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April 7 & 8, 2015 Conference Call: 1-888-670-3525 Participant Code: 4073661188#

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1 April 7 & 8, 2015 Conference Call: 1-888-670-3525 Participant Code: 4073661188#

2  WebEx Procedures  Mute Phones  Q&A Chat  Agenda  Saving Responses  Navigating Between Sessions  Ending/Submitting Tests  Number of Items per Session  Recent Updates  Reminders

3  Test items will save after a response is entered.  Grid and Equation items: Saved when navigating to the next or previous item, saving, pausing.  Students have a Save button on technology- enhanced items.  A student’s test is also saved when a student clicks Pause.

4  Student  Must view each item in order  May skip items  Last item in Session/Segment, click Next  Brought to Review Screen  May Review, will Pause test on this screen  Overnight Pause Rule – locked out of Session 1  Day 2 – Brought back to Review screen, TA approves into Session/Segment 2

5  Test Administrator  Approve students into the test  Watch for unexpected requests for approvals  Check Student Status and Test Settings area carefully  Prior to Session 2 or 3, students will request approval for entry into the next segment  If student pauses within a segment, s/he will need to be approved into the segment again

6 6

7  When students test sessions on the same day, they will not be automatically moved to next session/segment.

8  End Test button  Will appear after student views last question in last session/segment  Will take student to the Review screen for that session/segment  Student can review responses (including unanswered and flagged) before selecting Submit

9  In the top banner, TDS will show number of items completed out of the TOTAL number in the test (not the session)  FDOE distributed # of items per session  TA Interface also shows progression with total number of items  Completed = Visited, not answered (progress)

10  When leaving Session 1 (or leaving Session 1 and 2), students select PAUSE on the Review screen.  When leaving the last session, students select End Test.

11  One notepad for entire Reading Test (use CBT Worksheet)  Listening items – audio playback feature  iPad configuration document  Student Inactivity Timer– 59 minutes  Will get an “Are you still there?” prompt before they are logged out  Student may log back in  Student crash – need to sign back into same Session ID if under 2 hours

12  Oral Presentation Instructions for Reading  Paper reference sheets for Mathematics  No text-to-speech for Reading, Mathematics, and EOC  TA can point students to Help Guide or Tutorials to address questions about functionality  CBT Workfolders – Session 2 and 3

13  When do Writing make-up tests need to be completed?  All CBTs completed by Thursday, 4/9, 5:00pm ET  Sessions 2 &3 on same day, do TAs have to start a new session?  No, the TA does not have to start a new session; to follow the script, the students should pause and log back in.

14  Will the student need to Pause if they use the same Session ID?  No, don’t have to, but to follow the script, students should pause.  Session 2 and 3 on the same day – script modifications?  Will send the edits covered on the webinar with page numbers.  Is the TA the only one who can see the student progress?  Yes.

15  Will we post this PowerPoint?  Yes, we will post the PPT and a recording of this meeting.  Is there a lag between TDS and ORS?  There could be, will have to see in operational testing.  Opt-Out Students – do they need to sign back in after inactivity timer times out?  Local decision, they will get locked out of the session either way.

16  How do we send in PBT makeups?  Instructions distributed yesterday in Susie’s email. Return anything else during normal pickups.  Final Session – what happens if student has not paused?  They will be paused when the TA ends the session.  Student Crash – If the session is stopped by TA?  Can sign back in with same TA in a new session.  Can the TA see number of completed items?  Just shows progress.

17  If students go to lunch?  Students should Pause and can log back in to same session or a new session. TA Interface timeout = 90 minutes.  If a student does not choose “End Test” how will it be submitted?  At the end of the test window, the student’s test will be pushed to Completed/Reported.

18  If notes and highlighting are lost after a Pause, can we secure the room and not Pause during a break?  If under 59 minutes, this is a possibility.  ORS – Test completion reports change?  Yes, just has started and completed numbers.  When will PBTs show up in ORS?  ORS participation and completion reports do not show PBT tests.

19  Notepad for ELA Reading?  One global notepad for entire test, both sessions.

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