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Using Summer School to Point the Way to the Common Core Classroom 1.

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1 Using Summer School to Point the Way to the Common Core Classroom 1

2 Webinar Guidelines To hear this webinar you will need to choose your audio mode. Go to the control panel in the upper right corner of your screen and click the button of how you will be listening. Your choices:  Use telephone  Use mic & speakers If using mic & speakers make sure your volume is turned up so you can hear If using the telephone please follow the instructions on your screen Technical difficulties? Contact SPN at 518-723-2063 All participants are on mute. 2

3 Webinar Guidelines All participants are on mute during the entire webinar. Presentation portion will be 30 minutes Questions and Answers portion will be 20-30 minutes To ask a question type it in the question control panel in the upper right corner of your screen.  Content questions will be answered in the order they were received at the end of the webinar presentation. The recording of the webinar and powerpoint will be archived on the Next Network site within 48 hours. 3

4 Lisa Dreher Academic Coach Harbour View Elementary Summerfield, Florida 4

5 Who Are Your Summer School Students?  Struggling Students  Academic Underachievers  ELL  IEP  Behavioral Difficulties 5

6 What Are the Challenges With These Students?  Academic Remediation  Disengagement  Lack of Motivation  Disconnect from Learning  Sustainability 6

7 Raising the Stakes: Common Core Expectations  Higher Standards  Demonstrate Work  Consistent Growth  Participation  Engagement with Learning 7

8 Raising the Stakes: Common Core Interventions  Backfilling Deficits  Growing to Proficiency  Differentiating  Reconnecting  Developing Motivation 8

9  Connect Academic Remediation to Social and Emotional Skill Building  Jump Start the Fall Common Core Classroom Summer School Opportunity: 9

10 Opportunity to Build:  Confidence  Study Skills  Pro-Social Skills  Self-Monitoring  Self-Regulation  Positive Interaction  Appropriate Engagement  Intrinsic Motivation 10

11 Rigor / Relevance Framework  Guides HVE Approach  Most Students Moving to Quadrant D  Question: How to get Struggling Students There? 11

12 Rigor, Relevance & Relationships  3 rd “R” – Relationships – was Critical for our Struggling Students  Seeing Disconnects as Early as 2 nd & 3 rd Grade  Needed an Approach that was Organic  Seeking to Catalyze Internal Motivation 12

13 Learning Together Model  Peer Tutoring  Peer Mentoring  Peer Teaching  Peer Learning Designed as Common Core Aligned to STAAR, SOL Reading or Math Grades 2-12 13

14 Learning by Teaching Pairing 2 Struggling Students Rigorous Content, Structure Scaffolded for Success Repairs Academic Deficits Engages Positive Psychological and Developmental Growth “Teaching is the highest form of understanding.” -- Aristotle 14

15 It Starts With… …Selection 15

16 Building Social and Emotional Skills  Leadership Academy  Scholars Institute 16

17 Common Core Lessons  Common Core Content Anchor Standards Learning Practices  Common Core Instruction Reading and Math Grades 2-12 17

18 Every Lesson is 2 Sessions 1.Learning & Practice Teachers to Tutors 18

19 Every Lesson is 2 Sessions 2.Application & Mastery Tutors to Tutees 19

20 Every Lesson is 2 Sessions 20

21 Learning Together Summer Options Reading Boost – Fluency & Comprehension  Reading Together – 2 nd Grade  Reading Together – 3 rd Grade  Reading Together Intermediate (4 th –6 th Grade Interest) Math Confidence Boost  Math Together Elementary: Critical Thinking  Available in English or Spanish Pre-Algebra “Boot Camp”  Get Ready 4 Algebra Advanced Reading & Writing Boost  Reading Together – Secondary (7 th Grade + Interest) 21

22 Inside Every Learning Together Program Proven Methodology and Structure  Peer Learning, Learn by Teaching Evidence Based, Research-Driven  Developmental Psychology  Brain Research  Best Teaching Practices Scaffolded Content  Academic Acceleration  Developing Pro-Social Skills 22

23 Extended Framework Social and Emotional Resilience Ethical Decision Making Exploring Career Pathways Building Study Skills Improving Test-Taking Skills 23

24 Teacher Support Training: 1 Day Planning & Calendaring All-Inclusive Kits Follow-up Coaching Support Resources 24

25 Results 3 rd Party Research Academic Achievement Improved Attendance Reduced Behavioral Referrals Consistent Across Districts, Subgroups Long-Term Impact 25 *Sample:Long-Term Reading Together Implementation, Cherry Creek, Colorado

26 Confidence… By Design 26

27 Take Aways  Build Social and Emotional Skills: Link to Academic Content  Don’t be Afraid to Pair Struggling Students  Structure is Critical: First Steps Must Drive Initial Success  Set Behavioral Expectations and Reinforce Constantly  Don’t Fake It: Students Know 27

28 Action Steps  Open Door to Real Responsibility  Reteach Fundamental Learning Skills  Allow Success then Expect Success  Incorporate Social and Emotional Support  Link to Rigorous Foundational Academic Content  Motivate, Monitor, Measure 28

29 29 Ready to Star in the Common Core Classroom

30 30 Contact Learning Together: Valerie Combrink 1-866-921-0000 (toll-free) or 1-336-852-6422 or Email:

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