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1 l Copyright James R. Gregory 2004.This work is the intellectual property of the author. Permission is granted for this material to be shared for non-commercial,

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1 1 l Copyright James R. Gregory 2004.This work is the intellectual property of the author. Permission is granted for this material to be shared for non-commercial, educational purposes, provided that this copyright statement appears on the reproduced materials and notice is given that the copying is by permission of the author. To disseminate otherwise or to republish requires written permission from the author.

2 SLAYING THE GIANT: 300 Classrooms with Networked Control Systems Metacontrol at the University of Minnesota l Midwest Regional Educause ‘04 l Chicago, IL l James Gregory l University of Minnesota l

3 3 Introduction Networked Classroom Control Systems: A New Paradigm for Design, Operation and Support. l Metacontrol: The control of control systems.

4 4 The Challenge: To bring advanced data-projection capability to 300 classrooms and installing easy-to-use systems while reducing maintenance costs and improving classroom uptime.

5 Organizational Structure

6 6 OCM University of Minnesota Office of Classroom Management OCM is the central point of contact, and single point of responsibility, for all general purpose classroom issues on the three Twin Cities campuses

7 7 OCM University of Minnesota Office of Classroom Management l Scheduling- Course Data Base l Classroom Support l Classroom Facilities Coordination l Classroom Technical Services

8 8 OCM University of Minnesota Office of Classroom Management Classroom Technical Services (CTS) l The strategic value of internal technology services –Faculty/Staff Communication/Responsiveness –Continuity of design philosophy –Standardization of systems –Synergy of technical expertise –Critical mass of engineers and technicians

9 9 OCM Technology Upgrade Plan: l To bring laptop projection capability, internet access and student wireless networking to all centrally scheduled Twin Cities classrooms (approx. 300) at the University of Minnesota.

10 10 Projection Capable Classroom Standard l Includes basic tech infrastructure for teaching & learning –Fixed data/video projection capability -- internet connectivity at instructor station -- VCR and/or other input device -- user friendly laptop interface -- standard operating protocol -- networked control system -- “Hotline” phone for instructor -- wireless networking -- May have other modular “add-on” capabilities Is the “baseline” for general-purpose classroom technology

11 Total Cost of Ownership Includes all the obvious and not-so-obvious costs of operating and maintaining the technology systems.

12 12 Recurring Lifecycle and Maintenance Cost Considerations

13 13 Recurring Cost Considerations Maintenance Costs: l Video/Data & OH projector bulb replacement l Video/Data projector filter maintenance l Data line/s & Phone line repairs l Repair of control, sound, media sources and all above systems l On call assistance and troubleshooting of systems

14 14 Design Factors (Install Cost & Ops/Staffing Implications) l Install Costs –Networking/ Wireless –Classroom Phones –Fixed vs. Carts –Fixed Classroom Computers l Operational/Staffing Costs –Computer Hardware Support –Software support –Phone Charges –Faculty Technology Support –Cart Support

15 15 Classroom Lifecycle and Maintenance Costs Technology Support Facilities

16 The Metacontrol Option A paradigm shift for lowering our maintenance and operating costs

17 17 Barriers Are Disappearing Audio/Video Information Technology

18 18 Overlapping Classroom Requirements Audio/Video Information Technology

19 19 Point of Integration Audio/Video Information Technology Intersection of network control with Multimedia-based communication

20 20 Types of Integration Points l Maintenance –Software Updates –Network downloadable l Monitoring –System Status –Error codes l Remote Control –Operation Takeover l Security –Online Tampering/Theft Notification

21 21 Both Sides Benefit & Bring Value Audio/Video Information Technology Internet, Access/Content Control, Communication, Security

22 22 UofM Classroom Standard “Projection Capable Classroom “ Technology Design

23 23

24 24

25 25 Basic Tactile Control Panel l Pushbutton Advantages: 1. Single User View 2. No Option Overload 3. Simplicity 4. Lower Cost 5. Lower Maintenance 6. ADA Friendly

26 26 “Projection Capable Classroom” Classroom Block Diagram

27 27 AMX Netlinx Controller PROJ Switcher Volume Control Audio Amp Speaker SOURCES VCR Laptop DVD Network Control Panel UofM Classroom Standard System

28 Classroom Technology System Block Diagram

29 29 Internet Classroom Control System/ web server Classroom Control System/ web server Networked Classroom Management Server Phone/Text Notification Classroom Graphic Control Page Error Messages Error events/ Button events Classroom Control System/ web server UofM Classroom Metacontrol System Police Department Theft Notification

30 30 Remote Control Features l Remote Control of: –Projector (on/off) –Sources (laptop, VCR, DVD, Doc Cam) –Video/ Audio Mute –Volume Level –System Lock-out –Service Mode

31 31 System Operation Normal

32 32 Data-Projector Monitoring l System reports hour meter readout on projector by inquiry l ( Projector error/status codes

33 33 Theft Prevention l Real time monitoring by the Campus Police through CTS management system l Local alarm and siren is activated by removal of projector or control lines l Password protection on classroom data projector

34 34 Equipment Management Module l Server and Management Software –Information Accumulation –History –Reports –Programmable Response configuration –Forwarding of Priority Notifications

35 35 Equipment Management Module l Software and server can accumulate time/date history of keypad selections on the system. l From this information, we can determine: –Equipment utilization statistics

36 36 U of M CTS Classroom Remote Monitoring System l Monitor classroom status l Receive alerts on problems l Hotline phone assistance l Manual takeover of controls l Compile data l Remote lockout l Schedule service l Remote shutdown for service l Theft alarms

37 37 CTS Remote Monitoring and Management System

38 38

39 39

40 40

41 41 Return On Investment (ROI) l Leveraged Returns (Value Added)

42 42 Technology Investment l Standardization l Ubiquitous Technology l Ease of Use l Metacontrol of Classrooms

43 43 ROI (Greater Classroom Quality) Measures: l Classroom Tuition $ –Efficiency –Economy –Return on tuition l Risk Management –Security –Technology Risk l Training –Controls Reduce Requirement l Equipment Tracking –Minimize Equipt. Checkouts

44 44 ROI (Greater Classroom Quality) Measures: l Increased Scheduling Efficiency l Higher Classroom Utilization l Reduction in Staffing Requirements l Reduction in Classroom Downtime l Reports & Trend Analysis l Faculty Attraction/Retention l Adoption of Technology l Leveraged Partnerships

45 Conclusions

46 46 Technology System Conclusions l Classroom One-Stop responsibility is important l Standardization and Ease of Use of Faculty interface is required l Future Technology demands will continue to grow l Lifecycle and Maintenance budgets must be obtained and justified l Metacontrol of classrooms is essential –

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