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Automating Your Warehouse using RFID and Barcode Technology.

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1 Automating Your Warehouse using RFID and Barcode Technology

2 Proprietary & Confidential Sponsors Scott Manoff Business Development Manager MobileFrame Anthony Robinson Professional Commercial Markets Executive Atlanta Communications Page Siplon Executive Director Center of Innovation for Logistics

3 Proprietary & Confidential Housekeeping Items This webinar will be recorded Attendees are currently on mute Questions can be answered utilizing the control panel to the right of your screen Pricing questions will be deferred to another time

4 Proprietary & Confidential Agenda Intro by Sandy Lake Center of Innovation for Logistics Anthony Robinson introduction to Atlanta Communications Revolutionary technologies overview –Application Development –Deployment –Management –Support Future proof your mobile deployment –Manage application iterations internally

5 Proprietary & Confidential The Center of Innovation for Logistics is Georgia’s lead agency for fueling logistics competitiveness. Our team connects with all freight logistics sectors and provides a unique combination of access to technology leaders and R&D in our University system, analysis of logistics data and trends, cross-sector collaboration and a collective industry voice. The result is increased opportunities for innovation, leading to industry growth and success. Web: Email: Phone: (912) 966-7867 Georgia Center of Innovation for Logistics

6 Proprietary & Confidential Atlanta Communications was founded in 1947 as Television Electronic Company. We are a Premier Motorola Service Partner. The world’s largest businesses trust Motorola’s barcode scanners, mobile computers and wireless products and solutions. We have the engineering experience and certified technicians to design and install a custom system to manage your workforce. Web: Email: Phone: (404) 875-9316 Atlanta Communications

7 Proprietary & Confidential RFID Solutions for Manufacturing

8 Proprietary & Confidential A Complete End-to-End Solution Example of Business Needs Just-in-time delivery of raw materials End-to-end supply chain management Know exactly what’s in each truck at all times Decentralized decision-making Partner Applications Inventory Application Supply Chain Application Tracking Application Sales Force Application Enterprise Networks Enterprise Mobility Infrastructure: Enterprise Wireless LAN Wireless Broadband Management Management Solutions: Mobility Services Platform (MSP) Services Global Services Devices Advanced Data Capture Mobile Computing RFID 2-way Radio

9 Proprietary & Confidential Moto Tags Partner Tags A Typical Manufacturing RFID System Motorola Access Points RFS7000 RF Management Switch RFID Asset Tags RFID Readers & Antennas Multi-Modal Handhelds RF Management Manual / Item Scanning Exception Processing Fixed Stationary Mobile Reusable Asset Tags Clustering Opportunistic Locationing Mobile AP Triangulation Security Centralized RF Mgmt Auto Config.

10 Proprietary & Confidential The Paper Based Warehouse Low employee productivity Poor inventory visibility False out-of-stocks Poor use of space Redundant data Entry Reduced customer service Data lag time High shrinkage rates Inaccurate customer orders Slow account receivables

11 Proprietary & Confidential Technologies to help Eliminate Paper Barcoding RFID Rugged Computers & Mobile Software Solutions

12 Proprietary & Confidential Benefits of the Paperless Environment –Operations Visibility –Accurate Orders –Accurate Inventory –Reduced Shrinkage –Scalable –Greater Productivity

13 Proprietary & Confidential User Needs Inbound Accurate receiving Dock-to-Stock Cycle Time Off-the-Truck mobility Handling Damage Picking Order Accuracy Productivity Outbound On-Time Shipments Packing efficiency Handling Damage Loading Accuracy


15 Proprietary & Confidential The Power of Mobile Technology 100% Code Free Mobile Solution  Custom Mobile Applications… …with No Custom Programming!  Line of Business Managers can create Mobile Applications  All management features built in:  Sync engine, mobile messaging, remote device management, etc.  Single platform for any app, any department, any device, and any requirement

16 Proprietary & Confidential Let’s Go Paperless! Customer Visit Checklists Driver Truck Logs Vehicle Inspections Expense Tracking Time Cards Order History Reports Accident Report Customer Surveys Asset Tracking

17 Proprietary & Confidential Categories of Mobile Solutions  Make  Custom Application Vendor  Software Development Kits  Buy  Canned Solutions  ERP Mobile Products  Mobile Solutions like MobileFrame  Best of both worlds, allowing for custom mobile apps with no custom programming  Complete Management System

18 Proprietary & Confidential Management System for Mobile Technology Real Time Instant Messaging Multi-language Support –Write logic once, deploy simultaneously for all Microsoft supported languages Mobile Device Management –Full Remote Control, monitor battery life, lock down devices… Fail Proof Sync Engine –Check point summary built in –Customizable sync frequency GPS Tracker Module Dynamic Enterprise Data –Deploy the right data to the right person at the right time

19 Proprietary & Confidential Customer’s Using Mobile Technology Include:

20 Proprietary & Confidential Leading Mobile Software Design Features  Drag and drop screen designer  Supports portrait and landscape modes  Smart Client (Batch or real-time); Applications are always available  Deploy to PDA’s, Tablet’s Laptop’s or Desktop clients  Ability to support rich data types integrated into workflow:  Ability to create sophisticated workflow with no coding  Includes both Server and Client based workflows  Integration Wizard  Integration with legacy and ERP backend systems for real-time data access - Digital Photos- GPS - Barcode Scanning- Speech to Text - Signature Capture- Magnetic Strip Reader - Sketches- RFID - Voice Notes- Biometrics (Fingerprint scan)

21 Proprietary & Confidential Mobile Device Management  Remotely manage all devices in the field by User or Groups of Users  Grouping Option  Group device data by:  Remote Control of Devices  Take full remote control of users’ devices for training or troubleshooting  Remote Software Updates  Remotely updates software on device, including third party apps  User Preferences  Kiosk Mode option  Define automatic sync frequency preferences  Device Name  Device Platform  Device OEM  OS Version  OS Display Name  MobileFrame Version  Battery Remaining  Free Memory  Free Storage  Database Size  Last Connected  Pending Activity

22 Proprietary & Confidential MobileFrame Online Demo Click “View Online Demo” User Name:paperless Password:paperless

23 Proprietary & Confidential Thank you! Scott Manoff Business Dev Manager MobileFrame 510-385-8353 Thank you! Anthony Robinson Professional Markets Exec. Atlanta Communications 678-431-5185

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