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Integrating Technology into the Curriculum Dutton Christian School Teachers CEA October 22, 2004 Techie Teaching.

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2 Integrating Technology into the Curriculum Dutton Christian School Teachers CEA October 22, 2004 Techie Teaching

3 Dutton Christian School Elementary  Large lab of 26 computers  Media center with 4 computers  40 to 60 minutes of lab use per week taught by classroom teacher  Grades 3-5, additional time for keyboarding and Math facts

4 Dutton Christian School Middle School  Lab of 20 computers  Media lab of 15 computers  2 class periods of technology per week taught by technology instructor  Additional time as needed for projects

5 Dutton Christian School Integration Considerations  Technology skills- TechWorks  Higher order thinking  Cooperative skills  Interest  Cross-discipline  Differentiation

6 Kindergarten Logging in Typing password

7 Kindergarten Alphabet book KidPix Studio/AppleWorks

8 First Grade- Fifth Grade Math Facts in a Flash Math Facts in a Flash  Individualized testing  Great for evaluation  Does not teach facts well  Allows for differentiation

9 First- Eighth Grade Accelerated Reading Program  Checks comprehension  Motivates reading for some

10 First/Second Grade Spelling list Spelling list  AppleWorks  Spell Check Classroom Map Classroom Map  AppleWorks

11 First/Second Grade Internet Internet   Internetforclassrooms.c om Internetforclassrooms.c om Internetforclassrooms.c om Christmas Around the World Christmas Around the World  Research a country online  Add info to booklet

12 First/Second Grade Animal report  Visit the zoo  Research online using Yahooligans  Type report  AppleWorks Draw

13 Second Grade Money Work- Kidspiration, Zoozillions

14 First/Second Grade Ocean Creatures  Online research- enchantedlearning.c om  Reports with pictures People magazine  Interview classmate  Take digital picture

15 Second Grade Story map  Title  Characters  Setting  Problem  Solution  AppleWorks Presentation

16 Third Grade- Eighth Grade Type to Learn Type to Learn  Individualized keyboarding  Hands covered  Allows for differentiation

17 Third Grade Planet Booklets Planet Booklets  Find three facts  Copy planet picture  Kidspiration

18 Third Grade Simple Machines Simple Machines  Kidspiration  Add definitions  Find examples

19 Fourth Grade Animals  Hyperstudio Animal Kingdom Animal Kingdom  Hyperstudio

20 Fourth Grade Electricity  Hyperstudio

21 Fourth Grade Continents  Hyperstudio Africa Africa  Hyperstudio

22 Fifth Grade States Web Games States Web Games  http://www.sheppardso s.htm http://www.sheppardso s.htm http://www.sheppardso s.htm The Great Plant Escape The Great Plant Escape  http://www.urbanext.ui http://www.urbanext.ui http://www.urbanext.ui  Create a table with plant parts and foods we eat

23 Fifth Grade Plate Tectonics Plate Tectonics  bh/aso/tryit/tectonics/s hockwave.html bh/aso/tryit/tectonics/s hockwave.html bh/aso/tryit/tectonics/s hockwave.html National Inspirer Road Trip National Inspirer Road Trip  Tom Snyder Decisions, Decisions Decisions, Decisions  Tom Snyder

24 Sixth Grade Egyptian Art Egyptian Art  il/pages/samegyptianmr.html il/pages/samegyptianmr.html il/pages/samegyptianmr.html  Exploring Egyptian art using the Internet

25 Sixth Grade Personal History Personal History  Hyperstudio

26 Sixth Grade Math Graphing Math Graphing  Surveys  Record results in spreadsheet  Graph results  Interpret results  AppleWorks or Excel

27 Sixth Grade Holocaust Slide Show Holocaust Slide Show  Part of Holocaust unit  Research online  AppleWorks or PowerPoint

28 Sixth Grade Books Read Database Books Read Database  AppleWorks database  Grades 6-8 Geography Slide Show Geography Slide Show Geography Slide Show Geography Slide Show  Five themes of geography  Examples, pictures of each continent studied  Grades 6-7  AppleWorks Presentation

29 Sixth Grade Greek Claymations Greek Claymations  Research myth or legend  Write script  Make sets and characters  Take Pictures  Download to computer  Edit pictures  Record sound  iMovie

30 Seventh Grade Native Americans map Native Americans map  Paint the cultural areas  Record information about each group  Hyperstudio

31 Seventh Grade Explorer Interview Explorer Interview  Research online, CD and print materials  Write a script  AppleWorks presentation

32 Seventh Grade Revolutionary War News Revolutionary War News  AppleWorks

33 Seventh Grade Constitution Constitution  Inspiration

34 Eighth Grade 60 Minutes- Civil War 60 Minutes- Civil War iMovie iMovie

35 Eighth Grade Civil War Timeline Civil War Timeline  AppleWorks Draw

36 Eighth Grade Chocolate Business Chocolate Business  AppleWorks

37 Eighth Grade Chocolate Recipe Spreadsheet Chocolate Recipe Spreadsheet

38 Eighth Grade Chocolate Business Spreadsheet Chocolate Business Spreadsheet

39 Eighth Grade Chocolate Business Stockholder Database Chocolate Business Stockholder Database

40 Eighth Grade Chocolate Business Chocolate Business Stockholder letter

41 Eighth Grade Cold War Project Cold War Project  Research using books, encyclopedias, online  Gather digital pictures, maps and movies on the topic  Write a news report on one topic  Read a fiction or nonfiction book on a Cold War topic  Film news report  Edit news report, adding pictures, maps, and movies  Summarize topic on a web page  Embed movie in web page AppleWorks or Word, iMovie, Netscape Composer, QuickTime Pro

42 Sixth Grade Waves Waves  Hyperstudio

43 Sixth Grade Science Cells Science Cells  AppleWorks Draw  Draw and label parts of cell  Plant Cell  Animal Cell

44 Sixth Grade Cell Cycle Cell Cycle  Hyperstudio

45 Seventh Grade Fish Cutaway Fish Cutaway Appleworks Paint/Draw

46 Seventh Grade The Great Solar System Rescue The Great Solar System Rescue  Tom Snyder

47 Eighth Grade The Water Cycle The Water Cycle  PowerPoint  Draw and animate

48 Evaporation Transpiration Condensation Precipitation Surface Rundown By: Hannah Vander Lugt

49 Eighth Grade Dynamic Earth Dynamic Earth  Hyperstudio  Internet Pictures or Drawing

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