1 118-5Commercial Art Intro. Y360-5Child DevelopmentPROJECT LEAD THE WAY302-5French 2 120-5Commercial Art Intro. S362-5Manage Transitions410-5Intro. to Engineering Design304-5French 3 122-5Commercial Art Adv. H364-5Healthy and Safe Foods412-5Principles of Engineering306-7French 4 H 126-5Painting/Drawing Intro. Y368-5Healthy Living414-5Digital Electronics308-8French 5 H 128-5Painting/Drawing Intro.S370-5Financial Management I418-5Engineering Design & Dev.310-5German 1 130-5Painting/Drawing Adv.371-5Financial Management II420-5Principles of Biomedical Sci.312-5German 2 132-5Painting/Drawing Adv. H374-5Career Search I422-5Human Body System314-5German 3 H 134-5Photography 1375-5Career Search II424-5Medical Interventions316-7German 4 H 135-5Photography Advanced 426-5Biomedical Innovations318-8German 5 H 140-8Senior Art Exploration YHEALTH AND PHYSICAL ED.332-5Spanish 1 142-8Senior Art Exploration S342-5Indoor CyclingSCIENCE334-5Spanish 2 144-5Visual Effects and Design-1343-5Fitness and Wellness600-7Organic Chemistry H336-5Spanish 3 (.50 Credit Course)344-5Walk Jog Run604-7Anatomy & Physiology338-7Spanish 4 H 146-5Visual Effects and Design-2345-5Water Recreation602-7Astronomy340-8Spanish 5 H (1.00 Credit Course)351-5Health606-7AP Environmental Science390-7AP Spanish Language BUSINESS EDUCATION352-5Lifeguarding608-3Biology H392-5Mandarin Chinese 1 150-5Accounting 1355-5Team Sports610-3Biology394-5Mandarin Chinese 2 151-5Accounting 2356-5Basketball612-5AP Biology396-5Mandarin Chinese 3 158-5Business Management357-5Lifetime Recreation614-5Chemistry H398-7 Mandarin Chinese 4 - Honors 163-5Career Success Skills358-5Sports Training616-5Chemistry400-7 Mandarin Chinese 5 - Honors 166-5Personal Finance359-5Weight Training618-7CLOSESTUDY HALL MATHEMATICS628-7Physics H1-5Study Hall - Semester One CAREER & TECHNICAL ED.506-7Statistics630-7Physics2-5Study Hall - Semester Two 794-5OWE-CBI507-7Topics of Calculus632-8AP Physics LATE ARRIVAL & EARLY RELEASE 508-3Algebra 1634-7Zoology5-7Late Arrival - Semester One COMP. SCIENCE AND INFO. TECH.512-7Algebra 2 6-7Late Arrival - Semester Two 204-5 Integrating Tech. 21st Century514-8Functions & Trig. 2 7-7 Early Release - Semester One 205-5 Advanced Tech. 21st Century516-5Geometry 8-7 Early Release - Semester Two 206-5Digital Media518-7Precalculus Mathematics 208-5AP Computer Science A520-7Functions & Trig.1 209-5Web Page Design & Dev.522-4Algebra 2 H 210-5Networking524-8AP Calculus (AB) 211-5Intro. Game Design & Prog.526-5Geometry H 213-5Intro. Visual Basic Prog.528-7Precalculus Math H 530-8AP Statistics

12 CORE REQUIREMENTS FOR COLLEGE ADMISSION It should be noted that the minimum requirements for a high school diploma do not necessarily meet the entrance requirements for post high school education. The following are the Ohio Board of Regents recommendations of college preparatory programs for unconditional acceptance at Ohio private and public colleges and universities: 4 units of English, with emphasis on composition 4 units of Mathematics (beginning with Algebra 1) 3 units of Social Studies 3 units of Science 2 units of World Language (same language) 1 unit of Fine Arts

13 Participants in interscholastic sports and activities must enroll in and pass a minimum of 2.5 credits per semester (excluding.25 volunteer credit) and have a 1.5 or higher grade point average in the 9 weeks grading period preceding the sport to be eligible to compete. Students who do not pass 2.5 credits are ineligible for the entire next grading period. If the age of 19 is attained on or after August 1, the athlete is eligible to participate through the school year. An athlete has only eight semesters of eligibility, counting ninth grade, regardless of whether he/she has participated in athletics. Summer school credits do not pertain to athletic eligibility. ATHLETIC AND INTERSCHOLASTIC ACTIVITY ELIGIBILITY

14 A. Earn four units of English B. Earn four units of mathematics, including Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 and another higher level math course. C. Earn four units of science, including physics and chemistry. D. Earn four units of social studies. E. Earn three units of one world language or two units each of two world languages. F. Earn one unit of fine arts. G. Maintain an overall grade point average of at least 3.5 on a 4.0 scale, through the first semester of the senior year. H. Obtain a composite score of 27 on the American College Test (ACT) or a total score of 1210 on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) based on critical reading and math. Honors Diploma

15 Honors or Regular Classes? Each honors class requires at least ½ hour per night of homework. They also require extensive critical thinking skills. A teacher recommendation is required to enroll in any Honors class. Meet with your current counselor or teacher to determine how many Honors classes are appropriate. There is often summer reading for Honors courses.

16 During Scheduling Time 10 graders will select: Required Classes: English Math Science Social Studies Electives: -3, -4 -5 codes –Computer –Music –Art –Family & Consumer Science –Phys. Ed. Electives –World Languages –P.L.T.W. –AVID Sophomores considering attending POLARIS junior and senior years should consider the following: 1. Polaris students receive.50 credit computer. 2. Polaris students will take 3 classes at the high school their junior and senior year. 3. Sophomores should complete the following classes in order to attend Polaris: Health, two.25 PE Credits, World Language requirements if college bound, and the financial literacy requirement.

17 YOUR COURSE SELECTION SHEET: Both first semester and second semester are listed. Teachers will recommend an English, Math, Science, and Social Studies class. These classes meet semester 1 and semester 2. Choose your electives from the back and transfer your top choices to the front. Circle 4 extra electives on the back that you did not put on the front for your "dream schedule." Most electives are semester classes but some meet all year like Music and World Languages. This is your Dream Schedule. Scheduling conflicts and other variables may prevent a sophomore from receiving the exact schedule requested.Remember there are 2 more years!

18 Other Reminders Your course request sheet is due on January 27. Have your parents sign it and turn it in to your course enrichment teacher. Parochial students should return all the appropriate enrollment forms and the course request sheets to Mrs. Lippy, Berea-Midpark Records Secretary. Please schedule an appointment with her by calling 216-898-8900 Ext. 5410. This PowerPoint and the registration guide are all on the BCSD/BMHS website under Guidance.

19 GET INVOLVED! Students who are involved in an activity are more likely to enjoy their time in school. Also, research shows that students who are involved have higher grades.

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