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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Digital Commons

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1 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Digital Commons

2 Some Background The Wesley McNair Papers Teaching the making of poetry “Poem cluster” concept “New & Selected” Colby College Special Collections

3 Challenge Capturing audio – Wes read the poems – Digital Marantz recorded them – Pat edited the wav files and converted them to mp3 College Special Collections

4 Challenge Choosing poem notebook pages – Evolution of poem creation – Three pages for each cluster – Transcription of content College Special Collections

5 Challenge Making the notebook pages legible – Wes deciphered notebook pages – Jack (student assistant) deciphered the transcription – Outcome: “scripts” in Word College Special Collections

6 Challenge Scanning Notebook Pages – NARA guidelines – Legibility – File naming McNair_ShortyTowers_D12-4_001_m – Collection Name – Abbreviated poem title – Notebook identifier – Sequence of notebook page (001, 002, 003) – m (for master file; c for cropped file) College Special Collections

7 Challenge Describing and Finding – Dublin Core – Complex objects Digital Commons – Simple objects only – Relationship links too far down on the page What to do?

8 Existing Search Outcomes Keyword  1 object You might really want… But would you give up before you found it? College Special Collections Keyword  1 object Change the Paradigm But – How?

9 Solution Logic…IF IF HOLDINGS are GENERIC – Not changeable (…a rose is a rose is a rose…) AND IF COLLECTIONS are UNIQUE – Changeable (audio, video, McNair, poetry) THEN – HOLDINGS are OBJECTS – COLLECTIONS are UNIQUE CODE – And can be interpreted as an OO situation

10 Solution Logic…THEN GIVEN that – Special Collections are OBJECT-ORIENTED We should then be able to USE OO logic in describing, identifying and displaying them YES!

11 Digital Commons Presentation

12 Digital Commons Presentation to Digital Commons Requesting – Change in their application – Virtual display before object display Outcome Agreement! But…it would be at least 2 years before we would see it. Sooooo….

13 The Interim Tool Search Web-based Able to mimic: – Complex object display Collection identity – Dublin Core metadata storage – Digital Commons keyword search – Google content search Easy to use and maintain College Special Collections

14 Why WordPress Free on Web WPMU being installed Complex object display – HTML capability – Categories Dublin Core metadata – Content Management Google and keyword search – Tags WYSIWYG intuitive College Special Collections

15 Target Digital Commons Architecture Search “The Mute” by Wes McNair Build real-time Relationship Display ~~~ Select Object Single Object MD Display simple object or complex relations? C S Object Finds “The Mute” and related objects College Special Collections

16 Target WordPress Architecture Audio Published Poem NBP1TRN1SBS1 NBP2TRN2SBS2 NPB3TRN3SBS3 Poem Title To object…to metadata

17 Too Much of a Good Thing A “virtual” plague of Tags and Categories

18 1 st “OMG” Moment Proliferation of posts… – 12 thumbnail objects per virtual Poem cluster PLUS – 3 objects per virtual Side-by-Side (opacity vs. duplication) PLUS – 12 matching metadata objects PLUS – 12 enlarged simple objects PER POEM! Colby College Special Collections

19 2 nd “OMG” Moment Plague of tags and categories – 5 system admin tags WITH – Up to 5 categories WITH – Up to 10 search tags PER POEM! College Special Collections

20 Rethinking the Mimicry Thing Do ONLY 5 poems for Digital Commons (-192 objects) (-3,840 tags and categories) Use WP search for Google capabilities (-8240 tags and categories) Ditch the displays that we didn’t need (-6 objects) (-120 tags and categories) College Special Collections

21 Follow the Rules Strict file naming convention Strict image sizing and resolution guidelines Extensive use of templates 50% opacity for overlays Font size and color Source image size Colby College Special Collections

22 After-the-Fact Epiphany Original author requirement: – Ability of users to read while listening – Ooops! Realization that the almost-final site design did not include this Mel was…dismayed…to hear this news College Special Collections

23 Design by Iteration Prototype 1 – We love it! Prototype 2 – We hate it! Prototype 3 – Ditch it – go back Prototype 4 – Let’s start over… Is inherently stressful… But it can lead to really insightful solutions…

24 2 Different but Equal Clusters 5 Digital Commons Cluster – Virtual display LEADING TO… Image objects leading to… – metadata Audio objects leading to… – metadata 42 Teaching Clusters – Virtual Display LEADING TO… Reading/Listening pages Commentary from Poet Teaching aids College Special Collections

25 Digital Commons Cluster Private 1.Mimics virtual display 2.Links to objects a)Audio b)Published Poem c)Notebook Pages d)Transcript Overlays 3.Links to metadata 1. 2a. 2b. 2c. 2d.

26 Teaching Cluster Public 1.Click to enlarge (any image) 2.Links to audio a) “Reading while Listening” b)Embedded audio on page 3.Notebook Pages 4.Transcript Overlays 5.Audio 1. 2a. 3. 4. 1. 2b.

27 Status Design phase concluded (or else!) Clusters still being added Non-cluster audio being added Teaching Clusters ready for promotion Digital Commons demo ready for presentation College Special Collections

28 Observations “It’s a good thing we didn’t know what we were in for.” “Stay organized.” “Keep your sense of humor!” College Special Collections

29 You’ve experienced THE ADVENTURE, Now view THE DEMO! (continue)continue

30 Home Page

31 Commentary

32 Lovers of the Lost

33 Notebooks

34 10 Teaching Questions

35 Teaching Tools

36 Reading Poetry Aloud

37 Scored Poem

38 Content Search

39 Content Search Result

40 Teaching Cluster Components Audio Published Poem Overlays Notebook Pages


42 Overlays

43 Reading and Listening

44 Listening

45 Metadata Object

46 Metadata Editing View

47 Dashboard - Posts

48 Dashboard - Pages

49 Dashboard - Templates

50 Tags and Categories

51 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Digital Commons Pat Burdick Erin Rhodes Mel Regnell Celtic music from Riverdance and other soundtracks Lightning sound by Ionizing monster sound Syna-Max ghost sound by Oscillator A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Digital Commons Q & A

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