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Word File Sentences Patterns Expansion Writing Practice.

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2 Word File Sentences Patterns Expansion Writing Practice

3 I.expressions related to “the disabled” 1. old-fashioned or offensive expressions dumb/mute 啞的 lame/crippled 跛腳的 retarded 智障的 the handicapped 殘障人士

4 2. politically correct expressions the physically disabled/impaired/ challenged 肢體失能者

5 2. politically correct expressions blind/visually impaired/visually challenged 視障的 deaf/hearing impaired 聽障的 speech impaired 啞的 the disabled/people with disabilities 肢體或心智失能者

6 II. expressions related to “blind” 1. The blind leading the blind. 問道於盲。 2. People tend to be blind to their own faults. ( 無視於 …) 3. The policeman turned a blind eye to the double-parking along the street. ( 視若無睹 )

7 4. Without my glasses, I am as blind as a bat. ( 眼睛看不見 ) 5. These people's blind obedience to their leader sent them to a pointless war. ( 盲從 ) Back

8 Is Your School Handicap Accessible ?

9 Yes No Requirements □ □ 01. Is there an accessible route from public transportation to the entrance to your school? □ □ 02. Is the main gate wide enough for people in wheelchairs to pass through? □ □ 03. Are there any handicap parking spaces on campus?

10 Yes No Requirements □ □ 04. Are there dot tiles or bar tiles that can lead blind people to the main offices, elevators or restrooms? □ □ 05. Is there a ramp ( 斜坡 ) to the entrance of each building? □ □ 06. Does every ramp have a proper slope ( 坡度 ) and handrails?

11 Yes No Requirements □ □ 07. Is there an elevator in each multistory building? □ □ 08. In each elevator, is there a control panel that is no higher than 120cm above the floor? □ □ 09. Are there the Braille characters on the elevator control panel?

12 Yes No Requirements □ □ 10. Do elevator doors remain open for a minimum of ten seconds? □ □ 11. Are there handicap-friendly restrooms in each building? □ □ 12. Are there any handicap-friendly public telephones on campus? Back

13 Giving Reasons

14 In Helen Keller's “Three Days to See,” she told readers what she wanted to see if she had eyesight. Now imagine that you are blind and you will have eyesight for three days. Write a paragraph about what you would most like to see. Your topic sentence may point out the exact person or thing that you wish to see.

15 Then, give reasons to support your topic sentence. The reasons should be arranged in order of importance. Here are some useful transitional expressions:

16 Transitional Words or Phrases for Connecting Reasons enumeratingfirst, second, third, last, finally, the first..., the second..., the third..., the last..., the final..., one, another... adding information besides, moreover, in addition, furthermore...

17 indicating the order of importance more importantly, most importantly, what is more important, last but not least...

18 Sentence 3 (topic sentence) Three Days to See I was very moved by Helen Keller ’ s essay, “Three Days to See.” I tried to imagine what I would want to see if I were blind but given the chance to see for three days. If such a miracle could come true, I would want to see my family, my home, and my friends. Example:

19 Sentences 4-15 (reasons, arranged in order of importance) The people closest to us in this world are our family members. On the first day, I would want to see the love on my mother's face and the sincerity on my father's. I would also like to see my little brother's cute face, the one which delights my parents so.

20 I love my family so much that just one day with sight would satisfy me. A second day with sight would allow me to see the world of my home. I would like to see the colors of my room. How clean the kitchen must look because Mom is always taking care of it! Is a TV really all that interesting?

21 I would find out all of these on the second day. On the final day, I would want to see my friends. I have chosen them for their sincerity and honesty, but I would be curious about their looks. Most of all, I would like to see them smile because they have made me smile so many times.

22 Sentence 16-17 (conclusion) The experience of sight is one thing that we take for granted. Ironically, it is through a blind woman's eyes that I learned how precious it is to see.

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