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VTC Guide Updated 29 Aug. Press this button if the light isn’t BLUE.

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1 VTC Guide Updated 29 Aug

2 Press this button if the light isn’t BLUE.

3 Look, now it’s BLUE. This light also needs to be BLUE at the location you are VTCing to, so you should check it as well.

4 This or a Black screen may be the default screen on the wall panel. Press anywhere on the Screen to START.

5 Press VTC

6 The upside down arrows on the displays should light up.

7 If they didn’t light up, turn them on by pressing POWER on the displays themselves.

8 Calling another Conference Rm Enter the 5 digit # for the WR-B VTC location you want to call: – Cont Conf Rm: 38135 – Subspecialty Conf Rm: – Adol Conf Rm: 38129 – Main/Canyon Conf Rm: 38132 – Behavioral Health Large Grp Rm 3: 38125 – Cards Rm 2039: 38154 Then press DIAL

9 To put the Computer’s desktop up on the screens in your room: Press PC Press DISPLAY RIGHT

10 To send the Computer’s display to your VTC audience: 1. Press SOURCE CONTENT (the button gets highlighted blue so you know which one you pressed) 2. Press PC 3. Press DISPLAY RIGHT 4. Press Green START button 1 3 2 4

11 Want to MUTE the receiving audience? Press VOLUME (it shows up at the bottom of many screens)

12 Now, Press MUTE

13 Pressing the PRIVACY button will mute you, the sender, so your receiving audience can’t hear you Generally, we won’t want to use this, since the point of VTC is so they can hear us! It turns Blue & Red when pressed

14 Change the camera’s view you are sending Press CAMERA Use Arrows or Presets to adjust the view. Presets: – 1 = Audience – 2 = Podium – 3 = White Boards – 4 = Paper Flip Pad by the Door (*these get changed, you can reset them)

15 End the Call: Press HANG UP

16 TIPS Turn off MUTE if you want to solicit comments from the other site. Move the camera so the off site folks don’t get stuck looking at slides if the speaker has started writing on the white board/flip board Add your own here:

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