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Marie Rose Julie Billiart pamphlet by Marie Julie Alvarez, SNDdeN.

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1 Marie Rose Julie Billiart pamphlet by Marie Julie Alvarez, SNDdeN

2 July 12, 1751 Do you know this young woman? Julie Billiart was a country girl, born in the village of Cuvilly in the north of France. She had the happiness of being baptized the same day she was born, July 12, 1751.

3 Is there anything in your life that draws you to her? Julie’s parents had seven children but only three of them lived. She loved her parents and brothers and sisters dearly. She liked to play and talk to her friends, old and young, and to share faith with everyone.

4 1760 Do you remember your first communion? The priest of Cuvilly, Father Dangicourt, allowed little Julie to make her first communion at the age of nine, 1760, because he saw that she was ready. Her love for God continued to grow. In 1764 at the age of 13 she was confirmed.

5 1767 Do you need to work as she worked? There was a robbery in the town, in the shop of Mr.Billiart who lost almost everything. Julie lost no time and at the age of sixteen, 1767, she began to work in the field as a laborer. On her free days she would walk or go by donkey to other towns to sell the remaining merchandise.

6 1782 Have you ever been so scared it made you sick? One afternoon in 1773 when Julie and her father were at home, they heard a shot being fired through the window. Her father was not hurt but Julie fell sick as a result of the shock and distress caused by the shot. In 1782 at the age of 31 she was crippled.

7 Does suffering bring you closer to God? Julie’s illness continued. She spent months in bed. At times she was unable to speak, yet her friendship with God grew and deepened. God came closer and Julie responded; she reached a very high level of friendship and union with God. She prayed for all and instructed people whenever she could.

8 1791 Have you ever suffered through violence? In 1789 when Julie was 38 years old the French Revolution began. It was a reign of terror! Since Julie was a spiritual leader and the soldiers were ordered to capture her and burn her alive. Her friends helped her escape at the bottom of a cart covering her with hay! Felicite, her niece went with her. The year was 1791, Julie was 41.

9 Have you ever been abandoned and then befriended? When Julie and Felicite arrived at Compiegne, her drivers fled. Kind hearted people sheltered them for short periods of time due to the enormous risk of persecution. Julie escaped from being captured five times!

10 1793 In you my God I trust Ps25:1 During these years Julie had a vision. God revealed to Julie her future life’s work. Julie had a vision of a large luminous crucifix, surrounded by a multitude of women wearing an unfamiliar habit. “These are the daughters I will give you in an Institute marked with my cross.” It was Good Friday 1793. Julie was 42.

11 1794 What is a true friend? At the end of the reign of terror in 1794, a friend, the Countess Baudion, obtained housing for Julie and Felicite in the mansion of the Blin family in Amiens. Slowly, the members of the members of the family who had been saved from prison and guillotine began reunite. It was where Francoise Blin de Bourdon came home after months of imprisonment.

12 Francoise Blin de Bourdon According God’s plan Julie met Francoise for the first time. Julie, the “Saint” of Cuvilly, a poor peasant woman who was paralyzed, almost mute, and Francoise, a rich, gifted aristocrat – noble in mind and heart, who was a great friend of God.

13 Friendship comes from God. Julie immediately liked Francoise. However, it was only slowly and with great effort that Francoise came to appreciate the gifts of intelligence, fortitude, self- surrender, holiness and spiritual understanding that God had entrusted to Julie.

14 Friendship among three There began a profound friendship among the three: God, Julie and Francoise- a friendship that neither separation, nor time, nor death could break.

15 Have you ever experienced this? Father Antoine Thomas also came to Hotel Blin. The daily Mass he celebrated in secret in Julie’s small room consoled and encouraged everyone in the house. With amazement, helpless, almost unable to speak, she had attracted to her side several young women, including Francoise, sharing with them her life of prayer and enlightened spirituality.

16 1797 Blest are those persecuted for holiness sake: the reign of God is theirs. Mt 5:10 The Revolutionaries made several made several raids on the Blin’s house, and persecution forced Father Thomas to flee. In 1797 Miss Doria, a young member of the group, persuaded Julie and Francoise to seek tranquility in a more secure place- her castle at Bettencourt.

17 Julie knew how to wait for God, do you? In the peace of Bettencourt Julie got better. Here, also, the townspeople felt Julie’s mysterious attraction. Together, Julie and Francoise began to re- christianize the people who, until their arrival, had been abandoned by the clergy.

18 Your ways, O Lord, make known to me, teach me your paths… Ps 25:4 Françoise Blin decided to dedicate the rest of life and her extensive fortune to the education of the poor, the illiterate and the marginalized. She resolved to follow Julie, her spiritual guide. She was destined to become the co-foundress of the new Institute.

19 1803 You are the seed that must grow. You are the star that must shine. You are the yeast, the grain of salt, the torch that must light the way. 1803The year 1803 saw a small group established in a modest house on the Rue Nueve in Amiens. There was freedom to worship. Julie and Francoise began to look for “those spiritual daughters” promised in the Vision at Compiegne.

20 1803 It was not you who chose me, it was I who chose you to go forth and bear fruit. John 15:16 It was in Amiens, in the modest house on Rue Nueve, that the Sisters of Notre Dame assumed the spiritual traits of simplicity, obedience, and charity which were to characterize them wherever the Sisters went in the future. In 1803 Julie and Francoise publically consecrated their lives to the education of the poor and to training teachers.

21 1804 The first postulants were received on February 2, 1804. The first vows were taken Blessed Virgin Mary became their patroness.

22 Do you share what you are? Julie and her Sisters participated in the great mission of April-May held at Amiens Cathedral. It was there that Julie’s charism as an educator in the faith became evident. Imagine what she could accomplish if she were not paralyzed.

23 June 10, 1804 For man it is impossible: but for God all things are possible. Mt 19:26 Father Enfantin decided to ask God to cure Julie. He began a novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and asked Julie to pray for a certain person. Without knowing it, Julie was praying for herself! On June 10, 1804 Julie was miraculously cured!

24 1806 You are the light of the world. Mt 5:14 Totally restored, with surprising vigor and energy, Julie, together with Francoise and a few sisters, began the work in France and Belgium. On February 2, 1806, God revealed to Julie that her Sisters would go throughout the world carrying the light of Christ.

25 1809 Julie, Francoise, and the majority of the Sisters accepted the kind invitation of the Most Reverend Pisani de la Gaude, Bishop of Namur, to come to his diocese where, from then on, the Motherhouse has resided. For that reason the Sisters bear the title of Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur.

26 1816 My being declares the goodness of the Lord. Lk 1:46-47 Julie died as she lived: dedicated, content, loving and singing like Mary- “My soul magnifies the Lord” who is so good, faithful, powerful, and whose limitless mercy extends above all to the poor, throughout the centuries. April 8 th 1816 Julie died.

27 May 13, 1906 Born July 12, 1751 Crippled 1782 Visions 1793, 1806 Consecrated her life to God 1803 Miraculously cured June 10, 1804 Arrived in Belgium 1809 Died April 8, 1816 Beatified May 13, 1906 Canonized June 22, 1969

28 Credits “Friends you cannot forget” by Marie Julie Alvarez, SND de N

29 St. Julie, pray for us.

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