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Collaboration Technologies Subcommittee of the ITLC September 21 st, 10:30am.

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1 Collaboration Technologies Subcommittee of the ITLC September 21 st, 10:30am

2 AGENDA Welcome the CTG Committee via Video Web Meeting Best Practices Service Now Review ▫Charles McIntyre Mobile Web Framework Update MWF ▫Rose Rocchio eMail RFP review ▫Nguyen Trieu Web Meeting for the ITLC – let’s get you ready!

3 Welcome Team! We unanimously feel that meeting via web conferencing has brought our team closer together ▫We share information faster ▫Others can take the lead on the meeting  More varied input from members ▫We see expressions, laughing, emotion ▫Meet the team…

4 Video/Web Conference Group Discussed custom needs for the ITLC to conduct effective meeting ▫High number of attendees ▫Transient locations / guest speakers ▫Last minute sharing of documents Discussed barriers for success ▫High amount of equipment set up ▫Travel required to get to proper rooms ▫Lack of training

5 Video/Web Conference meeting Discussed different options ▫Full video set up ▫Web conferencing ▫Collaboration tools

6 Video/Web Conference Group Conclusions ▫Usage of current web collaboration tools that allow video and file sharing best options  Reviewing WebEx Adobe Connect, Google Plus, Elluminate etc. ▫Technology selection is not the most important component  Set up and training for meeting usability is the most important factor  The video equipment instructions are always technical…  Success comes from  Meeting usability  Training  Practice – Practice - Practice

7 Video/Web Conference Demo Lets show what we learned ▫Moderator is important ▫Equipment checks audio IN and OUT ▫Understand handing off presentations ▫Video checks and locking users ▫Judicious usage of MUTE options ▫Keeping screens clear and presentations open Using video for the CTG update…..



10 eMail RFP Update - Nguyen Trieu Charge for the group Progress Made New Developments Discussion on Future

11 Video/Web Conference Group Next Steps ▫Work with ITLC on setting up a web conference ▫Training is Critical  Training must include more than just how to use the tool but a new manual that includes  Getting set up properly for the meeting (docs, speakers, placement)  Meeting etiquette (speaking, mute)  Meeting handoffs (meeting flow – accepting control quickly and how to pass off)  Communication styles

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