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Featured topic: Coalitions Get Active Kansas! Physical Activity Champion webinar 4:00 p.m. April 24, 2014 Welcome! Dial-in: (866) 620-7326 Conference code:

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1 Featured topic: Coalitions Get Active Kansas! Physical Activity Champion webinar 4:00 p.m. April 24, 2014 Welcome! Dial-in: (866) 620-7326 Conference code: 639-882-5277 Please remember to mute your phone when not speaking to help minimize distractions to others. If your phone does not have a mute button, use *6 to mute, #6 to unmute. - Thank you!

2 Housekeeping Notes ▫ To keep distractions to a minimum, please keep your phone on mute unless asking a question during the Q&A session at the end  Or use *6 to mute yourself on the conference call line, #6 to unmute. ▫ If you have technical difficulties during the webinar, please call 785-587-0151 for assistance ▫ Resources from today’s call will be posted on the Physical Activity Champion section of the website

3 Introduction of Webinar Presenters Governor’s Council on Fitness Members and Co-Chairs of the Get Active Kansas Campaign Committee: ▫ Jeff Willett, Vice President for Programs, Kansas Health Foundation, Wichita ▫ Rhonda Holt, Project Director, Let’s Move! Active Kansas Schools, Wichita Prevention Research Center at Washington University: ▫ Amy Eyler, Assistant Research Professor, St. Louis ▫ Cheryl Valko, Program Manager, St. Louis Physical Activity Champions: ▫ Janel Rose, Health Educator, Barton County Health Department ▫ Damaris Kunkler, Program Director, Thrive Allen County

4 Welcome and Thank You from Governor’s Council on Fitness! Review of Get Active Kansas! Goals: ▫ Statewide Network of Physical Activity Champions ▫ Change the social norms of physical activity at the local level ▫ Increase the awareness of the benefits of leading a physically active life ▫ Get Kansas More physically active! (30 minutes most days for adults, 60 minutes/day for kids) Your leadership and promotion of physical activity in your communities is appreciated by the Governor’s Council on Fitness

5 Spring Events and Activities Theme: “ Get Out and Play!” Dates to Remember ▫ April 30 th : National Walk at Lunch Day ▫ May 1 st : Active Use/Joint Transport Survey (complete for at least one school district, if possible) ▫ May 2 nd : Kansas Kids Fitness Day (KKFD) ▫ May  National Bike Month  National PE and Sport Week/Month ▫ June 7 th – 8 th : Free Fishing Weekend (No fishing license required this weekend - all Kansas public waters) Possible promotional activities ▫ April: Walking, Family walks and outings ▫ May: KKFD, Bike Month, PE and Sport Month ▫ June: Outdoor games, walking, fishing Web links for special events and Spring Activities and Family Walk Tip Sheets available on the website!

6 Maximize the power of individuals and groups through collective action Coalitions

7 “Americans of all ages, all stations of life, and all types of disposition are forever forming associations….In democratic countries, knowledge of how to combine is the mother of all other forms of knowledge; on its progress depends that of all others.” -Alexis de Tocqueville, 1835, from Heffner, 2001

8 What is a Coalition? A formal alliance of organizations and people that come together to work for a common goal

9 Why are Coalitions Important? Engage residents Provide complex solutions for complex problems Sharing of resources Produce more far-reaching and sustained changes

10 Factors for Success Champion History of working together Policies, laws and regulations Community awareness of issue Motivation Small geographic area

11 Benefits of a Coalition Become involved in new, broader issues without assuming sole responsibility Can demonstrate and develop community support or concern for issues Maximize the power of individuals and groups through collective action Improve trust and communication among community agencies and sectors Mobilize diverse talents, resources and strategies Build strength and cohesiveness by connecting individual activists and organizations

12 Challenges of a Coalition Lack of direction or focus History Weak links to the community Funding – too much or too little Unequal sharing of responsibility and decision making Burnout or unrealistic demands on members and staff

13 Look What Coalitions Can Do PedNet Coalition The Designing a Strong and Healthy New York (DASH-NY) Obesity Prevention Coalition and Policy Center Healthier MO

14 Already Part of a Coalition?

15 Know the Sectors Know the different sectors of the community – Social Institutions – Other organizations – Specialized groups whose purpose relates to your own – Individual citizens

16 Identifying Coalition Partners Community Members Legislative Aides Grassroots Activists Religious Leaders Business Leaders Senior Citizen Activists Members of other health groups or organizations School OfficialsTeachersParents

17 Start the Conversation Teach others about physical activity promotion ▫ Show a video ▫ Share an infographic ▫ Tell a story ▫ Search for other tools in the PA Champions Toolkit

18 Tools Texas Cancer Toolkit: Coalition Building ▫ Tools/templates  Community Action Plan Worksheet  Meeting Summary Form  Meeting Agenda Outline  Determining Resource Needs

19 Tools Community Tool Box: Creating and Maintaining Partnerships ▫ Strategic planning ▫ Including youth ▫ Day-to-day maintenance of coalition ▫ Overcoming barriers

20 Highlights of Toolkit Section 7: Physical Activity Resources by Sector

21 Section 7: Physical Activity Resources by Sector EducationParks, Recreation, Fitness and Sports Transportation, Land Use & Community Design Faith-Based OrganizationsBusinesses Overview Planning & Promotions Programs Policies Action Steps

22 “We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.” -Martin Luther King, Jr. 1929- 1968

23 Coalitions: Physical Activity Champion Experiences Featured Champions: Janel Rose, Barton County Damaris Kunkler, Allen County

24 Janel Rose, Barton County Central Kansas Partnership Coalition Evolution

25 Chronic Disease Risk Reduction 1991—Present Primary: Increase Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation Secondary: Improve Physical Activity Opportunities & Access to Better Nutrition Policy, Systems & Environmental Changes in Barton, Rice, and Stafford Counties Alcohol & Drug Prevention 1991-Present LEAD Barton County Partnership Alcohol & Drug Prevention Task Force Reduce 30 day Alcohol use rates among teens in Barton County. Provide education and support for Law Enforcement, DUI checks, retailer training, diversion programs for first- time offenders, and community prevention education on social hosting and providing liquor to underage youth. Teen Pregnancy Prevention T. F. 2010—Present Reduce teen pregnancy rates and improve infant outcomes in Barton County. Be Well Barton County 2011– Present Inspire and advance policy, environmental and lifestyle changes that promote healthy living for all residents of Barton County. Central Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition 2012—Present To educate the community about breastfeeding, to support breastfeeding in Central Kansas, and to create a breastfeeding-friendly environment. Barton, Pawnee, Rice, Stafford, & Rush Counties Suicide Prevention Task Force 2012—Present To reduce the number of deaths by suicide and prevent suicide attempts in Barton County. Vision: The partnership envisions healthy caring communities. Mission: To join in a common effort to build healthy and safe communities, reduce the risks of Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drugs, and promote healthy attitudes and behaviors. Serving Barton, Rice, Stafford, Pawnee, and Rush Counties Current Task Forces


27 Larned PRIDE Community Garden Communal Work GBCF Grant Larned PRIDE Comm.. 7th Day Adventist’s Garden Opened to Community Gardeners First Congregational UCC Community Garden 2011 Growth Hoisington Methodist Church / Community Garden 2012 Growth Special Services & Macksville School Gardens First Christian Garden Community & Charitable Garden Community Garden Development Barton, Rice, Stafford, Pawnee Counties 2009 Garden of Eatin’ Charitable Garden— Community Christian Church 253 NE 30 Road Seeds, Plants, Tools, Materials Donated, + $100 grant from GBCF All produce grown delivered to Food Bank, Soup Kitchen, Family Crisis Center, Girls Home, Young Men’s Home Garden of Eatin’ Community Garden Family Plots GBCF Grant Bob LaPierre, Garden Coordinator 2009 City of Larned Community Garden— Seeds, Plants, Tools, Materials Donated, + $100 grant from GBCF All produce grown shared among community members who came to help plant, harvest, clean-up, free will offerings accepted. Park School Garden Gina Munz/Cheryl Lippert Master Gardeners Bushton Community / School Garden Communal Work Kellie & Steve Woolf + St. John Community Garden Communal Work KNC Grant Doris Tompkins 2010 Growth

28 Message on City & Recreation Digital Billboards March 2014 Collaboration with Champions Diann Henderson & Megan Hammeke, GBRC

29 June 2012 Summer Street Stroll Farmers Market Great Bend City of Great Bend and Barton County Health Department

30 Chronic Disease Risk Reduction Projects 2013 Barton & Stafford Counties



33 Damaris Kunkler, Allen County

34 Damaris Kunkler

35 Questions?

36 Kansas Department of Health and Environment Health Promotion Updates

37 For more information:

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