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Telehealth in the future The City of Tomorrow Institut de la Providence.

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1 Telehealth in the future The City of Tomorrow Institut de la Providence

2 Contents 1) What is Telehealth ? 2) Gerontotechnologies to take care of old people 3) Robotics 4) New health applications on mobile phones 5) Nursing home of the future

3 What is Telehealth ? Telehealth is the use of electronic information and telecommunications technologies to support long-distance clinical health care, patient and professional health-related education, public health and health administration. Technologies include videoconferencing, the internet, store-and-forward imaging, streaming media, and terrestrial and wireless communications.

4 Gerontotechnologies to take care of old people Gerontotechnologie is used to : - prevent social isolation : Different easy tricks are offered to ederly to help them to avoid loneliness: -Phones with big keys, with a picture of a member of - the family or of a friend. - avoid falls : The tango stick: stand up and prevent elderly people from bending down to pick up the stick. There are other systems of intelligent sticks for elderly people to take: -someone’s pulse -someone’s blood pressure -someone’s temperature with the help of sensors on the forearms.

5 - to help elderly people with memory losses with the guardian - angel wristwatch Not bigger than a watch, it has 3 functions: - Mobile phone for emergency calls - Alarm system - GPS localisation system

6 Robotics (1) Robotics, application of the future : - Domestic robots give medical assistance. There are robots that help walking: walking frame with mobile monitoring system to prevent falls and control physiological parameters. - Domestic robots as domestic help: household robotics is used to automate simple home tasks. Thanks to the « smart » tea kettle, for instance, a member of the family can know if his parent is being active through an everyday life task such as the preparation of a cup of tea. -Hubots or human robots that are able to realize some home tasks and some medical cares.

7 Robotics (2) Humanoid robot or hubot to take care at home of old people (Swedish tv serie : Realhumans)

8 New health applications on mobile phones (1) This App is a medical dictionary. The user will find everything he needs to know about the structure and the functioning of the body in general and of each organ in particular. He will also learn more about the causes, the symptoms and the treatments of the illnesses, affections and traumas that disturb the health of the body and the spirit

9 New health applications on mobile phones (2) This App enables you to have your medical file on your smartphone (with personal informations,medicines,allergies).

10 New health applications on mobile phones (3) This App allows you to assess the risk of colorectal cancer for you and your close relations.

11 New health applications on mobile phones (4) This App is very useful when you’re on travel abroad. It helps you finding the equivalent of your medicine at the local chemist’s.

12 New health applications on mobile phones (5) This App is used to assess the pain felt by the elderly presenting troubles of verbal communication.

13 New health applications on mobile phones (6) Thanks to this App, you can note down the time on which the baby was fed and also the quantity absorbed. It enables you to plan the next feeding time.

14 New health applications on mobile phones (7) Thanks to this App, you can easily and quickly inform the emergency services by simply pressing on the picture corresponding to the accident, escpecially for deaf and mute people or old people with verbal communication problems.

15 New health applications on mobile phones (8) Thanks to this App, your headaches can be very accurately followed up by noting down their frequency.

16 New health applications on mobile phones (9) Actelin for the diabetics in association with the european center of studies for diabetics. -A follow-up notebook (blood sugar level, sports activities, meals). -A bolus assistant. -The possibility to evaluate the quantities of sugar in meals. -The geolocalisation of a diabetologist or a chemist’s.

17 Carehome of the future The House of the Future Foundation was founded early ‘90s by Frank Belien. The first project, called “Living Tomorrow 1 – The House of the Future” was opened officially in Brussels on March 16th, 1995, in presence of Bill Gates, Chairman Microsoft and 1.500 national and international guests. From this first House of the Future on the projects got broad media attention and hosted millions of visitors and -even more important- decision makers experiencing the Future. During the second project in Belgium, the House extended with an Office of the Future. The next project was released in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and remained open until 2007. During that year, Living Tomorrow III started in Brussels as the largest innovation- and demonstration center globally connecting over 390 partners. Until today over 3 million visitors visited at least one House of the Future-project.

18 Carehome of the Future, a Living Tomorrow Project, is a unique open-innovation centre about care, wellness, comfort and health. The project intends to realize a real-life environment focused on quality of life, comfort, care and health enabled by new technologies, products and services. Together with its 60 participants, each leading in their field of expertise, the project will be realized and opened for 3 years for professionals and decision makers in healthcare (health centers, companies, knowledge centers, government, care workers, doctors pharmacists,...). It will act as an innovation demo-platform, a living lab and a synergy- and meeting platform supporting visions, new-market introductions and market development.

19 Bedroom in the carehome - Bedside Terminal, with touchscreen to keep contact with external world - Future Surface, with interactivewall and motion recognition

20 The nurse and the medicart : the medicart has a computer to follow-up the files of the patients and the medication.

21 Bathroom in the carehome Central bathing area Central bathing area The bathing process promotes a sense of resident well-being. A warm bath smoothes muscles and relaxes the mind. ARJO provides a wide range of bath tubs suitable for both independent and very dependent residents. Shower TrolleysShower Trolleys : The shower trolley is ideal for efficiently showering residents with a low mobility level.

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